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Chris Farmer's Leadership and Management Training Blog

Chris Farmer

Welcome - the purpose of the blog page is to provide you with a never ending source of valuable, practical and entertaining information designed to help you get the best performance from yourself and others.

In these blogs you will find all the information you need to make faster progress in less time and effort. Here you will find all the information you need to achieve your goals. In addition to helping yourself to achieve your goals, you can use the same information to help others to achieve their goals.

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Recent Blogs

  • How to Manage Work Stress

    20 March 2018

    How can I manage work stress? To manage work-related stress, you need to: Remember that stress can make you stronger. On any single day, manage the amount of stress that you are exposed to. Break down all problems into their smaller subsets and deal with them, in turn. Spread the load... Continue Reading >

    How to Manage Work Stress
  • Seven Ways to Become a Better Leader

    16 March 2018

    Seven ways to become a better leader To become a better leader, you need to: Set out a clear vision for a better future. Become 100% committed to that vision. Communicate the vision with clarity and certainty. Build practical plans capable of achieving the vision. Create and sustain an optimistic attitude... Continue Reading >

    Seven Ways to Become a Better Leader
  • How to Make Progress

    13 March 2018

    How to Make Progress To make more progress in life, start looking at problems in a different way. Whatever happens can be utilised, if you think with the right mind-set. Utilisation is the idea that you can use any situation as a stepping stone to make progress. The principle of utilisation... Continue Reading >

    How to Make Progress
  • What Skills Do I Need as a Supervisor?

    09 March 2018

    What supervisory skills do I need? As a supervisor, you need to develop the following seven skills. 1. Set and communicate clear, specific goals. 2. Prioritise and plan work into its most logical order. 3. Delegate the right task to the right person. 4. Inspire action in every member of the... Continue Reading >

    What Skills Do I Need as a Supervisor?
  • Great Leaders

    06 March 2018

    It is popularly believed that leaders are born not made. Luckily that is not true. Great leaders are not born great, they are made great. How do we know? Because leadership skills are not innate behaviours. Leadership skills are learned behaviours. There is no gene that codes for leadership. The only... Continue Reading >

    Great Leaders
  • How to Deal With a Bully At Work

    06 March 2018

    How to deal with a bully 1. Recognise that bullies rely on subservient behaviour from their victims. 2. Decide to stand up to the bully by naming their behaviour explicitly. 3. Tell them that, if they want to talk to you, then they must talk to you properly. 4. Tell them... Continue Reading >

    How to Deal With a Bully At Work
  • How to Take Criticism

    02 March 2018

    Taking criticism is a necessary skill, since we all make mistakes. The problem with criticism is twofold. Firstly, most people hate taking criticism. It dents their pride and self-confidence. So, they defend their errors rather than learn from them. The second problem is, that many people word their criticism in such... Continue Reading >

    How to Take Criticism
  • How to Gain Confidence

    27 February 2018

    Confidence is a positive emotion that most people would like to experience with greater intensity. All emotions are a reaction to earlier thought. If you think confidence-building thought patterns, then you will feel confident emotions. If you think confidence-destroying thought patterns, then you will destroy your confidence. Here are three, common... Continue Reading >

    How to Gain Confidence
  • Communication Skills for Sales People

    23 February 2018

    All organisations, to some degree, need to be able to sell. As sales people, you need to improve the following skills: 1. Making a good first impression. 2. Full analysis of customer needs, wants and DON'T wants. 3. Presentation and explanation of products and services. 4. Answering objections and questions. 5... Continue Reading >

    Communication Skills for Sales People