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How to be Even More Successful

How to be Even More Successful

How to be Even More Successful

Do you want to learn how to be more successful? Even if you are successful now, wouldn't you like to know how to be even MORE successful?

If you had a nice house, would you like a nicer one?

  • Yes.

If you had a nice salary, would you like a nicer one?

  • Of course.

If you had a nice car, would you like a nicer one?

  • Absolutely.

No matter what you currently possess, you would probably like to see an improvement in your current situation. You would like to be more successful.

How can you be more successful?

In order to be more successful you can take one of two approaches:

  1. You can hope things will get better, or
  2. You can act to make things get better.

Many people just hope that things will get better. We would suggest the other approach. We would suggest that you don't hope, we suggest that you take action to make things better. What actions do you need to take in order to be more successful, and make things better?

Decide exactly what you want

To be even more successful

If you don't know exactly what you want, then your brain does not have a specific target to aim at. Therefore, your brain won't know what elements in your experience relates to the achievement of your goal, and therefore an opportunity could be right in front of you and your brain would not recognise it as an opportunity.

In order to be more successful you must become very specific. You must let your subconscious mind know, in exact detail, what it is that you want, so that your subconscious mind will know what to draw to your conscious awareness.

Only if you have been specific in your description of success, will your subconscious mind know what things in your experience correlate to the achievement of your success.

Most people do NOT know exactly what they want. They know that they want to be happy and successful, but they have never defined exactly what would make them happy and what would have to happen to allow them to qualify as "Successful".

Implication to your action. Decide EXACTLY, what you want. Write it out in precise detail and put some specific numbers into your description. Be precise in your definitions.

  1. What do you want financially?
  2. What do you want in terms of your health?
  3. What do you want in terms of your social existence?

Once you know what you want, your brain knows what class of things correspond to it, and what class of things have nothing to do with it.

So now your actions become more targeted and you stop wasting time doing things that don't take you towards your stated goals.

Get organised

Now you know exactly what it is you want, then you need to organise your resources accordingly.

You need to drop anything that is a distraction to your goal. If it is not taking you in the direction you want to go, then it is, relatively, a waste of your time.

And if something, or someone, is acting counter to your goals, then you need to consider ways of eliminating, or at least limiting, your association with this thing, or person.

Then you need to organise your knowledge

The reason you don't have what you want, is because you don't know how to get it. You lack knowledge. If you knew more about the topic, then your progress would improve.

So, make a list of all the questions you have in your mind to which you don't know the answer. Make a list of ten questions, the answers to which you know would be helpful towards the achievement of your goal. Then commit to doing the necessary research to discover the answers.

There is nothing in your goals list that has not been achieved by others. Isn't that right?

So, the knowledge relating to the achievement of your goals, does exist. You need to gain access to that knowledge.

Organise your resources

You need to clear a desk and organise your diary. Start today to move towards the achievement of your goals. Organise your time, organise your desk. Organise your diary.

All success is based on organised effort. If you are disorganised, then you cannot succeed.

Organise yourself.

Understand the principle of Evolutionary change

Change comes in two forms; Evolutionary change and revolutionary change.

You need to know that your change to a more successful existence will not happen in one day. You cannot realistically expect your success to occur as a result of a revolution in your circumstances.

You need to understand that your success will come to you as the result of an evolutionary change.

Evolutionary change is change based upon a succession of many small beneficial adaptations made over an extended period of time.

  • On day one you make a small adaptive improvement to one of your systems.
  • On day two, you make a small adaptive improvement in your work habits.
  • On day three you make a small adaptive improvement to your diet.
  • On day four, you make small adaptive improvement in the way you speak to people.
  • Every day, you make a small adaptive improvement in some area and every improvement accelerates your rate of progress.

Evolution is the most powerful force for change ever devised. But most people do not understand nor use evolution to their advantage.

Evolution relies on you making small progressive changes, to your existing design, and then testing the modified new design against the environment.

  • If the modification provides you with an advantage, then you keep the change.
  • If the modification does not work to provide you with an advantage, then you dump the modification and try something else.

This is how life adapts. It is called natural selection. Progress by means of evolution and natural selection, is the best method you can use to become more successful.


In order for you to be more successful take the following steps.

  1. Decide exactly what you want.
  2. Discard all distractions.
  3. Organise your knowledge and information.
  4. Organise your desk.
  5. Organise your time.
  6. Make an adaptive improvement to your systems.
  7. Make an adaptive improvement to your work habits.
  8. Make an adaptive improvement to your diet.
  9. Make an adaptive improvement to the way you speak to people.
  10. Every day make a small adaptive improvement in some area and every improvement accelerates your rate of progress.

Use the power of evolution to your advantage by consciously making a never-ending succession of small, beneficial adaptations, made over an extended period of time.

That is how you can be more successful.

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