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Leadership and Management Training - 2 Day Course

At your place of work, are you in the role of a leader-manager? Your role is to get the best performance from yourself and others. In order to do that, you may need to develop some additional personal skills. This excellent two day course will give you a proven, step by step guide to success as an effective leader manager. More Details >
Leadership and Management Training
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Personal Development Training Logo

Personal Development Training - 2 Day Course

This personal development course will help you extend your professional skills in relation to communication, goal achievement, planning and prioritising, as well as handling difficult people and achieving a positive mental attitude. Improve your career prospects and develop your personal confidence with this CPD and ILM accredited training. More Details >
Personal Development Training
Conflict Management Training Logo

Conflict Management Training - 1 Day Course

Are there people in your organisation who mis-manage conflict? While conflict within teams is inevitable and can even be beneficial, it must be handled using the right principles. Our 1-day ILM and CPD accredited Conflict Management training course equips you with the skills necessary to resolve conflicts swiftly and effectively. More Details >
Conflict Management Training
Communication Skills Training Logo

Communication Skills Training - 1 Day Course

Would you like to be more confident in your communication skills? Clear and confident communication is crucial for improving your team's overall performance. Our ILM accredited course will show you how to become more coherent, confident, and persuasive in your communication style. More Details >
Communication Skills Training
Time Management Training Logo

Time Management Training - 1 Day Course

Do you often experience busy yet unproductive days, feeling overwhelmed by your workload? Our ILM and CPD accredited course offers practical time management tools and techniques to help you become more productive and less stressed. Learn how to effectively plan, prepare, and delegate tasks, while avoiding procrastination and time-wasters. More Details >
Time Management Training
Team Leader Training Logo

Team Leader Training - 2 Day Course

Many team leaders have not had the opportunity to attend specialised training on how to maximise performance for both themselves and their team. In this interactive and practical training program, your team leaders learn the six essential leadership and management skills required to manage their teams more effectively. More Details >
Team Leader Training
Personal Development Webinar Series (Free) Logo

Personal Development Webinar Series (Free)

Are you interested in learning a powerful set of new skills? We invite you to join our FREE Personal Development Webinar Series, designed to help you achieve the best possible outcomes in any situation life presents. Each webinar is approximately one hour long and conducted live by a qualified instructor. More Details >
Personal Development Webinar Series (Free)

A Word From Our Delegates

4.9/5 Our training courses rating based on 555 reviews. Read all reviews >
The course was packed with tips that will really be applicable in my current role and hopefully be doing so I will be able to excel in it. The co... [Read More] Yasmine Peiris
Excellent content and presentation. Factual, informative and helpful. This training will help greatly when dealing with various situations within... [Read More] Mike Hodder
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Why Choose Us For Your Management Training?

Why Choose Us For Your Management Training

Our training courses are purposefully designed to develop the professional skills necessary for success in any work context. These include goal achievement, clear communication, time management, prioritisation, delegation, conflict management, resilience, self-motivation, self-confidence, emotional management, and inspirational leadership.

Our courses have gained recognition for their excellence because they equip people not just with the knowledge of 'what' to do, but specifically 'how' to do it. We provide practical methods corresponding to each 'success principle,' which collectively form a step-by-step guide to superior performance. These success principles are universally applicable across all industries.

What sets our courses apart from others is their high degree of structure, superior design, swift pace, engaging content, practical relevance, and elements of fun. The quality of our courses is confirmed by hundreds of terrific reviews from happy delegates.

What distinguishes Corporate Coach Group courses from other training providers?

We focus on giving you definite methods to develop six key skills:

  1. Setting and Achieving Goals
  2. Clear Communication
  3. Time Management, Prioritisation and Delegation
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Personal Development
  6. Inspirational Leadership

Free Leadership Skills Training Tools

Self-Analysis Questionnaires


Nobody is perfect. We could all improve.

Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses.

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Decision Making Tools

Practical Decision
Making Tools

What if you could ALWAYS make the right decision?

With these practical decision tools, you can!

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Success Tools and Templates

Success Tools and

Success is not based upon luck. Success is a definite process.

Here are some free success formulas and templates.

See all success tools and templates

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Corporate Training Courses in the UK and Overseas

With over 25 years of experience as one of the UK's most successful leadership training companies, we hold regular online and live open courses in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and Reading. We can also deliver courses in-house at your premises, both within the UK and internationally.

Management Courses That Provide a World-Class Training Experience

Many hundreds of previous delegates and The Institute of Leadership-Management (ILM), as well as the CPD, have endorsed our courses. You will enjoy our trainers, who are all friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and fun. You will feel welcome, and they will do everything possible to make your training a pleasurable learning experience.

Training That Delivers Exceptionally Clear, Specific, and Practical Methods

You will benefit from learning exceptionally clear, specific, and practical methods that will provide you with solutions to problems you face. You can benefit from all corporate coach courses, whether in London, UK (or online live or internationally). You will acquire simple, proven techniques that you will be able to apply immediately.

Post-Course Online Interactive Tools

Your training comes with additional online interactive tools that you can access for free, forever. You can use these online tools to help you implement the ideas you learn on the course. We also provide a full-colour training manual, which supports the course discussions and also contains many additional related learning points.

Our Training Is Universally Applicable

Our training is gender-neutral; it does not discriminate in favour of or against any group. So, no matter who you are or where you are, you will find our methods will work for you too because we are studying the universal principles of successful human action.