• Leadership and Management Training

    Leadership and Management Training - 2 Day Course

    Inspire others to give you their best performance. Build a winning team. Improve your communication, planning and motivational skills.
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  • Personal Development Training

    Personal Development Training - 2 Day Course

    Develop your skills and get the best possible results. Clearly communicate your message. Master your emotions. Handle difficult people. Manage your time.
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  • Conflict Management Training

    Conflict Management Training - 1 Day Course

    Avoid unnecessary conflicts and deal quickly with any remaining conflicts that occur. Learn to handle the social bully and difficult situations.
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  • Communication Skills Training

    Communication Skills Training - 1 Day Course

    Communicate your message with more clarity. Improve your body language and voice tones. Be Positive, Persuasive, Confident and Assertive.
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  • Time Management Training

    Time Management Training - 1 Day Course

    Learn how to achieve more, in less time and effort. Learn the most important time management tools. Prioritise, Plan, Prepare, Delegate.
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  • See All Training Courses

    See All Training Courses

    We have an extensive selection of in-house and open courses suitable for you.
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Why Choose Us For Your Management Training

Why Choose Us For Your Management Training?

Our Courses Can Help You Because...

They are extremely practical and true to life.
When you come on our courses you won’t be building Lego towers; instead you will be learning practical tools and methods, proven to work, for people like you, in the real world.

We focus on developing six key skills:

Don’t just take our word for it. Look at what our delegates say...

Free Leadership Training Resources

Free Leadership Training Resources

You may be interested in these free resources...

Free leadership and management training information and blogs. We have information to help you to communicate better, manage your time, prioritise your tasks, set SMART targets, handle difficult people, make good decisions, and analyse your strengths and weaknesses.

Please enjoy the following:

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