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All the time, people tell us that these are the best personal management training and development courses they have seen.

The course content was very useful and causes me to think more about the way I can tackle problems. The trainer's presentation: Good presentation, always very clear and able to answer questions r...

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People Management Training

We offer professional development training courses, which give you practical skills for immediate use.

The Institute of Leadership and Management have validated a number of our training courses and have endorsed their high quality.

Six Essential Skill Sets

Do you want to develop more self-confidence and skill? Our aim is to help you to reach your personal goals .
You can achieve this by developing yourself and your team in the six key leadership and management skills sets.

  1. Set long range, specific goals.
  2. Communicate accurately, clearly and confidently.
  3. Manage your time, plan ahead, prioritise and delegate work.
  4. Manage conflict situations and negotiate practical solutions.
  5. Develop more self-confidence, more self-discipline and self-motivation.
  6. Inspire confidence, optimism and motivation in other people.
Leadership and Management Skills

FREE Management Training Questionnaires

FREE Management Skills Training Questionnaires

We all need to develop our skills. But which skills? And how do you develop them? Take a look at this list of free, informative and engaging questionnaires. Try one for yourself.

See all our questionnaires

Online Leadership Training

Images from the filming of the leadership course

Many people would love to attend our London Leadership training course but are unable to.

Here is a unique, online, two-day leadership training course that you can view at a time to suit you.

We have created this excellent online leadership and management training course so that it contains the identical content as the original London course.

You can benefit from the content of our London leadership courses, but now at a lower price, and in an accessible, online format.

Online Leadership and Management Training Course

Chris' Management Blog

Chris' Management Blog

Chris, our lead trainer, publishes interesting and informative blogs. These blogs are designed to help you get the best performance from yourself and others.

Here is the latest blog:

How to Improve Your Writing Skills In today's world, much of your communication is in the form of the written word. You need to write emails, reports, summaries, and you need to write them in a...

Chris' Management Blog

Practical Skills Guarantee

Usage Skills Guarantee

Each course is designed to be usable and practical. You will be able to put all your new skills and techniques into practice, the very next day.

You will find these practical methods so helpful, you will want to use them immediately.

Note: we do not believe in placing people in any situation of embarrassment by demanding that they 'perform' in front of the group.
So you can relax: come on this course and be at ease; ready to learn new skills!

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If you are a manager who is trying to figure out how to take the results from your organisations staff appraisal and training needs, and turn them into a coherent set of training courses, that will meet these needs, in as efficient a manner as possible, then we can help you with our free service.


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