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Below are some common questions we are asked about our management training courses. If your question isn't answered, please contact us.

What are your training delivery options?

Different organisations prefer different training delivery methods. The options are: In-house Courses; Open Courses; Online Courses.

In-house Courses

In house course are courses that are held at a venue, organised by you, the customer.
That could be on your own place of work, maybe in the boardroom or training room: or it could mean at a local venue arranged by yourselves.
The advantages of having an in-house, on site (ie in your boardroom), course is the reduction of cost, but you run the risk of interruptions.
The advantage of having an in-house, but off site course (ie a local venue), is that the delegates can fully focus on the course without interruptions, but the cost could be higher.

Open Courses

Open courses are courses where you send your delegates to our training events that take place in London Birmingham Manchester and some other leading cities around the UK.
The advantage of the open courses is as follows:
The flexibility of numbers of delegates that you send, and when you send them (not all on the same day).
The full focus of your delegates on the course material and training.
The delegates will learn from other delegates from other organisations, who will be seeking similar guidance and help.

Online Courses

The prerecorded online course is the same content as the open course and the in-house course, but it is a remote training. The advantage of the online training is as follows:
Low cost; Convenience; The ability to break up the training into sections; The ability to repeat the training if required.

What sort of people will be with me on the course?

People who come on your course are likely to be similar to yourself: They have selected to come on the same course as you, because they are looking for answers to the same questions.
You won’t meet Richard Branson nor Donald Trump. Your fellow delegates will be normal people with normal questions.

I don't live in the UK I need a Visa to attend the course - is there help available?

We welcome delegates from all countries to attend our open courses. We will happily help you with your visa application. If you have paid for your course and your Visa Application is rejected, we will, of course, refund your money.

Do I need to have any previous knowledge or training?

You need NO previous knowledge or training. This training assumes that you are reasonably intelligent and willing to learn. That is all.

Is there any pre-work I need to do before the training?

There is not set pre-work for this course, but there are a few optional things you could do:
Figure out before-hand, exactly what you want to gain by attending this course. Be as specific as you can. Finish the following sentence: By attending this course, I want to discover exactly how I can better........... Do what?
You may also wish to complete the Training Needs Analysis questionnaire.

Is there any test or exam?

There is no exam or written test The real test will be whether you choose to apply the principles that you will learn, in real life, practical situations.

You will learn things that really do work, if you work them.

Is there any post course homework?

The post course homework is to apply the principles that you learn, in real life situations.

The work you do on the course is very engaging and interesting, and you will be inspired to put it into practice. The real test is whether you actually do what you say you will do;
Put the course material into practice on a consistent basis. (and NOT to drift back to your original habit patterns that you had before the training).
The purpose of training is to help you formulate a plan for successful action, but a plan won’t work unless you do!

Is there any post course certification?

There are two options for post course certification:
You will receive our Corporate Coach Group certificate which has been endorsed by both the ILM and the CPD
If you wish, you can receive an ILM certification if you will pay an additional fee to the ILM.

Do I really need to do this training?

Before you can answer that question, you need to make a distinction between the concept of "NEED" and "BENEFIT".

You may not think that you NEED the training. But you certainly will BENEFIT from this training, because everyone does.

Will the training work for me in real life situations?

The training on this course is designed to be used in real life situations.
Many traditional training courses provide theoretical models that merely describe what is going on, but do not prescribe any useful ways to deal it. For example, BELBINS, MASLOW, MYRES BRIGGS etc. We believe that, although doing a “personality profile questionnaire” may tell you that you have a certain personality type, that information may be interesting, but it does not tell you what to do, or say, when a colleague is NOT doing what you want them to do.

1. Knowing that you have a “Personality type A” does not tell you what you should say.
2. Knowing that you have “Personality type B”, does not tell you how to be.

Our training is less about learning abstract theories, and more about learning practical methods that will help you to get the best performance from yourself and others.

What should I wear?

When attending the training, most people wear smart-casual, business type clothing. Usually that means not t-shirts.

Is food provided?

If it is an open course, then; Yes - food is provided. Plus tea, coffee snacks etc.
If it is an in-house course, then no.

Is there parking nearby?

There is parking nearby. Check the booking confirmation email for specifics.

Is there accommodation provided? Accommodation is not provided but is nearby. Please check the booking confirmation for details of venue and close accommodation.

Do you offer one-to-one coaching/training?

We offer a Pay-as-you-go telephone coaching service for individuals looking to discuss or improve aspects of their work life.

We also offer a free telephone consultation service for buyers to discuss with us how they can translate their list of staff appraisals and training needs into a set of courses.

After the course has finished, how will you know that the training has changed behaviour?

After the course, your staff will have access to a number of web based tools that they can use after the course. The web based tools will enable you to use the course material, on a daily basis.

You will be able to measure the use of the tools and their effects on performance.
There are five web based tools that you can make unlimited use of, after the course has finished. You will then be able to maximise the utilisation of the ideas taught on this course.

The tools are:

  1. The 8 Part strategic thinking app.
  2. The 8 Part SMART target app.
  3. The Yes or no app; (Should we or should we not?) app.
  4. The which one / what kind? app.
  5. The prioritisation decision matrix.

In addition, I will send you a set of debrief questions that will enable you to ask the delegates the “right questions” so that you can be sure they have a good understanding and memory of the material. You will be able to check to see they have “got it straight” in their minds.

In addition, we have a three-month telephone coaching service where your delegates can call the trainer if they want to talk over any aspect of the course.

Who are the Chocolate winners?

We love receiving your feedback! Each month, every delegate who has submitted either a Google or Facebook review of the Corporate Coach Training course they have attended, is entered into a draw to win a box of chocolates. Click here to see who won!