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Welcome - the purpose of the blog page is to provide you with a never ending source of valuable, practical and entertaining information designed to help you get the best performance from yourself and others.

In these blogs you will find all the information you need to make faster progress in less time and effort. Here you will find all the information you need to achieve your goals. In addition to helping yourself to achieve your goals, you can use the same information to help others to achieve their goals.

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Personal Development Skills Blogs

Personal development training is the best investment you can make, because your own performance is the most important factor in how your life turns out.

Many people do not take responsibility to for their results, instead they blame other people and The System. But the truth is that your own performance is paramount because you are always there. You need to improve your performance in six major areas of activity.

  1. Setting and achieving goals.
  2. Clear, convincing communication.
  3. Planning, prevention and problems solving.
  4. Handling difficult people and circumstances.
  5. Self-control (self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-confidence).
  6. Inspire others towards a positive mental attitude.

Personal Development Skills Blogs

Why It is Good to be Ambitious

5 October 2021 Why it is Good to be Ambitious Thumbnail

When people are ambitious, they have positive goals, something to plan for and something to work towards. Planning towards a better future helps people feel stronger and more optimistic.

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How to Handle Negative Feedback At Work

22 June 2021 How to Handle Negative Feedback at Work Thumbnail

Being able to handle negative feedback in a positive way, is something we should all strive for. Only by listening to any criticism and eliminating any errors in our performance, will progress be possible.

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18 May 2021 Self-control Thumbnail

Self-control means understanding the internal battles that exits between “what we know we should do” and “what we feel like doing”.

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Top Skills Needed by Entrepreneurs

27 April 2021 Top Skills Needed by Entrepreneurs Thumbnail

Being furloughed or working from home, has seen many people become dissatisfied with their current employment and dream of working for themselves. Find out if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

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What is Personal Development Training?

13 October 2020 What is Personal Development Training? Thumbnail

Personal development is a lifelong journey to reach your full potential and achieve your goals. Personal development training improves your life chances by developing skills and strategies for critical thinking, goal setting and emotional management.

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How to Develop Dr Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset

6 October 2020 How to Develop Dr Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset Thumbnail

Are you seeking to develop more of a growth mindset? Enhance your personal and professional development with our guide discussing Dweck’s growth mindset.

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What are the 10 Key Areas of Personal Development?

14 July 2020 What are the 10 Key Areas of Personal Development? Thumbnail

To ensure a successful and happy future, personal development should be a continuous process. Invest in yourself by developing key skills and you will reap the rewards by becoming a better person, as well as helping you to progress professionally.

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What is your Personal Philosophy?

30 June 2020 What is Your Personal Philosophy? Thumbnail

Your personal philosophy comprises a set of beliefs, concepts and attitudes. These are the guidelines that you live your life by. Personal philosophy gives you direction and purpose and therefore it is important to explore your beliefs and values.

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Why Some People are More Successful Than Others

16 June 2020 Why Some People Are More Successful Than Others Thumbnail

Success is something we all strive for in our lives. But what makes some people more successful than others? Successful people share common traits, that you too can learn and apply to become more successful.

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Is Being Open Minded a Good Thing?

9 June 2020 Is Being Open Minded a Good Thing? Thumbnail

Open minded people are eager and willing to consider other people's ideas and opinions. Whilst open mindedness can be a good thing, it is advisable to proceed with this cautionary advice.

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The Difference Between Objective and Subjective Reality

26 May 2020 The Difference Between Objective and Subjective Reality Thumbnail

Objective reality is the world according to the facts. Subjective reality is a person's perceptive of something. It is important to be able to distinguish between the two and know how to interpret them.

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Creative Imagination

22 May 2020 Creative Imagination Thumbnail

Do you imagine all the bad things that could happen to you in the future? Instead use your powerful imagination constructively. Turn your life around with constructive thoughts which will help you achieve your goals and feel better about the future.

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Why you Need Philosophy

19 May 2020 Why You Need Philosophy Thumbnail

As a manager you need to be able to understand why people act in a particular way and what motivates them. Psychology is often used to analyse people, however, philosophy has an important role to play in understanding human behaviour.

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A Simple Trick to Help you Develop More Self-Discipline

15 May 2020 A Simple Trick to Help You Develop More Self-Discipline Thumbnail

Self-discipline is doing what needs doing, even if you don’t feel like doing it. Self-discipline is one of the keys to reaching your full potential. Here is a simple way to help you develop more self-discipline, and help you to achieve your goals.

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What is Critical Thinking?

14 April 2020 What is Critical Thinking? Thumbnail

Critical thinking involves making reasoned judgements. Don't accept all arguments and conclusions at face value. Instead develop an inquiring mentality, rational thinking and make logical connections between ideas, before making your conclusions.

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How to Take Personal Responsibility

15 October 2019 How to Take Personal Responsibility Thumbnail

In order to have control over your life and have self-respect, then you need to take personal responsibility. Read our blog to find out more.

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How to Have Good Ideas

23 July 2019 How to Have Good Ideas Thumbnail

Being creative helps you develop your imaginative ideas, turning them into reality. Develop your creativity and you will improve your problem-solving skills, both in business and in your personal life, as well as helping reduce your stress levels.

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How to Build More Self-Esteem

28 June 2019 How to Build More Self-Esteem Thumbnail

People who suffer with low self-esteem, generally under-perform in all areas of their life. It is possible to raise your self-esteem, and this blog shows you how you can develop your self-esteem and feel better about yourself on a daily basis.

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Is It True "Everything Happens for a Reason"?

14 June 2019 Is it true "Everything Happens for a Reason"? Thumbnail

Many people believe that things happen for a reason. But what exactly does that mean? Is it some act of fate that made it happen, or is there a cause? Do you get rich because of luck, or because you purposefully set goals to make it happen?

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What are the Qualities of a Professional Sales Person?

15 April 2019 What are the Qualities of a Professional Sales Person? Thumbnail

To be a successful sales person, you need to have certain qualities. Some people seem to be natural sales people, but it is a fact that many of these qualities can be taught. Which of these qualities do you consider to be the most important?

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How to Get the Best From a Training Course

15 March 2019 How to Get the Best From a Training Course Thumbnail

Training courses can be of great benefit to your personal development, showing you how to improve your performance. Before attending any training, check out these tips to ensure you get the most from the course. And remember to keep an open mind!

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How to Develop your Intelligence and Talents

19 February 2019 How to Develop Your Intelligence and Talents Thumbnail

If you want to be successful, never give up on learning. You can never know too much. Educate yourself and not only will you help yourself, you will have the ability to help others too. Learn new skills, develop existing ones and enrich your life.

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How to Create a Professional Development Plan

15 February 2019 How to Create a Professional Development Plan Thumbnail

The most important person in the development of your career, is you. You have the potential to make it happen. But first, you must write your professional development plan. Knowing what you want and how to achieve it, is the first step to success.

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How to Improve Self-Confidence

8 February 2019 How to Improve Self-Confidence Thumbnail

Would you like to improve your self-confidence? Even the least confident person can improve their confidence, by taking some simple steps. Check out this guide and begin your journey to becoming more self-confident, today.

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How to Develop Abilities and Talent

15 January 2019 How to Develop Abilities and Talent Thumbnail

There is no such thing as natural ability. All successful people have studied and perfected their talents, so it appears easy. If you want to make a success of something, the first thing you need to develop is mental focus.

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How can I Feel Better About Myself?

2 July 2018 How can I feel better about myself? Thumbnail

If you are constantly putting yourself down, measuring yourself against impossible goals, and forgetting to take care of your physical body, then negative emotions will take over. Take these steps to start feeling better about yourself today.

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Ways to Develop a Success-Orientated Mindset

1 June 2018 Ways to Develop a Success-Orientated Mindset Thumbnail

Having a strong mindset is important to your success as an individual. The ability to adapt and change to ever-evolving political, or economic circumstances, is vital if your business is to progress and succeed.

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How to Improve Yourself

18 May 2018 How to Improve Yourself Thumbnail

If you want to be successful and achieve your life goals, you must look to your personal development. Do not be content with what you already know, improve your knowledge, your self belief and ability to get on with other people.

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How to Make Progress

13 March 2018 How to Make Progress Thumbnail

When things go wrong, don't despair. Instead take advantage of the situation to think about what else can be achieved. Utilise the situation to make progress in an unexpected way.

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How to Take Criticism

2 March 2018 How to take criticism Thumbnail

We all make mistakes and most of us probably don't take criticism well. Being able to use negative feedback constructively, is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself.

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How to Gain Confidence

27 February 2018 How to Gain Confidence Thumbnail

Would you like to be more confident? You are not alone. Many people lack confidence because their thought process is actually destroying their confidence. Here are three easy steps to improving your confidence.

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Great Minds Think Alike

6 February 2018 Great Minds Think Alike Thumbnail

Great minds might think alike, but they don't think the same thing. Instead they think logically, using their Common Sense. They think and act according to their rational mind to make reasoned judgements.

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Confidence Builder

23 January 2018 Confidence Builder Thumbnail

Can you meet life's challenges square on? Or do you stand back to wait see what happens, or even worse hide away and miss your opportunity altogether? Rewire your brain to meet the next challenging situation with these confidence builder tips.

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Four Thinking Styles

19 December 2017 Four Thinking Styles Thumbnail

Would you like to be more positive and have a better memory? Would you like to say the right thing, do the right thing and feel terrific? The good news is, you can! Develop your thinking and you will improve the quality of your life.

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Personal Development: Reflective Practice

14 December 2017 Personal Development: Reflective Practice Thumbnail

Reflective practice is simply learning through experience, or continuous improvement. It requires you to analyse your recent actions, evaluate the results and make necessary adaptive changes to improve the results in the future.

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Personal Development: Attention Seeking Behaviour

14 November 2017 Personal Development: Attention Seeking Behaviour Thumbnail

Do you know anyone behaving badly? Are they seeking attention by trying to gain sympathy, or praise, or to be accepted by a group? Some people pursue things that are NOT good. And they also fear things that, in reality, should not be feared.

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How can We Continually Improve Our Results?

6 October 2017 How can we continually improve our results? Thumbnail

Results are the measure of our own performance. Your performance can be continuously improved by three elements; improving yourself, others and the systems around you.

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Social Inheritance

28 March 2017 Social inheritance Thumbnail

To succeed, you need to test and challenge your existing mind-set and try to refine and improve it so that every year, you are wiser than the year before.

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​Success is Simple

24 March 2017 ​Success is Simple Thumbnail

We all know people who do not add value to others, or even worse, take value from others. However, the people who get on well in life and who succeed, are those people who strive to add value to others.

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How to Improve your Productivity

6 December 2016 How To Improve Your Productivity Thumbnail

Learning how to be more productive is about changing your habits, allowing you to achieve your goals more quickly and improve your lifestyle. Read more.

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Don't Let Fear Stop You

29 November 2016 Don't Let Fear Stop You Thumbnail

Fear is one of the strongest emotions, designed to keep you safe from harm. However, not all fear is real and imaginary fear can inhibit your life.

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Personal Development: Wise Words From Jim Rohn

2 August 2016 Personal Development: Wise words from Jim Rohn Thumbnail

Discover the one reason you are not doing very well.

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How to be a More Confident Communicator

17 May 2016 How to be a More Confident Communicator Thumbnail

Learn how to appear confident, even if you don't feel it inside. Master these skills for greater confidence.

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Get Better Every Day

6 May 2016 Get Better Every Day Thumbnail

If you got a little better, every day, can you imagine how great you would be in the next five years?

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Fear can Cause Failure

11 March 2016 Fear Can Cause Failure Thumbnail

The fear of failure, the fear of loss, the fear of disappointment is sufficient to stop many people from even making the attempt to win a prize. And as a result, they lose. Fear of failure causes failure.

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Develop your Mind, Body and Spirit

4 March 2016 Develop Your Mind, Body and Spirit Thumbnail

Don't wait for random chance to operate in your favour, take action to improve your life for the better.

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Seeking the Approval of Others

12 February 2016 Seeking the Approval of Others Thumbnail

The fear of rejection is, for many people, a deep seated fear. It is so deep seated and primitive a fear, that many are not consciously aware of its existence, though we are painfully aware of its effects.

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Personal Development: the Power of Persistence

29 January 2016 Personal Development: The Power of Persistence Thumbnail

Quick and easy is a great marketing tool, but most goals are not easy to achieve; Persistence is required.

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Develop your People Management Skills

15 January 2016 Develop Your People Management Skills Thumbnail

In order to manage people you need to use the right approach. You need to develop your people management skills.

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How can I Create Better Results?

11 December 2015 How Can I Create Better Results? Thumbnail

Everyone wants their lives to be better, in the sense of enjoying better results. So what is it that determines the quality of results?

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Personal and Professional Development

24 November 2015 Personal and Professional Development Thumbnail

If you want your current situation to improve, learn how to actively guide the circumstances in your favour.

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Your Personal Development Programme

10 November 2015 Your Personal Development Programme Thumbnail

Tips to help improve your personal performance, so you will achieve greater success in the future.

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Fantastic Quotes to Inspire You

3 November 2015 Fantastic Quotes to Inspire You Thumbnail

Personal development is about refining your thought processes, so that your mind conforms to your own ideas of perfection.

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Personal Development: Self-Image

27 October 2015 Personal Development: Self-Image Thumbnail

Your self-image is very important. Everything you ever say, and everything you ever do, is governed by your self-image. Developing a strong self-image is important.

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Personal Development: Work on your Weaknesses

13 October 2015 Personal Development: Work on Your Weaknesses Thumbnail

The ability to be honest with yourself is a rare and valuable trait. You need to know where you are strong and play to your strengths; and where you are weak and work to eradicate your weaknesses.

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How to Develop your Personal Skills

25 September 2015 How to Develop Your Personal Skills Thumbnail

In order to get the best performance from yourself and others, you need to develop your personal skills. Learn more on the Corporate Coach Group blog.

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Striving After an Ideal

22 September 2015 Striving After an Ideal Thumbnail

You will never reach your own ideal, but trying to strive towards an ideal is a very valuable exercise in self-discipline and personal development.

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Personal Development Training

4 September 2015 Personal Development Training Thumbnail

No matter what is your current level of performance, improvement is always possible. It is vital that you commit to a programme of personal development.

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Learn From Failure

11 August 2015 Learn From Failure Thumbnail

In order to succeed, you must be prepared to put up with large numbers of failed attempts. Have you got what it takes?

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How to be More Proactive At Work

28 July 2015

Learn how to be more proactive at work and improve your daily productivity with these helpful tips from Corporate Coach Group.

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Five Ways to Manage your Own Emotions

17 July 2015 Five Ways to Manage Your Own Emotions Thumbnail

It is important not to blame other people, nor circumstances for how you feel. Instead, you should take full responsibility for your own emotions.

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The Business of Helping People

7 July 2015 The Business of Helping People Thumbnail

If you want to do well in business, or in your relationships, or life in general, then it is important that you should endeavour to make other people's lives better.

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Soft Skills Training

8 May 2015

Soft Skills Training Soft skills training is the name given to panoply of skills that will help you to inspire a positive response from everyone you work with. "Soft skills" is a generic term that denotes many subset skills, meaning that there are many skills falling under the general heading

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What Skills Do I Need to Improve?

21 April 2015 What Skills Do I Need To Improve? Thumbnail

Learn from expert trainer Chris Farmer the skills that you need to improve to progress in your professional life. Read advice in our online training blog.

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What Skills Do I Need to Develop?

31 March 2015 What Skills do I Need to Develop? Thumbnail

In order for you to give your best, you need to continually improve your personal skills, knowledge and abilities.

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How to be Even More Successful

17 February 2015 How to be Even More Successful Thumbnail

No matter what you currently possess, you would probably like to see an improvement in your current situation. You would like to be more successful.

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Personal Development: Rate your Daily Performance

13 February 2015

Personal development: Rate your daily performance Presumably, you have a busy schedule; you are pushed for time. So it is very easy to whizz through your days, weeks and years and never really notice whether you are performing at your full potential; meaning, that some of us don't actualise our full

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Personal Development: Imagination

10 February 2015 Personal development: Imagination Thumbnail

Imagination Your imagination is your creative mind. And depending on how you use your imagination, it can make any day a source of misery or a source of excitement and great joy. It all depends on how you use your mind to filter and process the day's events. To a certain

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Get Out of your Comfort Zone

6 February 2015 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Thumbnail

Your continued progress in the modern world now demands that you advance to positions far outside your normal comfort zones.

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Four Forces That Affect You

15 January 2015

Four forces that affect you You are continually affected by four forces: Your own thoughts and actions. The actions of others. Mother Nature. Systems. With respect to these four forces, most people tend to fall into two personality types: They tend to have one of two ways of looking at the

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A Can-Do Attitude

13 January 2015 A Can-Do Attitude Thumbnail

Developing a can-do attitude is one of the greatest things you could do for yourself, your family and your boss.

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Train your Brain to Focus on the Future

31 December 2014

Train Your Brain to Focus on the Future It is very important to focus on the future. The past is gone and can never come back. Whether that past was good or bad, it can never come back. If the past was bad for you, then it's good to forget. If

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Decide Who you Want to Be

5 December 2014

Decide Who You Want To Be One of the most positive things that you can do for yourself is to decide, consciously, how and who you want to be. As a human being you have the capacity to choose who you are. As a human being, with a fully functioning brain

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Learn From your Mistakes

14 November 2014

Learn From Your Mistakes For most people, one of the most difficult things to do is to accept criticism from other people. Most people's attitude to criticism from other people is, in effect, "Who the hell are you to tell me what is right and wrong? Get lost!" But the point

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Personal Development Training - Honesty is the Best Policy

28 July 2014 Personal development training - Honesty is the best policy Thumbnail

Honesty in business is crucial to building good customer relationships.

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How can you Improve Self-Confidence?

24 July 2014 How can you improve self-confidence? Thumbnail

Self-confidence is crucial to your happiness, your personal effectiveness and the level of success in your interpersonal relationships.

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Three Ways to Improve your Personal Effectiveness

26 May 2014

Three ways to improve your personal effectiveness You may be thinking about how you might be able to improve your personal effectiveness. Your personal effectiveness is a measure of your ability to make rapid progress towards your own goals or the goals that have been assigned to you. If John is

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Professional Development Training - Knowledge is Power

18 April 2014

21 items of knowledge that you need to know You have heard it said that, "Knowledge is power". It is true. Knowledge IS power. If you know how things work, then you can make things work. If you don't know how things work, then you cannot make things work. For example

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Personal Development Training - Management Models

31 January 2014

Personal development training These days, there are many management models that talk a lot about how each one of us is unique, how we are, each, different from everyone else around us. There are a lot of management models that emphasise the fact that we are all different from each other

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Personal Development Develop a Positive Attitude

17 January 2014 Personal Development Develop a Positive Attitude Thumbnail

Positive people are mentally strong to cope with whatever life throws at them. Having a positive mental attitude is something that can be developed by mindfulness over your own thoughts. Increase your chances of success with a PMA.

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Personal Development - Self-Discipline

30 September 2013

Personal development - Self-discipline Personal development is the act of developing your skills, knowledge, and abilities in order to improve your effectiveness, and thus be more likely to achieve your goals. Achieving your goals is important to you because your success depends on your ability to achieve the goals that you

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Professional Development Training

12 September 2013

The art of asking the right questions Everything that exists operates according to the laws of logic. In order to understand anything, it is essential to keep your thinking attuned to the same laws of logic. If nature is operating to strict logical laws- but your thinking is not - then

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Habits of Highly Effective People - Planning Ahead

24 July 2013

Planning ahead is the major habit of all highly effective people Do you know what are the subset goals that will form the steps towards your next major achievement? The atomic theory tells us that all big things are composed of a vast number of small things. Therefore all your elephant

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A Good Training Needs Analysis

1 July 2013

A good training needs analysis All successful people are successful because they all possess the same set of "success qualities" that distinguish them from non-successful people. If you were to identify the qualities of the "successful personality", and if you were to then make the necessary improvements in your habitual patterns

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Your Personal Development Plan

14 June 2013

Personal development plan Your "personal development plan" is the document you write which details the steps you intend to take to increase your professional skills, knowledge and abilities. Your personal development plan is important to you because you need to consider yourself as being in a constant state of

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The Personal Development Programme (Pdp)

25 February 2013

Your personal development programme is a method of systematising your approach to your own development. Learn more about PDP with Corporate Coach Group.

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Personal Development Skills Training

15 February 2013

Personal Development Skills Training Personal development skills training is important to you because the chances that your future prospects will improve are related to the degree to which you develop your personal skills. If you develop your personal skills, then you can expect your future prospects to improve. If you don

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How to Get the Best From Yourself - Personal Development Training

9 September 2012

How to get the best from yourself Both in your work life and in your home life, you need to get the best from the others around you. In order to get the best from others, you must first learn to get the best from yourself. Before you can hope to

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Return to Work Job Interview Skills

12 January 2012

Return to work job interview skills People often say: "You shouldn't judge others" and "You can't judge a book by its cover" But the truth is the just the opposite. You must judge others (ie you must judge whether to do business with them or not). They must judge you

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You Become Whatever you Think About - Personal Development Training

21 November 2011

You become whatever you think about In 1903, James Allen wrote a famous work called "As a man thinketh". The work has since become a classic and has been a source of inspiration for many. BUT: The piece is now over 100 years old, and James Allen's style is rather ornate

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Improve your People Management Skills

20 April 2009

People management skills How can you get the best from yourself and others? Answer: develop your: "People management skills" People management skills are the "soft skills". Some people develop them all naturally; and sadly, others don't. Do you know anyone with good technical skills, but poor people management skills? The

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Accelerated learning techniques are special methods of organising information, so that you can more rapidly memorise and more accurately recall it on demand. Accelerated learning also includes mind mapping and creative thinking techniques.

Assertiveness (4)

Assertiveness is a both a communication style and a mind-set which, when combined, allows a people to express their meaning using just the amount of forcefulness, in relation to their body language, voice tone and spoken language.

Change Management (11)

Change management training is how to use the fact of continuous change, to work FOR you, rather than against you. It is a fact that all improvement implies change, but many people hate change. Change management is about training people to love change as a means of making the future better.

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There is a pressing need to develop the next generation of leaders, managers and technical experts. One way to develop staff is through coaching and mentoring. To be an effective coach and mentor is not an easy skill to master. These blogs discuss the skills of coaching, mentoring and staff development.

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One to the most important facets of communication is clarity. Whenever you write or speak, your words should denote only one possible meaning. If your words can be properly interpreted in multiple ways, then you are creating the conditions for confusion, error and misunderstanding. These blogs discuss the nature of clear communication.

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Communication includes the ability to attend to, understand and memorise what people say to you. Effective Listening is an active, not a passive process. These bloggs discuss what it takes to be a good listener.

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Communication includes a large visual component. How you appear, as you speak, makes a big difference to how your message is received. These blogs are about how to best use your body language. (Eye contact, posture, dress, hand and arm gestures, etc.)

Communication - Persuasive Communication (34)

Persuasion is the art of convincing others that your ideas are good, right, fair and practical, and in addition, persuasion includes motivating people to put your ideas into action. Persuasion is a key communication skill that everyone should study. These blogs discuss how to be more persuasive.

Communication - Written Communication (4)

A part of your communication is in the written form. Writing well is a skill that most people do not study, though it is of immense importance. These blogs discuss how you might improve your written communication.

Conflict Management and Handling Difficult People (26)

Conflict is inevitable, and when it occurs, you need to resolve it quickly and efficiently. Conflict management (and handling difficult people) is about managing your communication and your emotions, so that you arrive at a negotiated solution as quickly as possible. This series of blogs discusses the various ways you can best manage conflict.

Decision Making and Problem Solving (14)

Decision making is the skill of selecting the best option from many options. And problem solving is the skill at determining the causes and implications of a problem and finding efficient remedies. This series of blogs discusses the elements of effective decision making and problem solving.

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Success is the achievement of a worthwhile goal. And therefore, the first step to achieving a goal is to set it. Goal setting is the starting point of all achievement and is one of the most important topics you could study. This series of blogs discuss the elements of goal setting.

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Leadership is the art of setting a clear goal and inspiring others to achieve it. Management is the art of organising resources so as to most efficiently achieve that goal. This series of blogs discuss the details of leadership and management.

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Mental health is the skill of managing your own mind so as to achieve mental stability and a high degree of rationality. Mental ill health is the opposite, mental instability and irrational actions. This series of blogs, discusses how you might manage your mind.

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Motivation is an emotion that induces action. Without motivation, nobody would achieve anything of value. This series of blogs discusses the various ways you can motivate yourself and others.

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Whilst interesting and informative in their own right, these blogs don't fit into a category.

People Management (9)

People management is a combination of skills including goal setting, communication, planning, handling conflict and motivation skills. This series of blogs discusses people management skills.

Personal Development (91)

The best investment you can make is in your own personal development. If you develop your skills, knowledge and experience, then you will maximise your potential to produce excellent results. This series of blogs looks at the details of personal development.

Personal Effectiveness (80)

You are not paid for how hard you work; you are paid for your effectiveness. It is possible to improve your effectiveness and get more valuable work done in less time and effort. This series of blogs discusses how you might improve your personal effectiveness and therefore speed up your rate of progress.

Positive Thinking (6)

The quality of your results is based upon the quality of your actions. And your actions are controlled by your thoughts. To simultaneously improve both your material results and your mental health, it is vital to develop the skills of positive thinking.

Stress Management (2)

Stress can be both good for you and bad for you. Good Stress triggers improvement. Bad stress grinds you down. Stress management is about using stress to help you to improve, and to avoid the negative effects of too much stress. These blogs discuss the various aspects of stress management.

Supervisory Management Skills (4)

Supervisory management skills are a combination of five major skill sets, setting goals, communication skills, planning, performance management and motivation. These blogs discuss the details of supervisory management skills.

Team Leadership (6)

For the most part, we all work in teams. Leading the team effectively can make all the difference to the performance of the team, as a whole. This series of blogs discuss the details of team leadership.

Teamwork (16)

Teams are often composed of people who have very different personalities and skills. In order to perform well, the members of the team must work well together and play to each other’s strengths. This series of blogs covers the importance of team work skills.

Time Management (13)

Time management is about prioritising, planning, organising and delegating, so that, at any moment, you are always adding the most value, and setting the conditions for your future success. This series of blogs investigates how you might better manage your time.