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Welcome - the purpose of the blog page is to provide you with a never ending source of valuable, practical and entertaining information designed to help you get the best performance from yourself and others.

In these blogs you will find all the information you need to make faster progress in less time and effort. Here you will find all the information you need to achieve your goals. In addition to helping yourself to achieve your goals, you can use the same information to help others to achieve their goals.

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Time Management Skills Blogs

Time management depends on the P-LIST skills.

  1. Purposefulness
  2. Planning
  3. Prioritisation
  4. Preparation
  5. Prediction
  6. Prevention of avoidable error
  7. Personal initiative
  8. Powerful psychology and
  9. Physical energy

Time management is important because you cannot do everything at the same time. Therefore, you must prioritise your work.

Many people don’t prioritise. They do things in an order that is governed by chance or by their mood /emotions.

Instead of that, you need to do things in an order governed by; Deadline pressure or Value, or Logical sequencing.

Time management means learning how to do the right things in the right order, and delegating other things to the right person, in the right way.

Since everyone has the same number of hours in each day, how come some people are far more productive that others? It is not luck. It is system.

Good time managers are operating according to better systems. You would benefit greatly if you applied the same systems to yourself.

The system of time management depends on the P-LIST skills. Purposefulness. Problem Prediction. Problem solving. Planning. Prioritisation. Preparation. Prevention of avoidable error. Personal initiative and Powerful psychology and Physical energy.

Time Management Skills Blogs

The Six Most Important Time Management Skills

23 June 2020 The Six Most Important Time Management Skills Thumbnail

We are told to do the most important things first. But knowing what is important is a skill in itself. How do you decide? Why do you need a plan when you can improvise? What does it mean to delegate? Find the answers in this blog!

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How to Stop Procrastinating

24 January 2020 How to Stop Procrastinating Thumbnail

The act of procrastinating means you are wasting valuable time, when you could be investing that time in doing something worthwhile or improving yourself. Use these simple strategies to overcome procrastination and take back control of your day.

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How can I Improve My Time Management Skills?

5 July 2019 How Can I Improve my Time Management Skills? Thumbnail

Do you find you don't have enough time to do everything you need to? Become a more efficient individual by improving your time management skills. Here are nine suggestions to get you on track to be more effective and better able to manage your time.

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Time-Saving Tips

12 April 2019 Time-Saving Tips Thumbnail

Got too much to do? Not enough time? Being constantly frazzled will not help you achieve what you need to. Take back control of your life with these great time-saving tips. Achieve the perfect work-life balance.

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How to Manage Emails Effectively

8 March 2019 How to Manage Emails Effectively Thumbnail

Emails have become a big distraction in the workplace. It is hard to stay focused on your work when incoming emails are forever grabbing your attention, especially when they turn out to be unimportant. Here are some great tips for dealing with them.

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The Best Time Management Tips

26 February 2019 The Best Time Management Tips Thumbnail

If you never seem to have enough time to do everything you need to, find the time to check out these top ten time-management tips. Everyone can benefit from following these tips; you will feel more in control of your life and will achieve far more.

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Why Multitasking is a Bad Idea

22 February 2019 Why multitasking is a bad idea Thumbnail

We all have so much to do and so little time, that we believe multitasking is the answer. The truth is however, that not only is multitasking stressful, it is inefficient. So, why is multitasking a bad idea and what is the alternative?

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How to be More Efficient and Effective.

4 December 2018 How to be More Efficient and Effective. Thumbnail

Do you struggle to find enough time to get everything done in a day? Perhaps you are feeling stressed and exhausted from have too much to do. Here are some great tips to getting the most benefit from your time and energy.

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Practical Time Management Advice

16 November 2018 Practical Time Management Advice Thumbnail

Time management is about the achievement of a goal. Once you have set your goal, you then have to take steps to achieve it. People and things will get in your way to upset your plans, so here is some practical advice to help you stay on track.

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Ten Time Management Mistakes

29 June 2018 Ten Time Management Mistakes Thumbnail

Do you want to be better organised, get more done each day, have more time for yourself, or just feel more in control of your life? Take a look at these ten common time management mistakes and see if you can improve any bad habits you may have.

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Time Management Strategies

25 May 2018 Time Management Strategies Thumbnail

These seven strategies will help you to get more done in the time you have available. Follow our advice for setting goals, prioritising tasks, decision making and delegating and you will find your life will be more productive.

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Why are Some Meetings a Waste of Time?

15 May 2018 Why are some meetings a waste of time? Thumbnail

Do you feel meetings are a waste of time? Here are some tips to help you decide whether a meeting should be held and an app to help you calculate the approximate cost of the meeting.

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How Do you Judge What is "Important"?

3 May 2018 How do you judge what is "important"? Thumbnail

We all agree that we should do the most important things first. But what we cannot agree upon is: HOW to determine what are the “most important things”.

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How to Prioritise your Day

1 May 2018 How to prioritise your day Thumbnail

In order to prioritise your work properly, judge every task against two criteria: the value of the task and the deadline pressure.

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The 80/20 Rule - Pareto Principle - Explained

30 April 2018 The 80/20 Rule - Pareto Principle - Explained Thumbnail

The 80/20 Pareto rule originally stated that 80% (or more), of the wealth in any economy is owned by 20% (or less) of the population. Find out how to use this formula at work.

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How to Prioritise Effectively

25 April 2018 How to Prioritise Effectively Thumbnail

Prioritisation is at the heart of time management. You cannot do multiple things at the same time; you must put tasks into a priority order. There are four ways that you can prioritise your tasks and be a better time manager.

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The Magnificent Seven Time Management Tips

24 April 2018 The Magnificent Seven Time Management Tips Thumbnail

Are you struggling to do everything you need to do?Would you like to be better at managing your time? Try these seven tips to get yourself more organised. Being a good time-manager is not as difficult as you think.

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20 Top Time Management Tips

5 April 2018 20 Top Time Management Tips Thumbnail

It is an interesting fact that the 20 top time management skills all start with the letter P. I call it the P-List time management skills. Here is the time management skills P-List

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What is Good Time Management?

3 April 2018 What is Good Time Management? Thumbnail

Good time management skills will reduce your stress levels and improve your productivity. Learn how to prioritise, minimise time wasting activities and be more goal focused and you will have more time to do the things you want to do.

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Good Planning

16 January 2018 Good Planning Thumbnail

If you want to be happy, you must believe that today and the future will be good. The best way to achieve this is by good planning. Take a look at these five steps to ensure that you can make your future brighter than it is today.

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Time Management: Work Smarter, Not Harder

22 December 2017 Time Management: Work Smarter, Not Harder Thumbnail

Too much to do and not enough time to do it? Take a look at these tips which will enable you to work smarter and more effectively, without having to work harder.

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Time Management: the Art of Prioritisation

24 November 2017 Time Management: The Art of Prioritisation Thumbnail

The art of prioritising is about putting tasks into the logical sequence and order. It is not about doing the easiest or most enjoyable thing first, but making the most valuable use of your time.

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Time Management Training: Rational Planning

27 October 2017 Time Management Training: Rational Planning Thumbnail

Are you a logical person? Do you run on reason or emotions? Effective action relies on your ability to think and act rationally, to judge things correctly and to treat every person and every problem, according to reason.

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The Best Way to Manage My Time

1 September 2017 The Best Way to Manage My Time Thumbnail

Do you find you have too much to do? It is vital that you organise your time so that you work smarter, not harder. Find out how to be more efficient with these practical time management tips.

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Managing Stress

25 July 2017 Managing Stress Thumbnail

Reducing your stress levels can be achieved by management of your work load and time pressures, together with managing the emotional responses to such pressures.

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Five Time Management Mistakes

24 February 2017 Five Time Management Mistakes Thumbnail

Stop doing things that don't contribute directly to the achievement of your goals. Here are five common time management mistakes and how to fix them.

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Time Management Essential Skills

5 January 2017 Time Management Essential Skills Thumbnail

You don't have enough time to do everything for everyone, so you must learn these three essential skills.

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Eight Time Management Skills you Should Master

29 September 2016 Eight time management skills you should master Thumbnail

Time management skills are important because your time is precious. Most people have too much to do, and not enough time in which to do it. If you master all of the Time Management skills, then you will improve your performance massively.

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The Avoidance of Preventable Errors

26 August 2016 The Avoidance of Preventable Errors Thumbnail

No one is perfect, we are only human, and as such we make stupid mistakes. However, there are some steps we can take to eliminate them.

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How Much can you Do In Less Than Half an Hour?

9 August 2016 How much can you do in less than half an hour? Thumbnail

Not enough hours in the day? If you put your mind to it, you can get a lot done in a half hour or less. Spending a short time each day to something you don't think you have time for, will eventually pay off.

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Time Management Training: the Disease of Distraction

19 January 2016 Time Management Training: The Disease of Distraction Thumbnail

We live in a world full of distractions. Everywhere there are people trying to grab your attention: Facebook, twitter, text message, emails and more. Trying to stay on track can be difficult.

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Time Management Quiz

18 December 2015 Time Management Quiz Thumbnail

Review these time management questions and pick out four of them for special attention.

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Common Time Management Mistakes

8 December 2015 Common Time Management Mistakes Thumbnail

We live in a world with constant distractions, in order to stay focused learn to avoid these common traps.

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Don't Leave It to the Last Minute

6 November 2015 Don't Leave it to the Last Minute Thumbnail

One of the most common mistakes people make, is to leave things until the last minute. Preparation is the distinguishing factor that separates the winners from the losers.

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Five Time Management Training Principles

11 May 2015 Five Time Management Training Principles Thumbnail

If you want to achieve more progress in less time and effort, you need to apply these time management principles.

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Time Management Questionnaire

14 April 2015 Time Management Questionnaire Thumbnail

Everyone has the same amount of time, but some people manage to make more progress. How do they do that?

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How to Manage your Time

23 March 2015 How to Manage Your Time Thumbnail

Learn the five principles of time management in order to make the maximum progress, with the minimum time and effort.

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What are the Best Time Management Training Principles?

29 December 2014

What are the best time management training principles? Your time is your ultimate resource. If you lose your money, you can gain it back. If you lose your health, you can gain it back. If you lose your way, you can find your way back. But you can never get your

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The 15 Best Time Management Ideas

22 December 2014

How Can You be a Better Time Manager? The 15 Best Time Management Ideas Time management is the art of doing "the most valuable thing", at any given moment. Think about it for a second: If you are always doing "the most valuable thing", at any given moment, then you will

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Time Management Skills: Planning Ahead

9 December 2014

Time Management Skills: Planning Ahead One of the best things you could do for yourself is to develop the discipline of planning ahead Planning ahead is the best way to improve your time management skills. Planning ahead is the best way to maximise your personal effectiveness. Planning ahead will allow you

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Time Manager Training: Being Organised

21 November 2014

Time Manager Training: Being Organised Being organised is an important skill for you to master. Why? Because to be disorganised is to invite disaster. So, it is important that you are more organised. What does it mean, to "be organised" To be organised is to be "in a state of order

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The Time Management 80-20 Rule

26 August 2014

Time management training - The 80-20 rule Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? If you don't know the 80-20 rule, then take a moment to memorise it, since understanding the meaning of the 80-20 rule can change your life! It could make the Value of your work go up

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Time Planning - How to Prioritise Tasks

4 June 2014

How to prioritise tasks It is important to have a method of properly prioritising your tasks If you do not have a proper method of prioritising your tasks, then you probably won't prioritise your tasks properly. And if you don't prioritise tasks properly you will not be doing the most valuable

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Time Management Training Tips - Early Bird Catches the Worm

25 April 2014

The early bird catches the worm Time management is the art of getting the most valuable work done per hour. It is not about trying to make yourself work harder and longer. It is about making more progress in less time. Time management is a measure of your efficiency. So you

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Time Management Skills - Stop Being So Busy

7 April 2014

How to stop being so busy More is not necessarily better. There is a tendency in the minds of many people to think that time management is about getting more done per day. They think in terms of how they can get themselves to work longer and harder. But the truth

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Time Management: Prioritization

7 February 2014

Time Management and Prioritising Time management training is important to you. Time management is the rejection of the idea that it is okay to go through the day, merely responding to events, as they occur. Time management training rejects the idea that your days should be spent in reaction, at the

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Where is a Good Time Management Training Course

23 January 2014 Where is a good time management training course  Thumbnail

Time management training is designed to help you to become more efficient in your use of time, money and effort.

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Time Planning

29 December 2013

Time planning Planning ahead (in writing) is one of the keys to personal effectiveness. You need to plan ahead. Failure to plan ahead would force you into the position of acting without a plan, meaning; you would be making it up as you go along, which would mean that you are

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How can I Better Delegate

4 July 2013

How can I better delegate? Delegation is the art of entrusting a task to another. Delegation is a vital skill for you to master, especially if you are a manager or a leader. Delegation is a vital skill because you cannot do it all. You cannot do it all because you

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How can I Better Organise My Work?

31 March 2013

How can I better organise my work? Many people are not as organised as they, could be. Many people are not as organised as they, should be. As a result of being in a state of relative disorganisation, many people are not as efficient as they otherwise would be; and therefore

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Time Management Question - How can I Better Manage My Time?

20 March 2013

How can I manage my time better? Most people need to be better at time management. Why? Because they find there is always too much to do in the time available. So, there are many people that need to learn to prioritise and concentrate only on the most important and urgent

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How can I Manage My Time Better?

25 January 2013

How can I manage my time better? Many people ask the question, "How can I manage my time?" "How can I become better at time management?". It is important to be a good time manager, because we are all bound by a constraint that none of us can change: There are

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Time Management - are you Trying to Do Too Much?

30 December 2012

Time management - Are you trying to do too much? If you are having trouble with time management prioritisation and planning; then there are four main possible causes: There is too much to do. You are trying to do too much. You are not prioritising properly. You are not organised properly

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Time Management Training - Planning Ahead

1 November 2012

Time management training - planning ahead Goals require plans All goals require plans that are capable of achieving the goal. If you set a goal, but you have no plans capable of achieving them, then you have wasted your time. If you have a goal AND you have a detailed, practical

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Time Managements Big Three - Planning, Prioritisation and Delegation

9 August 2012

Planning, prioritisation and delegation Time management is the best kept secret of the rich! How is it that some people earn 100 times more than others? Is it because one is 100 times more intelligent than the other? No Is it because one is 100 times more hard working? No Is

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Time Management and Personal Effectiveness

19 July 2012

Time management training I recently received the following note from a business leader. "We need to look at doing some time management training because many of our people are employed based on their technical knowledge and skills: They are technical experts and on the technical level, our people are very good

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Good Time Management Training Course

20 February 2012

What is a good time management training course about? Time management training" is a system of thought and action that takes into account the fact that your time and energy is limited. 1. That you have only so much time. 2. That you have only so much energy. But you are

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Time Management, Prioritisation and Planning

7 February 2012

Time management, prioritisation and planning Here is a good question for you: Should you try to do it all? Should you try to do it all........ for everyone? Should you try to do it all........ for everyone............... keep everyone happy........... all the time? Bear in mind that you only have a

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Time Management, Personal Effectiveness Questionnaire

29 December 2011 Time management, personal effectiveness questionnaire Thumbnail

Time Management, Personal Effectiveness Questionnaire Here is a brief questionnaire that will give you some good leads on how to improve your time management and personal effectiveness. 1. Do you have a good memory, or do you forget too much? Most people don't train their memory. Some people do. Make yourself

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