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Welcome - the purpose of the blog page is to provide you with a never ending source of valuable, practical and entertaining information designed to help you get the best performance from yourself and others.

In these blogs you will find all the information you need to make faster progress in less time and effort. Here you will find all the information you need to achieve your goals. In addition to helping yourself to achieve your goals, you can use the same information to help others to achieve their goals.

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Leadership and Management Skills Blogs

Leadership and management are important because the future of your organisation is dependent upon the actions and decisions of the leadership and management teams. Leadership and management are not synonymous terms.

What is the difference the concept of leadership and management?

A leader is a member of a team or an organisation that is primarily responsible for the creation and communication of a worthwhile goal (The Vision): And who can inspire others to work to achieve the goal in the most efficient manner possible. A leader is often a role model and acts as a standard bearer for the organisation or team.

A manager is also a member of a team or an organisation, who is primarily responsible for the realisation of the goal (The Vision): The manager is responsible for the daily running, planning, prioritisation, sequencing and implementation of the goal, and will feedback the results to the leadership.

Leadership and Management Skills Blogs

The Language of Leadership

21 November 2023 The Language of Leadership Thumbnail

Leaders use impactful language, conveying a bright vision, strategic plans, and inspiring motivation. Elevate leadership by speaking in visionary terms, refining strategic communication, and adopting optimistic language.

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Managing Imposter Syndrome

7 November 2023 Managing Imposter Syndrome Thumbnail

Imposter syndrome causes self-doubt and affects performance. It can impact interactions with others. Overcoming it involves aligning inner feelings with outward presentation for self-assurance and growth.

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What Does Leadership Mean to You?

5 September 2023 What Does Leadership Mean to You? Thumbnail

Leadership entails possessing skills like goal setting, effective communication, planning, conflict resolution, self-mastery, and inspiration to inspire others toward shared objectives.

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How to Excel In Impression Management

29 August 2023 How to Excel in Impression Management Thumbnail

Excel in Impression Management: The key to Leadership Success, is about adding value through actions, words, and conduct, not duplicity. Superior leaders consistently add value.

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The Power of Perception and Deduction In Leadership

22 August 2023 The Power of Perception and Deduction in Leadership Thumbnail

In today's information-saturated world, finding truth is tough. Most of what we know comes from others, but they can be misled. Leaders must tackle info chaos by relying on their own perceptions and logical deductions.

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Avoiding Guesswork In Business

25 July 2023 Avoiding Guesswork in Business Thumbnail

Relying on 'hunches' or 'gut feelings' is common for managers, but it's just disguised guessing. This approach may seem quick, but it can lead to significant trouble. Choose wisely.

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The Double-Edged Sword of Humour In Business

20 June 2023 The Double-Edged Sword of Humour in Business Thumbnail

It has been proven that employees admire and feel more motivated by leaders who use humour in an effective and positive manner. However this can backfire if leaders clown around or make jokes at the expense of others.

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Do What you Can, With What you Have, Where you Are

30 May 2023 Do what you can, with what you have, where you are Thumbnail

Unlock your full potential by defying perceived inadequacies to hinder your progress. There are infinite possibilities awaiting you, even when resources seem scarce.

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Tannenbaum and Schmidt's Leadership Model

4 April 2023 Tannenbaum and Schmidt's Leadership Model Thumbnail

Leadership styles are not one-size-fits-all. Leaders need to adapt according to the context in which they find themselves. Leaders must be aware of the situation and choose the appropriate blend of leadership style.

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How to Find the Root Causes of Business Problems

14 February 2023 How to Find the Root Causes of Business Problems Thumbnail

Managers are responsible for identifying the root causes of problems and finding effective solutions. There are common errors that managers must avoid in order to find accurate solutions.

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What are the Henry Mintzberg Managerial Roles?

24 January 2023 What are the Henry Mintzberg managerial roles? Thumbnail

The managerial roles identified by Mintzberg helps managers understand the different aspects of their job, as well as helping with development and recruitment.

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How to Manage Hybrid Working

17 January 2023 How to Manage Hybrid Working Thumbnail

Hybrid working is the latest trend for office workers. How can organisations decide if it will work for them and their employees and how best can it be managed?

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Mcgregor's Theory X and Theory Y Leadership Styles

6 December 2022 McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y Leadership Styles Thumbnail

McGregor offered his two contrasting leadership theories to be used as people motivators. We examine the two styles of leadership and when to use them.

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What are the Five Forms of Power?

11 October 2022 What are the Five Forms of Power? Thumbnail

Leaders must have the ability to influence others. They can do this by both positive and harmful forms of power. We examine the different forms of power and the results that might be obtained by leaders.

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Define your Leadership Style

4 October 2022 Define Your Leadership Style Thumbnail

How would you describe your leadership style? Effective leaders know their style of leadership has an effect on the team. Therefore, you must decide how you wish to be perceived by your team and develop your leadership style accordingly.

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How can Leaders Create Referent Power?

27 September 2022 How Can Leaders Create Referent Power? Thumbnail

Referent power is influence that comes from being admired for the way a person works and their interpersonal skills. It is not something that can be demanded by a leader and must be earned.

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How to be a Positive Leader

30 August 2022 How to be a Positive Leader Thumbnail

Being a positive leader is about using positive motivators to inspire your teams. So, what motivates employees and how can you use positive motivators to incentivise them?

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What is the Power Interest Matrix?

16 August 2022 What is the Power Interest Matrix? Thumbnail

The Matrix is based on the amount of information and interest all the different stakeholders in a project have, and consequently the correct amount of communication each of these groups should receive. How can this be achieved?

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What is the Leadership Quality That People Overlook?

26 July 2022 What is the Leadership Quality that People Overlook? Thumbnail

Rationality is the one leadership skill that is commonly overlooked. Being an effective leader means being able to use deductive and inductive reasoning and logic, and treating all people reasonably.

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How can I be an Ethical Leader?

21 June 2022 How Can I be an Ethical Leader? Thumbnail

In business, people want to deal with honest, trustworthy people, which is why it is important to be seen as an ethical leader. We take a look at what makes an ethical leader and how training can improve your chances of success.

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What is a Leadership Stress Diary and Should I Keep One?

7 June 2022 What is a Leadership Stress Diary and Should I Keep One? Thumbnail

Keeping a stress diary can help you prioritise your problems, concerns and worries. But it is important to use the diary in a positive way, using it as an opportunity to correct negative behaviour and thoughts.

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What is the Skill Will Matrix?

3 May 2022 What is the Skill Will Matrix? Thumbnail

The Skill Will Matrix helps managers adjust their management style, to successfully manage the different skills and levels of motivation in their workforce.

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How to Instil Confidence In Teams and Individuals

19 October 2021 How to Instil Confidence in Teams and Individuals Thumbnail

A lack of self-confidence will negatively affect a person’s performance. Self-confidence is essential to inspire people to work towards their goal, even during tough times. Take a look at the strategies you can use to develop self-confidence.

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How to Find Unity In Diversity

28 September 2021 How to Find Unity in Diversity Thumbnail

We are all different, but at the same time we have many things in common. This common ground is what provides us with the opportunity to build unity. We examine the common attributes that organisations can use, to create a better working culture.

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What are the Six Most Important Skills of Leadership and Management?

27 July 2021 What are the six most important skills of leadership and management? Thumbnail

There are six vital skills that every leader needs to learn, in order to become a great leader. Practice these skills and you will inspire people to follow you, and your business will reap the benefits.

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How can I Become a Thought Leader?

29 June 2021 How can I become a Thought Leader? Thumbnail

To be perceived as a Thought Leader, you must acquire the specialist skills and abilities used by all successful thought leaders to inspire and lead their teams. Find out what these key characteristics are and how to develop them.

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How to Successfully Manage Uncertainty

8 June 2021 How to Successfully Manage Uncertainty Thumbnail

Our professional and personal lives have changed hugely over the past year, bringing uncertainty and causing many people to lose confidence and become anxious. Learn how we regain certainty, increase confidence and improve productivity.

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What is Presenteeism?

18 May 2021 What is Presenteeism? Thumbnail

Presenteeism is when staff are physically at work, but are not in a fit state to work productively. We look at the possible causes and the solutions we can implement to ensure that this is not a problem.

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Best Management Books

11 May 2021 Best Management Books Thumbnail

Looking to grow your management skills? Expert management coach Chris Farmer recommends top books and resources to help you learn from the best.

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How to Manage Remote Teams

4 May 2021 How to Manage Remote Teams Thumbnail

During the Covid crisis, many employees have been working from home. Remote working brings many benefits for both employers and employees. With remote working set to continue to some extent, managers must adapt to leading a remote workforce.

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Soft Skills for Business Profitability

30 March 2021 Soft Skills For Business Profitability Thumbnail

What soft skills should you develop to help make your business more profitable? Find out in this article from expert management trainer Chris Farmer.

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How to Stop Micromanaging your Team

16 March 2021 How to Stop Micromanaging Your Team Thumbnail

Micromanagement is an easy trap to fall into. Find out how to avoid common pitfalls in this article from experienced management trainer Chris Farmer.

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What is the Raci Matrix?

9 March 2021 What is the RACI Matrix? Thumbnail

Learn more about the RACI Matrix, a model for clarifying responsibilities in a project, in this article from expert management trainer Chris Farmer.

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The Benefits of Working as a Team

24 November 2020 The Benefits Of Working As A Team Thumbnail

Discover the benefits of teamwork and how you can better collaborate with this helpful guide. Find out more about our training courses online today.

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What are the Three Most Important Leadership Qualities?

17 November 2020 What are the Three Most Important Leadership Qualities? Thumbnail

The most effective and inspiring leaders have three key qualities. They offer a vision of a better future, they are able to plan the vision and they provide the inspiration to move it forward.

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What are the Qualities of a Thought Leader?

10 November 2020 What are the Qualities of a Thought Leader? Thumbnail

Thought leaders bring their expertise to a brand or business to develop new ideas and take it to a higher level. Thought leaders need certain qualities in order to get people on board to deliver the changes needed for a successful outcome.

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How to Lead People Through Tough Times

22 September 2020 How to Lead People Through Tough Times Thumbnail

With all leaders having to face tough decisions in business, you must consistently lead and motivate your team. Discover how to effectively lead your team.

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What New Team Leaders Should Do First

26 June 2020 What New Team Leaders Should Do First Thumbnail

Becoming a team leader-manager is not easy. Winning over a new team takes patience and skill. But by following a few basic tactics you should be on course to win-over your new team and accomplish success in your role.

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Will the Covid-19 Crisis Cause a Paradigm Shift?

1 May 2020 Will the COVID-19 Crisis Cause a Paradigm Shift? Thumbnail

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many immediate changes to all our lives. But will COVID-19 cause a Paradigm shift, and how will businesses and individuals cope with the resultant New Normal?

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How to Improve your Leadership Skills

7 April 2020 How to Improve Your Leadership Skills Thumbnail

A leader requires certain key skills to be effective. Good leaders, however, are always developing and honing their leadership skills. They are committed to be the best and to bring out the best in other people, in order to achieve their goals.

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How to Best Communicate your Message

3 April 2020 How to Best Communicate Your Message Thumbnail

During these unprecedented times, it is more vital than ever that Leaders communicate their message effectively. Organisations and their leaders have been known to fail because statements have been misconstrued. Make your communication effective.

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How to Manage a Crisis

24 March 2020 How to Manage a Crisis Thumbnail

When managing a crisis, the most important thing is to prioritise tasks correctly. Our method for prioritisation will help you to do that. Then, why not take advantage of our FREE Prioritisation App which will do the hard work for you!

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Seven Ways to Improve your Leadership Skills

25 February 2020 Seven Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills Thumbnail

Leadership skills are important traits that can help you make progress in your career. Here are some soft skills you can learn, which will help develop your potential for success.

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What is the Most Important Rule In People Management?

31 January 2020 What is the Most Important Rule in People Management? Thumbnail

There are many rules that managers need to follow in order to manage people effectively. Motivation is one of the most important aspects of managing people and rewarding good behaviour is one of the greatest ways of motivating people.

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What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management?

28 January 2020 What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management? Thumbnail

Good managers aren't necessarily good leaders. Leaders need to have a clear vision, they need to be able to set the necessary goals to achieve that vision, and to inspire others. Managers must be able to organise their teams to fulfil that vision.

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Three Advanced Leadership Skills

10 January 2020 Three Advanced Leadership Skills Thumbnail

When your plans are thrown off course, how do you react? Do you complain or take advantage of the change in circumstances? Take your leadership to the next level by mastering the skills of utilisation, adaptability and creativity.

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How Do I Manage My Friends After a Promotion?

10 December 2019 How Do I Manage My Friends After a Promotion? Thumbnail

After promotion to a managerial position over your former peers and friends, there will be a change in the dynamics of your relationship. Performance and other issues will have to be dealt with. Here are some guidelines to help you.

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How to Chair a Successful Meeting

8 November 2019 How to Chair a Successful Meeting Thumbnail

Meetings take time and time is money. Therefore make sure your meetings are successful. Learn how to chair successful meetings with these simple steps and your meetings will be purposeful and cost-effective.

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Effective Customer Service - the Fab Four

18 October 2019 Effective Customer Service - The Fab Four Thumbnail

Good customer service is vital if your organisation is to succeed. A business needs to ensure that staff receive training in the skills which will ensure that customers feel valued. Does your business provide these fab four customer service skills?

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What are Negotiation Skills?

1 October 2019 What are Negotiation Skills? Thumbnail

Not everyone is a born negotiator, but negotiation skills can be learned. Being an effective negotiator requires good communication skills, the ability to persuade, together with planning and tactical skills.

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What is Human Nature?

13 August 2019 What is Human Nature? Thumbnail

Human nature is what makes us uniquely human. Humans are social animals and our lives depend on our relationship with other people. Having a insight into human nature will enable you to achieve better relationships, self-improvement and success.

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Leadership: Total Commitment

19 July 2019 Leadership: Total Commitment Thumbnail

To be successful you need to achieve your goals, whether sporting, business or personal goals. Without total commitment you will not reach your goals or achieve success. All successful leaders have the quality of total commitment, do you?

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The Seven Aims of Leadership Training

21 May 2019 The Seven Aims of Leadership Training Thumbnail

Leadership training must have clear objectives in order to be successful. Training expert Chris Farmer discusses what those key aims should be.

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How to Make the Impossible, Possible

7 May 2019 How to make the impossible, possible Thumbnail

Do you realise that your level of success is shaped by your dominant thoughts? Leaders can influence results by introducing new ideas and visions of a better future, in the minds of their followers. Be a better leader by being an influential leader.

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Inspirational Leadership

30 April 2019 Inspirational Leadership Thumbnail

Can you take the Inspirational Leadership Challenge? Learn to motivate with optimism not fear; Use the right language to inspire positive emotions in others, creating visions of a better future; Act with courage and fairness, even during tough times.

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What are the Most Important Leadership Skills?

1 February 2019 What are the most important leadership skills? Thumbnail

There are ten important skills that you need to perfect if you want to be a good leader. Check out these skills and see where you can perform better.

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Practical Leadership Training

11 December 2018 Practical Leadership Training Thumbnail

Leadership ability is not a special quality given to a few people. It is possible to learn a set of identified leadership behaviours which, when practised correctly, will achieve the desired results. Have you got what it takes to be a leader?

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What Skills Do you Need to be a Leader?

7 August 2018 What skills do you need to be a leader? Thumbnail

Leaders have a set of skills and abilities which enables them to see a better future and work towards it. They are willing to adapt and change their plans and inspire others. How many of these ten leadership abilities do you have?

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Five Common Management Mistakes

18 June 2018 Five Common Management Mistakes Thumbnail

Many managers make mistakes in managing people. Perhaps they are poor at goal setting, or cannot delegate, or maybe lack sensitivity in dealing with others. Here are five common management mistakes which can be corrected with the right training.

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How to Think Logically

11 May 2018 How to think logically Thumbnail

Learn to solve your problems quickly. Logical thinking uses reasoning to solve a problem. It involves deconstructing the elements of a problem and then constructing logical solutions to come to a suitable conclusion.

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What Skills Do you Need to be a Great Leader

1 May 2018 What Skills do You Need to be a Great Leader Thumbnail

What skills do you need to be a great leader? Take a look at these seven skills sets and see where you can improve and become a better leader.

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Management Communication Styles

24 April 2018 Management Communication Styles Thumbnail

People can be categorised into different types, depending on the way they put theories into practice. Are you a winner or a dreamer?

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Management Training

17 April 2018 Management Training Thumbnail

Every manager is unique, but the role of all managers is specific. Managers organise the daily workings of the team. Bad managers can negatively affect the team, therefore it is vital that all managers have training in good management practices.

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Seven Ways to Become a Better Leader

16 March 2018 Seven ways to become a better leader Thumbnail

Improve your leadership qualities and put your career on the path to success. Leadership is not just telling people what to do, it is having a vision for the future, making plans and inspiring the team.

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Great Leaders

6 March 2018 Great Leaders Thumbnail

Many people believe that great leaders are born, not made. However, no-one is born with the leadership gene. Leaders can be made with a series of learned behaviours, starting today!

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Three Major Keys to Leadership

9 February 2018 Three Major Keys to Leadership Thumbnail

There are many skills a leader needs, but they can be grouped into three major sets. Take a look at these three major keys to good leadership and improve your successes.

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Leadership Training: Six Tips for Success

8 December 2017 Leadership Training: Six Tips for Success Thumbnail

Follow these six principles and success will be achieveable: Goals, plans, action, feedback, change, persistence. Here are some tips on how to put them into practice.

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Leadership Training: Self-Reliance

20 October 2017 Leadership training: Self-reliance Thumbnail

A leader does not feel the need to seek the approval of others. A leader makes his own motivation and validation. Leaders have an 'internal locus of control'. Leaders are self-reliant.

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What Qualities Do Leaders Need?

13 October 2017 What Qualities do Leaders Need? Thumbnail

A clear vision, superb communication skills and decisiveness are just some of the qualities a leader needs. Do you have the personal attributes required to be a leader? Take our quiz to find out.

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Eight Part Success Strategy

8 August 2017 Eight Part Success Strategy Thumbnail

Success is not an event, it is a process. Use this eight-part strategy to be successful and to inspire success in others too. Discover why it is important to set goals and the purpose of listening to feedback too.

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Top Management Techniques to Learn

31 July 2017 Top Management Techniques to Learn Thumbnail

Learn about the latest management techniques and why they're important in this article from Chris Farmer, management trainer at Corporate Coach Group.

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How can I be a Confident Leader?

28 July 2017 How can I be a confident leader? Thumbnail

Can you communicate your goal, your plan and inspire others? To be a confident leader, you need to develop these six qualities. Take our quiz to find out if you have the necessary qualities to be a confident leader.

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Successful Manager Skills

20 June 2017 Successful Manager Skills Thumbnail

Learn the skills you need to master to become a successful manager. You can try our quiz to see how you measure up!

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The Importance of Self-Control In Leadership

16 June 2017 The Importance of Self-Control in Leadership Thumbnail

Do you have what it takes to be a good leader? Try our quick quiz to find out if you have the right qualities to be a leader.

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Solutions to Common Management Issues

23 May 2017 Solutions to Common Management Issues Thumbnail

Experienced management trainer Chris Farmer discusses solutions to common management issues in this short article. Read on for his insights.

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How to Stop People Complaining

9 May 2017 How to Stop People Complaining Thumbnail

It is good to give people a chance to express their thoughts and feelings. But only to a point. Constant complaining is not going to add any value to anyone, not even to the complainer. Try this four step method to stop people complaining.

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The Top Ten Leadership Skills

25 April 2017 The Top Ten Leadership Skills Thumbnail

People who lack leadership qualities are inspired by those who do. Check out the top ten leadership skills and discover where you are strongest and where your weaknesses are.

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Women In Leadership

15 March 2017 Women in Leadership Thumbnail

Women have made great strides in their search for equality, but there is still much to be done. In the world of work, women need to be empowered to feel stronger, more confident and to never hold back.

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If the Success Formula is So Simple, Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?

27 January 2017 If the Success Formula is so Simple, Why Isn't Everyone Doing It? Thumbnail

The success formula is simple to understand. It consists of only five major ideas: Purpose, plan, action, feedback, change. So, the obvious question is, if the success formula is so simple, why isn't everyone doing it?

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Management Problems

4 November 2016 Management Problems Thumbnail

The three major reasons for management problems are: other people, poor systems and mother nature. In order to manage effectively, we need to develop our management skills.

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Leadership Training Skills: the Magnificent Seven Questions

28 October 2016 Leadership Training Skills: The Magnificent Seven Questions Thumbnail

There is no such thing as a "Natural born leader". Leadership skills are SKILLS. They are very easily learnt.

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Essential Leadership Skills

13 September 2016 Essential Leadership Skills Thumbnail

Failure to master any one of these leadership skills, results in less-than-the-best team performance.

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Management Skills: Continuous Improvement

16 August 2016 Management Skills: Continuous Improvement Thumbnail

Continuous improvement is about always striving to make things better. Every day, strive to make things just a little better than they are now. Small improvements will become significant in time.

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Creating More Motivation

26 July 2016 Creating More Motivation Thumbnail

We only have a certain amount of motivation. So knowing how to create more motivation, when you need it most, is important knowledge.

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Leadership Skills: Keep Calm and Carry On

15 July 2016 Leadership Skills: Keep Calm and Carry On Thumbnail

Irrespective of your thoughts on whether or not Brexit is good or bad, the fact is that the UK will soon be making its negotiations to leave the EU and we need to succeed.

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What Does It Take to Become a Good Leader?

20 May 2016 What does it take to become a good leader? Thumbnail

All organisations need good leaders. To be a good leader you need to develop the seven key qualities of good leadership.

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Management Training: Four Feeble Excuses

13 May 2016 Management Training: Four Feeble Excuses Thumbnail

Many people make feeble excuses for not doing something, unfortunately they think they are rationalising.

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How to be a Better Leader

19 February 2016 How to be a Better Leader Thumbnail

In order to be a good leader you must be able to get the best performance from others; but first you must be able to get the best performance from yourself.

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A Rational Approach to Leadership and Management

26 January 2016 A Rational Approach to Leadership and Management Thumbnail

Treat all problems and all people according to the principles of reason. Humans are more than a mere Naked Ape. Their rational mind sets them apart from all other animals.

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The Skills of Leadership

11 September 2015 The Skills of Leadership Thumbnail

Good leadership requires more than superior levels of technical knowledge of your product or service. How you can improve your performance as a leader.

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What Skills Do I Need to be a Better Leader?

28 May 2015 What skills do I need to be a better leader? Thumbnail

It is true that SOME leaders are born leaders, but most leaders are MADE. Despite what you have heard, leadership is not an innate talent. You can learn to be a better leader with the right training.

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How to Motivate People

17 April 2015 How to Motivate People Thumbnail

Motivation is important because, in order to progress towards your goals, you need to take action.

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How can We Improve Leadership?

7 April 2015 How Can We Improve Leadership? Thumbnail

The future success of your organisation depends on the quality of the decisions made by the leadership and the dexterity with which the leaders lead the team.

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Leadership Development Training

10 March 2015

Leadership Development Training Why is Leadership development training important to your organisation? Because, to a large degree, it is the quality of the leadership that will determine whether or not your organisation will achieve its goals, or not. If the leadership team is effective, then the chances of success go up

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Leadership Skills: Positive Mental Attitude

27 February 2015 Leadership Skills: Positive Mental Attitude Thumbnail

Adopt the mind set of a great leader: See it, believe it and achieve it!

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Effective Leadership Management Training

3 February 2015 Effective Leadership Management Training Thumbnail

We identify the four mistakes which are the root cause of all the other management mistakes. Rectify these and the pay off would be huge.

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How to be Respected At Work

30 January 2015 How to be Respected at Work Thumbnail

Respect is something you have to earn. Consciously set about creating the right emotional conditions for you to earn people's respect.

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Management Training: Problem Solving Skills

4 November 2014

If you are a manager, then you need to be a problem solver. Read our blog to learn about the three fundamental aspects to problem solving.

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Management Training Course

28 October 2014

Management Training Course Management training is important because managing tasks and managing people, is itself, a difficult task. Good management skills are difficult to develop. If you can find a person who has developed all the major management skills to a high degree, then you have found a person who is

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Leadership Qualities: Self Control

24 October 2014

Leadership qualities: self control Many organisations are interested in developing some of their people into future leaders; so many organisations are interested in identifying potential leaders; which are those people who show good promise and will be worthy of further investment. Organisations need to identify those people who have leadership qualities

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Leadership Skills Training: More is Not Necessarily Better

15 August 2014

More is not necessarily better In order to lead others, you need to be able to make good decisions; nobody wants to follow a leader who makes terrible decisions. In order to make good decisions, you need to have the right ideas in your mind. If your mind is operating according

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Develop Better Leadership Skills

4 July 2014

Leadership skills are a set of 5 subset skills that cause a person to be perceived by others as their leader. Read more about these skills on our blog.

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Training for New Managers

6 June 2014 Training for New Managers Thumbnail

To be a great leader and manager you need a definite set of skills, knowledge and ability. New managers often lack these skills, but the good news is that they can be taught.

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Short Leadership Courses

28 May 2014

Short leadership course You may be on-line searching for a good short leadership course. You don't need an extended course, since you are already in post and busy doing the job. And you don't really want a long, extended, drawn-out course, which would require you do homework in the evenings and

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How can I Better Lead and Motivate the Team?

22 May 2014 How can I better lead and motivate the team? Thumbnail

Your success in life is related to the degree to which you are able to gain the willing cooperative assistance of others.

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Leadership Management Training - Failure is Not an Option

30 April 2014 Leadership Management Training - Failure is Not an Option Thumbnail

It may be hard to succeed, but it is much harder to fail. You should tell yourself, that no matter what your goal is, you will succeed. And that for you, failure is not an option.

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How to Tell Truth From Falsehood

24 April 2014

More on how to tell truth from falsehood - Part Two I previously posted a blog where I suggested that the practice of "keeping an open mind" is not a good practice. Since there is only one reality, there is, and there can only be, one true idea about any aspect

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Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

26 March 2014

The habits of highly effective leaders We tend to be creatures of habit. Habits are automatized actions. We all tend to have habitual ways of doing things. Your habits allow you to do many complex things, without really thinking about them. Habits allow you to do things on "automatic pilot". You

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20 Key Elements for Leadership Skills

10 March 2014

20 Key Elements for Leadership Skills Goals and self-confidence. All leaders are leaders because they share leadership qualities. If you have not developed leadership qualities then you cannot, by definition, become a leader. On the other hand, if you do develop your leadership qualities, then, to that degree, you qualify as

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Tips for Managing People

12 February 2014

Tips for managing people Managing other people can be a difficult job. Other people have the tendency to not always do what you want them to do. They say things you don't want them to say, they do things you don't want them to do, and they don't follow the plan

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Leadership Qualities

10 January 2014

Leadership Qualities All organisations need leaders. Leaders are able to inspire others to cooperate together, to give their best performance, in order to achieve a valuable goal or objective. Obviously, successful leaders are people who other people will willingly follow. A leader with no followers is a sad sight to behold

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The Golden Rule of Effective Leadership and Management

6 January 2014

The Golden Rule of Leadership and Management Is there one rule, one thing that makes the biggest difference, to your abilities as a leader and manager: Is there a Golden rule of effective leadership and management? Yes, there is. It is this: "Act always in accordance with the principles of reason

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Leadership Styles

24 December 2013

Leadership styles There are many styles of leadership. But the important thing to recognise is that the concept of "leadership", itself, has its own distinctiveness and that "leadership styles" are minor variations on the major theme. It would be an error to focus too hard on the differing variations before you

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Leadership Qualities and Training

13 November 2013

Qualities and skills of Leadership If you are a team leader at work, then it is evident that you will need some leadership qualities and skills. But you may never have thought to study leadership styles. You may not have ever read a single book on leadership. You may have never

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Good Leadership Training Course London

21 October 2013

Good leadership training course London Are you looking for a good leadership training course? A good leadership course will give you the training you need in order to improve yourself in the six essential skills of leadership. Question: What are the six essential skills of leadership? Answer: The six essential skills

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​Leadership and Management Development

23 September 2013 ​Leadership and management development Thumbnail

Leadership and management require that you set goals This six part essay covers the six major themes of leadership and management development. The six leadership and management development themes are as follows: Your leadership and management development programme needs to be centered on the six essential leadership management skills, namely the

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​Leadership and Management Development

23 September 2013 ​Leadership and management development Thumbnail

Communication skills for leaders and managers Your leadership and management development programme needs to be centered on the six essential leadership management skills, namely the ability: To set and achieve your goals. To communicate clearly

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Leadership and Management Development

21 September 2013 Leadership and management development Thumbnail

Conflict management Your leadership and management development programme needs to be centered around the six essential leadership management skills, namely the ability: To set and achieve your goals. To communicate clearly

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Leadership and Management Development

20 September 2013 Leadership and management development  Thumbnail

The ability to self-motivate; self-manage; to develop self-confidence and personal initiative Your leader managers need to develop six fundamental skills sets, if they are to be effective in their roles. They are as follows: To set and achieve your goals

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Short Management Training Course

22 August 2013

Short training course for managers Are you a manager who has never had any training in management techniques? Is that lack of training resulting in you having difficulty with some of the management issues that you are facing, on a daily basis. What you need is a short management training course

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How to Develop and Improve Leadership Skills?

21 August 2013

How to develop and improve leadership skills? All organisations need proper leadership. And proper leadership will be provided only by those people in the organisation with leadership skills. Therefore, all organisations need to develop the leadership skills of those people occupying the key roles; managers, team leaders, decision makers

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Leadership Skills

23 May 2013

Leadership Skills Leadership skills are a unique blend of attributes, and abilities, that, when combined into one person, allows that person, to function as a leader. If the person possesses, by nature, all the attributes and abilities, then we say he/she is lucky to be a born leader. If the person

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Very Good Leadership and Management Training

2 May 2013

Very good Leadership and Management training On our leadership and management training programmes we make important distinctions between similar but different concepts It is important to distinguish between similar but different concepts for the same reason that it is important to distinguish between a pussy cat and a tiger. If you

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Who are the Best Leaders In Business? (What Makes a Great Leader?) [Infographic]

2 April 2013

What Makes A Great Leader? Have you ever wanted to know why the best leaders in business are where they are? It's not a mistake, it's not luck. It's because they have the skills and traits to become great leaders. In this Infographic we have showcased who the best leaders are

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Where can I Find a Good Leadership Training Course?

30 January 2013

Where can I find a good leadership training course? You may be asking yourself "Where can I find a good leadership training course?" It is important that you do find a good leadership training course because you are a team leader in charge of a group of people consisting of various

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Where can I Find a Good Team Leader Training Course?

15 January 2013

Where can I find a good team leader training course? You may be looking for a good team leader training course. You yourself may be a team leader, or you may be searching on behalf of someone else. The reason for your search is that the role of team leader is

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Management Training Skills

4 December 2012

Management Training Skills The role of manager is difficult to fill: Not only must you possess technical knowledge, consistent with the product and service that your organisation offers, but also you need to have additional personal skills relating to: The proper organisation of work, together with The ability to inspire the

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Leadership Training - How to Manage the Team

29 October 2012

Leadership training: How to manage the team The success formula Setting goals is vital to your success; But on its own, setting goals is not enough. Why not? Because many people set goals and never achieve them. You would rather be one of those people who sets goals AND achieves them

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Leadership Training - Success Principles

3 October 2012

Leadership training - Success principles The role of a leader is: To get the best results from themselves and others. In fact, that is a good goal for which everyone should aim - to discover how to get the best results from yourself and others. If you could get the best

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Common Characteristics of Leadership and Management

3 August 2012

Leaders and managers share some common characteristics It is these characteristics that mark them out as leaders and managers. Two of these distinguishing characteristics are: 1. T

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The Language of the Leader (Rhetorical Communication)

18 June 2012

The Language of the Leader (Rhetorical Communication) Communication skills can be split into two broad categories: Logic Rhetoric Logic is the art of trying to convince someone of the truth by means of appealing to: The facts The information The deductions drawn from the facts Reasoning Rhetoric is the art of

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Where can I Find Leadership Training Courses?

9 April 2012

Where can I find leadership training courses? On our leadership training courses we help people by helping them to clarify their thinking about exactly what to do and say whist at work in order to get the best from themselves and others. In order to clarify thinking we use the method

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Good Leadership and Management is Just Common Sense Isn't It?

13 March 2012

Isn't good leadership and management just common sense? At the conclusion of the two day effective leader manager course and the advanced leadership course I am often told the same thing by departing delegates. They often say "that was a terrific course and I learned a lot. But when you think

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What is the Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

9 March 2012 What is the difference between a leader and a manager Thumbnail

Learn the difference between leaders and managers, and how to improve your leadership and management skills. Read more online today.

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Management Leadership and Personal Development Training

25 January 2012

Management leadership and personal development training What are the universal principles of personal achievement and personal development? Universal principles are true statements that apply at all times, in all places. As such, they are very handy to know because, in any situation, they offer a base of knowledge and a

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Effective Leadership

3 October 2011

Effective Leadership - leadership training What are the definitions, examples and qualities of effective leadership? Definition of leadership: A leader is person who is able to create and sustain a clear vision for a better future and who is able to communicate that vision so as to inspire others to act

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Management Training - Interview Technique

29 July 2011

Management training - Interview technique In business you need to be able to pick good people. You need to be able to avoid the dangerous ones. A candidate may look good, sound good and be well educated, but if he later turns out to be: Lazy Disruptive Dishonest Then he-she can

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People Management Skills

30 January 2011 People Management Skills Thumbnail

Proper people management is a set of personal skills that combine to allow to inspire the best from every member of the team. Learn more in this article.

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Accelerated Learning (6)

Accelerated learning techniques are special methods of organising information, so that you can more rapidly memorise and more accurately recall it on demand. Accelerated learning also includes mind mapping and creative thinking techniques.

Assertiveness (4)

Assertiveness is a both a communication style and a mind-set which, when combined, allows a people to express their meaning using just the amount of forcefulness, in relation to their body language, voice tone and spoken language.

Change Management (14)

Change management training is how to use the fact of continuous change, to work FOR you, rather than against you. It is a fact that all improvement implies change, but many people hate change. Change management is about training people to love change as a means of making the future better.

Coaching, Mentoring and Developing Staff (8)

There is a pressing need to develop the next generation of leaders, managers and technical experts. One way to develop staff is through coaching and mentoring. To be an effective coach and mentor is not an easy skill to master. These blogs discuss the skills of coaching, mentoring and staff development.

Communication - Clear Communication (75)

One to the most important facets of communication is clarity. Whenever you write or speak, your words should denote only one possible meaning. If your words can be properly interpreted in multiple ways, then you are creating the conditions for confusion, error and misunderstanding. These blogs discuss the nature of clear communication.

Communication - Listening Skills (5)

Communication includes the ability to attend to, understand and memorise what people say to you. Effective Listening is an active, not a passive process. These bloggs discuss what it takes to be a good listener.

Communication - Nonverbal Communication (8)

Communication includes a large visual component. How you appear, as you speak, makes a big difference to how your message is received. These blogs are about how to best use your body language. (Eye contact, posture, dress, hand and arm gestures, etc.)

Communication - Persuasive Communication (38)

Persuasion is the art of convincing others that your ideas are good, right, fair and practical, and in addition, persuasion includes motivating people to put your ideas into action. Persuasion is a key communication skill that everyone should study. These blogs discuss how to be more persuasive.

Communication - Written Communication (5)

A part of your communication is in the written form. Writing well is a skill that most people do not study, though it is of immense importance. These blogs discuss how you might improve your written communication.

Conflict Management and Handling Difficult People (27)

Conflict is inevitable, and when it occurs, you need to resolve it quickly and efficiently. Conflict management (and handling difficult people) is about managing your communication and your emotions, so that you arrive at a negotiated solution as quickly as possible. This series of blogs discusses the various ways you can best manage conflict.

Decision Making and Problem Solving (20)

Decision making is the skill of selecting the best option from many options. And problem solving is the skill at determining the causes and implications of a problem and finding efficient remedies. This series of blogs discusses the elements of effective decision making and problem solving.

Goal Setting (7)

Success is the achievement of a worthwhile goal. And therefore, the first step to achieving a goal is to set it. Goal setting is the starting point of all achievement and is one of the most important topics you could study. This series of blogs discuss the elements of goal setting.

Leadership and Management (138)

Leadership is the art of setting a clear goal and inspiring others to achieve it. Management is the art of organising resources so as to most efficiently achieve that goal. This series of blogs discuss the details of leadership and management.

Mental Health (12)

Mental health is the skill of managing your own mind so as to achieve mental stability and a high degree of rationality. Mental ill health is the opposite, mental instability and irrational actions. This series of blogs, discusses how you might manage your mind.

Motivation (30)

Motivation is an emotion that induces action. Without motivation, nobody would achieve anything of value. This series of blogs discusses the various ways you can motivate yourself and others.

Other (36)

Whilst interesting and informative in their own right, these blogs don't fit into a category.

People Management (10)

People management is a combination of skills including goal setting, communication, planning, handling conflict and motivation skills. This series of blogs discusses people management skills.

Personal Development (70)

The best investment you can make is in your own personal development. If you develop your skills, knowledge and experience, then you will maximise your potential to produce excellent results. This series of blogs looks at the details of personal development.

Personal Effectiveness (83)

You are not paid for how hard you work; you are paid for your effectiveness. It is possible to improve your effectiveness and get more valuable work done in less time and effort. This series of blogs discusses how you might improve your personal effectiveness and therefore speed up your rate of progress.

Positive Thinking (8)

The quality of your results is based upon the quality of your actions. And your actions are controlled by your thoughts. To simultaneously improve both your material results and your mental health, it is vital to develop the skills of positive thinking.

Stress Management (3)

Stress can be both good for you and bad for you. Good Stress triggers improvement. Bad stress grinds you down. Stress management is about using stress to help you to improve, and to avoid the negative effects of too much stress. These blogs discuss the various aspects of stress management.

Supervisory Management Skills (4)

Supervisory management skills are a combination of five major skill sets, setting goals, communication skills, planning, performance management and motivation. These blogs discuss the details of supervisory management skills.

Team Leadership (6)

For the most part, we all work in teams. Leading the team effectively can make all the difference to the performance of the team, as a whole. This series of blogs discuss the details of team leadership.

Teamwork (18)

Teams are often composed of people who have very different personalities and skills. In order to perform well, the members of the team must work well together and play to each other’s strengths. This series of blogs covers the importance of team work skills.

Time Management (16)

Time management is about prioritising, planning, organising and delegating, so that, at any moment, you are always adding the most value, and setting the conditions for your future success. This series of blogs investigates how you might better manage your time.