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What are the Qualities of a Professional Sales Person?

What are the Qualities of a Professional Sales Person?

What are the Qualities of a Professional Sales Person?

The qualities needed by sales people are as follows:

  1. Appearance
  2. Knowledge of products
  3. Attitude towards customers
  4. Communication style
  5. Level of enthusiasm (and the reason for it)
  6. Attitude towards money and material success
  7. Attitude towards competitors
  8. Physical energy
  9. Relationships with fellow workers
  10. Attitude towards employer

For the sake of equality, the following description of a professional sales person has alternating male and female terms, but they all apply to both sexes

1. Appearance

A sales professional is aware that he is judged partly on appearance.

That does not mean, "flash".

It means well groomed, clean and functionally tidy.

2. Knowledge of products

A sales professional knows her products well, so she can answer questions with confidence and authority.

If she does not know, she never waffles or guesses, she discovers the truth and comes back with the correct answer.

The sales professional also knows her market, and has a clear understanding of her customer.

3. Attitude towards customers

A professional sales person sees his customers as his source of income. The only way he can get money from them is to ensure that he is worth it.

That means he is focused on serving the customer on the condition that the customer is ready, willing and able to pay for it.

The sales professional can identify the valuable customers from the time wasters. He spares no effort for the good customers. He is polite but does not focus equal amounts of effort on the poor customers.

4. Communication style

A sales professional has a communication style that is flexible enough to be able to talk to all kinds of people.

However, there are certain constant factors:

Accurate. A sales professional is accurate. You know what she is saying can be relied upon to be right

Brief: a sales professional does not waffle.

Curious: The sales professional asks questions to gain information and to search out new opportunities to improve the system.

Listener: a sales professional is a great listener. She encourages others to talk.

Gently cheerful and optimistic: a sales professional always gives you a lift. You feel better for having spoken with her.

5. Level of enthusiasm (and the reason for it)

A sales professional is enthusiastic. This is not a fake enthusiasm. It is real.

It is based upon the firm understanding that the market economy always has a need for good, competent, people.

He is enthusiastic because he can see himself moving towards his personal goals by means of honest, fair trade and a continuing commitment to improvement.

6. Attitude towards money and material success

A sales professional is comfortable about wanting to do well financially

Some of the people he knows have an awkward feeling that there is something sinful or morally wrong about making money a definite target to strive for.

Champions have dropped these irrational (and wrong) ideas and clearly state that they work for money.

They are always looking for ways to earn more.

7. Attitude towards competitors

A sales professional does not worry about the competition. She is so focused on doing well, she lets her competition worry about what she is doing.

She is aware of her competition, however. She understands the need to stay abreast of what is going on around her. But this is done as a part of her professional approach, not out of worry or fear.

8. Physical energy

A sales professional looks after his physical body because he knows that he will need energy and health to accomplish his goals.

He can enjoy himself without "getting wrecked" and adopts the habits that support his mental and physical vibrancy.

He knows how to control the intensity, duration and frequency of stresses, so as to keep himself stimulated without becoming burned out.

9. Relationships with his fellow workers

She is supportive and helpful to her colleagues. But fundamentally, her approach is similar to the approach she has to all her relationships; she cannot live for the good of others.

She will not do their work for them. They must make their own decisions.

A sales professional looks for other champions and they encourage each other.

There are some people who are almost always negative. These people want more money, more respect, but want it for free. They do not want to earn it

A sales professional recognises this approach as a falsehood, and simply leaves this person to their inevitable fate.

Periodically the sales professional will state the truth in the hope he can inspire a change in the negative ones.

Sometimes it works. Then the sales professional will be enthusiastic in his help.

10. Attitude towards employer

It is common to complain, bitch and moan about the business or "the management".

The sales professional recognises that he draws money from the business. If he sees something is wrong, he will tell the appropriate person and may suggest a remedy.

This is done in an attitude of contribution.

He never complains just for the sake of it because there is no point. To do that would dishearten him, as well as others listening and make the business weaker, not stronger.

Outside work, the sales professional has only good things to say about the business. He knows that the business has an image and he wants to be part of a winning organisation, whose local reputation is high.

Train to be a champion sales person

The above is the ideal description of a champion sales person.

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