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Excellent course content that will be very useful. Good, practical tools provided, as well as some thought-provoking aspects. Will be beneficial in all areas of life - not just work. The trainer's presentation was clear, targetted, believed his own material, obviously 'lived' what he spoke about. Inspirational to me. Good blend of 'serious' content delivered well.

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Management Training Consultants

Celebrating 20 years in business!

We believe that our role as corporate trainers is to help you to achieve your goals.

We believe we can help you to achieve your goals by doing two things for you:

  • By helping you to clarify your thinking in respect to certain issues of work performance, and...
  • Wherever necessary, by helping you to improve your technique

We see our role as trainers is to teach you 'a system of good ideas' and to demonstrate to you a set of practical skills that you will be able to put to use the very next day. We strive to make our courses highly practical, relevant and immediately applicable to your work context. We confine ourselves to ideas, methods and techniques that are of practical value.

We believe that there are a definite set of 'Universal Success Principles' that are applicable to everyone and to every industry.
These success principles are universally applicable because, no matter what is your product or service, you have to gain the willing cooperation of other people. In order to succeed, you must succeed with people.

Our training is about improving your performance in six areas:

  1. Goal setting and achievement
  2. Clear communication
  3. Proper planning and time management
  4. Handling conflict situations
  5. How to inspire yourself with a positive mental attitude
  6. How to inspire a positive mental attitude in others

Over the last 21 years, we have refined our methods of training, to a point of excellence. We believe you will find our courses very interesting, practical and exciting.

Here are the members of our team:



Chris is the leader of The Corporate Coach Group, which he started in 1997.

There are many people who are searching for practical advice on how to get the most out of themselves and other people.

Now more than ever, your organisation needs your people to be productive and happy. That means your leadership and management of people cannot be based on guesswork or mood.

Rather, leadership and management should be an organised system of professional skills that embodies named principles.

This is the "core idea" behind our system. Our goal is to help you to define the correct management principles and show how you could make them work in practice.




Lindsey - Training Co-ordinator

Lindsey is the person responsible for our sales, marketing and event management.

She will be the person you speak with when you phone in.

She told us "I regard my role as helping people with information about our products and services and to involve them in our programme"




Gezz Van Zwanenberg served as emergency medic at the sharp end of service provision. He has a unique set of skills and experiences that are transferrable to many aspects of the working environment.

Gezz has spoken at conferences including the Emergency Nurse and AfPP in Bournemouth where he opened the proceedings with a speech entitled "challenge and change" about leadership "on the front line".

He has delivered leadership and motivational presentation’s to audiences in UK and abroad he has also delivered a £1.9m equipment procurement and has a refreshing, honest view of the world, having served with multinational forces and healthcare systems all over the world.

He has also been teaching and delivering leadership and management sessions for companies across a wide spectrum of disciplines focussing on decision making and some of the differences between "doing it right and doing the right thing" the difference between leadership and management.




Alison's goal as a trainer is to present the ideas, information and techniques in such a manner that you will find the course clear, compelling, interesting and enjoyable.

She will help you understand and apply the material so that when you have finished the programme, you will be fully equipped to go back to your workplace and start applying the techniques immediately.




For twenty years Stewart has been a leading specialist in the field of sales training, personal development and motivational sales training.

Release your sales potential with NLP encourages and supports delegates to strive for higher levels of achievement and sales excellence.

Using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques Stewart’s understanding of personal, business and organisational issues, together with his unique and inspirational style mean that his workshops are extremely informative fun and powerful. Stewart delivers his material with intelligence, vast experience, humour and passion.

Stewart is an expert NLP practitioner, with 30 years of experience working with a diverse range of organisations in both private and public sectors.

Now he specialises in presenting "Release your sales potential with NLP" which focuses on improving sales skills, personal development and sales communication.

The feedback received from personal and corporate clients bear witness to the extraordinary contribution Stewart has made to the lives of individuals and to the performance of their businesses.



John is an experienced former senior police officer (Criminal Investigation Department) and businessman. He has lectured at Police Academies and other forums teaching expert knowledge to students from around the world.

In 2002, John identified the need for managers to be trained on how to gather and present evidence. The evidence might be for use in employment law, personal injury or other important cases. He developed a variety of specific training packages.

He integrated basic interview/people influencing techniques into a range of practical courses aimed at providing "real-life" skills, which can be used in daily situations. They will strengthen individual and corporate effectiveness.

Currently, he is working with several public authorities designing bespoke packages in addition to continuing to present his longstanding general management courses.


Steve - Sales

Steve works with clients to improve their sales performance.

Steve understands the challenges faced in the competitive sales environment. He has a proven track record of achieving optimistic sales targets and delivering results. "Many companies spend huge sums on marketing which gets the customer to the door. Then they fall at the last hurdle because of poor sales technique. I believe that improving sales technique, through proper training multiplies the effectiveness of the marketing".


Robert - Financial Management

Robert is an experienced presenter and facilitator of management development programmes. He has been involved in management training since 1994, following a successful career in retail and commercial banking.

Robert specialises in finance training and has run courses throughout the UK, Western Europe and the Middle East, working with first-appointment and owner/managers through to senior executives representing leading international companies, as well as with delegates from the public and not-for-profit sectors. Attendees include non-financial managers and finance professionals from a wide range of sectors, including automotive, oil and gas, steel, transport and shipping, IT and telecommunications, waste recycling, health, education and financial services.