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ILM Recognised Provider

ILM Recognised Provider

Corporate Coach Group is an ILM Recognised Provider of development training.

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CPD Accredited Member

Corporate Coach Group has training modules which are CPD Accredited. Learn more here.

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The course was wide-ranging and very interesting, with many concepts with practical applications both in business and outside work. The trainer was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and able to give different types of examples which made the concepts presented easier to digest.

Rated 4.9/5, based on 473 reviews.
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Leadership and Management Training Courses

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Popular Training Courses

Are you looking for any of the following Leadership, Management or Personal Development courses? Click on them to learn more.

  • Leadership and Management Training

    At your place of work, are you in the role of a leader-manager? Your role is to get the best performance from yourself and others. In order to do that, you may need to develop some additional personal skills. This excellent two day course will give you a proven, step by step guide to success as an effective leader manager.

    Leadership and Management Training
  • Personal Development Training

    This personal development course will help you extend your professional skills in relation to communication, goal achievement, planning and prioritising, as well as handling difficult people and achieving a positive mental attitude. Improve your career prospects and develop your personal confidence with this CPD and ILM accredited training.

    Personal Development Training
  • Conflict Management Training

    Is it true that some people in your organisation do not manage conflict very well? Instead, do they sometimes mis-manage conflict and make the situation worse? Conflict in your team is inevitable and could even be beneficial, but ONLY IF it is managed according to correct principles.

    Conflict Management Training
  • Communication Skills Training

    Are you as confident in your powers of communication, as you would really like to be? Clear and confident communication will help you improve the performance of your whole team. When you return from this fabulous course, you will feel more clear, confident and persuasive.

    Communication Skills Training
  • Time Management Training

    Do you have days when you're busy but not productive? Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work? If so, then our training course in time management will give you practical techniques and tools. Learn to plan, prepare and delegate, avoid procrastination and time stealers. Become more productive and less stressed by learning effective time management.

    Time Management Training
  • Team Leader Training

    Many team-leaders have never have had the opportunity to attend any specialised training on how to get the best performance from people. On this practical training programme, your team leaders will develop the six key skills they need, to run the team more effectively.

    Team Leader Training
  • First Line Manager Training

    The management role is sometimes difficult, because the manager is often under pressure from all sides. This 2-day training course provides the practical skills required by teaching the logical framework they need to feel more confident and to be more effective in their roles.

    First Line Manager Training
  • Human Resource Management and Personnel

    Human Resources staff are asked to handle difficult situations; resolving conflicts, recruitment and negotiating between opposing parties. Therefore, HR staff must develop a set of skills; goal setting, selection interview technique, conflict management and performance management skills. This course makes HR staff feel more confident and effective.

    Human Resource Management and Personnel
  • Productivity Training

    Your future success depends on your productivity. It is important to realise that, nobody is paid for the amount of work they do. Rather, you are paid for your productivity. Sadly, some people often have 'busy but NON-productive days'. Productivity training is about increasing your efficiency rating, so that you add more value to your organisation.

    Productivity Training
  • Personal Effectiveness Training

    Your personal effectiveness is your ability to: achieve goals, communicate, manage priorities, developing self-confidence and inspire others. You would benefit by improving these skills. This two day course will give you everything you need to feel more confident and improve your abilities.

    Personal Effectiveness Training
  • Change Management Training

    These days, Change is inevitable, but many people don’t like change. That's why effective change management is an essential skill for your teams to master. This inspiring one-day course will show how to make the Change Process a positive experience that will take you to a better future.

    Change Management Training
  • Supervisor Management Skills Training

    This practical, two-day supervisor training will empower your staff by helping them to master the six major supervisory skills. Achieving targets. Clear communication. Prioritisation. Delegation. Conflict management. Motivation. By the end of this course your supervisors will know, WHAT to do, WHY it is important, and exactly HOW to do it.

    Supervisor Management Skills Training

Create Your Own Bespoke In-house Training Course

You can build your own in-house training programmes which will exactly match your teams’ specific training needs.
We have prepared a selection of half-day modules, from which you can choose any combination. Your unique combination will be delivered at your venue, by one of our expert trainers.

Training Needs Analysis

In order to get the best from your training, you need to discover your relative strengths and weaknesses. Our free training needs analysis will let you know the best course for you.

Are you looking for change management training? Take our change management questionnaire to see how well you are set up to deal with the pressure of change.

All Training Courses

We have an extensive selection of courses that we have written especially for our clients. Click on a course to view full course information.

We also offer a Pay-as-you-go telephone coaching service for individuals looking to discuss or improve aspects of their work life.
Alternatively, for buyers to discuss with us how they can translate their list of staff appraisals and training needs into a set of courses we have a free telephone consultation service.

Accelerated Learning, Memory & Mental Mapping TrainingIn-House
Assertiveness Skills TrainingIn-House
Build A CourseIn-House
Build Winning Teams - Team Development TrainingIn-House
Business Writing CourseIn-House
Change Management TrainingIn-House
Coaching and Mentoring TrainingIn-House
Communication Skills TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Conflict Management TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Continuous Improvement TrainingIn-House
Customer Service TrainingIn-House
Dubai Leadership and Management TrainingIn-House
Effective Meetings TrainingIn-House
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) TrainingIn-House
First Line Manager TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Goal Setting, Communication and Conflict TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Handling Difficult People TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
High Performance TeamsIn-House
Human Resource Management and PersonnelIn-HouseOpen Course
Inspirational Leadership TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Investigation Skills TrainingIn-House
Leadership and Management TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Leadership and Management Training - OnlineIn-House
Leadership Management Skills Training (5 Days)In-House
Leadership Masterclass TrainingIn-House
Management Development TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Memory Training and Creative Problem SolvingIn-House
Mental Health Awareness TrainingIn-House
Mentor TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Minute Writing Skills TrainingIn-House
Negotiation Skills TrainingIn-House
Online Professional Development TrainingIn-House
People Management Skills TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Performance Management TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Personal Development TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Personal Effectiveness TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Positive Mental Attitude TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Presentation Skills TrainingIn-House
Problem Solving TrainingIn-House
Productivity TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Recruitment Interview Skills TrainingIn-House
Sales Training - The Power to InfluenceIn-House
Senior Managers Advanced Leadership TrainingIn-House
Staff Appraisal TrainingIn-House
Stress Management TrainingIn-House
Supervisor Management Skills TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Team Building TrainingIn-House
Team Leader TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Time Management TrainingIn-HouseOpen Course
Train the TrainerIn-House
Women into Management TrainingIn-House
Work-life Balance and Stress Management TrainingIn-House

Act Now

There are four reasons why you should act now and make contact with us today.

  1. Our material is unique to The Corporate Coach Group. You will not have seen this approach before. Our methods are not just theories; instead, the methods we teach are all very practical, immediately applicable and able to be used in the “real-world”, the very next day.
  2. The training style is practical, interactive and keeps the delegates involved throughout the whole training. (No dead spots).
  3. Our material is highly organised and memorable.
  4. The course material is written to satisfy the practical day-to-day problems and questions of leader managers, not the demands of a certification body (which may not relate to the managers actual needs). This is not tick box training – This is the real thing! Our management training courses are designed to give you both an effective theory together with the practical skills necessary to put the theory into practice.

The Future of your Organisation

The future of your organisation depends, to some degree, on the skills and abilities of the leadership and management teams in your organisation. If the leadership and management teams perform well, then your future will be a progressive one. But if they don’t perform well, then your future could be a painful one.

It is a fact that some people holding the positions of leadership and management have never received any specialised training. They are, therefore, running on a mixture of natural talent, experience and common sense. In some cases, the method of “learning by painful experience” provides enough of an education to get things mostly right.

But, the problem is that, some of your leaders and managers are not getting it right.

Some of them may be making repeated mistakes that are costing both them and your organisation dearly. These mistakes are not born of malice, but rather from simply not possessing a “coherent mental model” that will describe successful action, as a leader manager.

Your leaders and managers need and deserve the support and help and guidance of some specialised, professional training. It is exactly this specialised, professional training that we are committed to providing for you, your friends and your colleagues.

Who should attend these training courses?

These personal development training courses are for anyone who needs to get the best performance from themselves and other people.

They are most beneficial to:

  • Senior managers
  • Middle managers
  • Front line managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • First time managers
  • Non-managers