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Time Management Training

Time Management Training Course - 1 Day

This Time Management Training is designed to help you make maximum progress, in minimum time. Time Management is about replacing bad habits with good practice. Here you will learn a series of practical techniques that will allow you to increase productivity.

You will enjoy and benefit from this ILM and CPD accredited Time Management training course. You will learn to prioritise, plan, prepare and delegate work; avoid procrastination and eliminate unnecessary distractions and time stealers. You will make more progress, faster, by applying our system of effective time management techniques.

Available as an Open Course, Live Online Webinar or In - House

Live Online Interactive Learning via Webinars

Join our Live Online Time Management Training Webinars via Zoom or Teams.

Live Online Dates are currently available with 35% off.
1 full day training (9am - 4.30pm) - only £227.50+VAT per delegate (normal price: £350+VAT)

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What is Time Management Training?

Time Management Training Intro - Deadline Pressure vs Value

Time management is the skill of getting the most value from every day and making the maximum progress in the minimum time.

Why is time management important?

Time management skills are important because you have an UNLIMITED number of tasks you need to do, but only a LIMITED amount of time (and energy) in which to do them.

How can you improve time management skills?

There are seven key time management skills you must master: Prioritization, Planning, Goal setting, Delegation, Concentration, Handling interruptions, and Prevention of avoidable error.

How can you improve time management skills?

Time management means prioritisation. We will show you how to prioritise your tasks into the right order, by using our unique smartphone app.

Customer Reviews

4.2/5 Our Time Management Course is rated based on 67 reviews. More Customer Reviews >
The course content was very good. Logical order and relevant, with good mix of theory and practical, followed by exercises to cement learning. The trainer was very engaging, sound theory and knowledge, supported with relevant examples of life ex... [Read More]
The course content was very useful for my job role and the situation I am in at the moment at work. Actually, the course was helpful not just for my work, but also for my personal life. The trainer was very clear, kind and positive. It was great... [Read More]

Course Overview - Time Management Training

On this course we cover the logical elements of good time management, as well as the emotional elements.

We start by making the distinction between two parts of the human mind, logic and emotion.
Sometimes the two parts of your brain are at odds with each other: You know logically that you should do something, but emotionally you don’t want to do it. Then what do you do?
Poor time managers do things only when they are “in the mood”. Good Time Managers do what they know they should do.

Time management is about managing yourself and doing the right thing, at the right time. Time management is about applying logic to life.
That means, you apply the principles of Purpose, Planning, Prioritization, Preparation, Problem solving and Delegation.
Your goal is to get Maximum value in the minimum time.

We discuss the emotional elements of time management in the second part of this course.
The amount of work you do is influenced by how you feel. If you feel motivated, then you’ll do more.
Therefore, you need to know how to motivate yourself and others, in order to follow the plans that you learn in the first part of this course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn cutting-edge time management techniques to make more progress, in less time
  • Eliminate "Busy but non-productive days"
  • Use 8 PART SMART to achieve more in less time
  • Prioritise tasks into their most logical order; maximise your efficiency
  • Discover the most common time management mistakes and how to fix them
  • How to delegate the right task, to the right person, at the right time
  • How to beat procrastination and get the best from yourself and others

Open Training Course Details and Pricing

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For this price we provide:

  • A full day of quality training
  • 6 additional 2-3 via post-course online independent learning
  • Cooked lunch, coffee, tea and cakes
  • Full-colour course handbook, with written action plan
  • Training certificate
  • Access to additional free training material after the course
  • 3 months free telephone coaching: Whilst you are implementing what you have learned, if you need to, you can contact us for support and guidance

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Course Details - Time Management Training

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In-House Training Course Pricing and Proposal

This course is also available from just £1,950 +VAT per day as a bespoke in-house group training course in the UK and worldwide.

It has been designed to provide a similar experience to our open courses, however we can tailor the content to fit your specific needs. In-House Group training costs from just £1,950 +VAT per day (international training price varies). Plus, hotel accommodation for trainer if necessary. (Premier Inn type: not the Hilton!)

This price includes:

  • Quality training delivered by an experienced trainer
  • Full days training
  • Full colour course handbook
  • Preparation work
  • Travel costs and time
  • Written action plan to take away
  • Access to our post course portal
  • Access to our on-line leadership and management decision matrix templates and tools
  • Plus three months FREE telephone coaching to answer any on-going questions

In-House Proposal Document

Download the in-house training proposal document

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