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Recruitment Interview Skills Training Course - One Day

Learn practical tools that you can use in real-life situations. Recruitment Interview Skills Training
  • Select the right candidate for a position
  • Avoid the perils of picking the wrong candidate
  • Figure out the exact requirements of the role
  • Describe the attributes of a “Perfect candidate”
  • Apply the same interview protocol to each candidate fairly
  • Ensure you keep within the law
  • Keep good records
Learn in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with people who are facing similar situations as you.

Recruitment Interview Skills Training - One Day

About this Recruitment Interview Skills Training Course

Recruitment interviews are very important because an organisation is only as good as the people who work in it.

Selection interviews are a specialised form of communication - they will enable your team to identify the best candidate for a particular post, and to avoid the perils of picking a wrong candidate.

These recruitment interviews are combination of your personal communication skills and our unique special step by step process.

Selection interview skills depends upon preparing the questions well in advance of the interview.

  • If the recruitment interview is NOT well prepared, then it will be “messy” and you will NOT pick the best candidate.
  • If the recruitment interview is well prepared, then it will be very successful and you will pick the best candidate.

The course content was very good, useful and relates directly to the working environment. Real life scenarios. Would recommend to other people. The trainer's presentation was very good, and he gave good examples and provided solutions to situations. He was clear and clarified anything that wasn't understood.

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Recruitment Interview Skills Training - One Day Course Overview

Day One - Morning

  • The benefits of selecting the right candidate
  • The penalties of selecting the wrong candidate
  • Identify the requirements of the role
  • Identify the necessary attributes
  • Make a model of the Perfect candidate
  • Figure out the test questions in advance

Day One - Afternoon

  • The Law tells you what you may NOT ask
  • Apply the same test to every candidate fairly
  • Communication skills
  • Room set-up
  • Keeping good notes
  • Exercises to practice skills

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Course Timings: Start 09:00 - Finish 16:30. Lunch at 13:00, Tea Breaks at 11:00 and 15:00.
6 trainer-led hours, additional 2-3 via post-course portal independent learning

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The course was very good. It has made me think a lot more about how my actions affect others in positive and negative ways. It shows I have areas I need to develop within myself and my team. Feels like the start of a new way of thinking. The Trainer's presentation was very clear, approachable, knowledgeable.

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Recruitment Interview Skills Training Course Content

Recruitment Interview Skills Training - Day One - AM

Select the right candidate for a position

The advantages you gain by picking the right candidate.

Avoid the perils of picking the wrong candidate

What are the painful consequences you suffer if you pick the wrong candidate?

Figure out the exact requirements of the role

The first skill to master is that of analysis.

Analysis is the act of breaking things down to their component parts.

We need first to analyse the job role and break it into its component parts


Take a job role and break it down into its component parts.

Identify the necessary attributes

Next we need to identify the attributes, skills, knowledge, abilities and experience that would be necessary to fulfil the demands of the role.

Make a list of all the attributes needed.

Describe the attributes of a “Perfect candidate”

Build a model of an “Ideal candidate”.

Prepare in advance

Figure out the tests for those attributes in advance of the meeting,
Then ask yourself, what test, or question can we ask that will find out whether or not the candidate has the skills.

Ensure you keep within the law

There are certain types of questions that you must not ask.

You cannot discriminate on the basis of:

  1. Age
  2. Transsexual
  3. Married or civil partnership
  4. Being pregnant or having children
  5. Disability
  6. Race, colour or ethnic origin
  7. Religion or belief
  8. Gender
  9. Sexual orientation

Correct order and sequence

Figure out the correct order and sequence of the questions and agree a final format for the interview.

Asking the right questions

Apply (essentially) the same test to every candidate in the same way.

The course content was incredibly practical and extremely beneficial in terms of lots of take-away tools. The trainer was very knowledgeable, encouraging and good humoured. Excellent practical/ real-life examples of how content can be applied. Managed time really well.

Customer Reviews

Recruitment Interview Skills Training - Day One - PM

Afternoon - Apply the tests to each candidate fairly

Each candidate should have a similar test, but tailored to the individual candidates’ personality and abilities.

Listen to the candidate

Listen for their key attributes.
Listen for their key weaknesses, if any.

Observe the candidate

Watch them and observe their reactions.
Look at their body language.
Be aware of any incongruent body language.

Set up the room correctly

The environment should be conducive to a good test.

  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Noise
  • Enough space
  • Freedom from distractions or interruption.

Keep good records

You need to keep good contemporaneous notes.

Role play examples

Test your skills with a role play example.

Final summary and action plans

The course contained lots of interesting topics that were all relevant to my job role. All topics were explained in lots of detail, with great strategies to remember them. The trainer's presentation was great, with use of both personal case studies and from the group, ensured we were all engaged. The training media and training manual, made the two days engaging and interactive.

Customer Reviews

The Course Training Method

The training method follows this general pattern - the training is very interactive and interesting:

  1. The trainer gives a clear explanation of the point in question with specific examples.
  2. Then, the delegates practice by doing an exercise with each other.
  3. The delegates practice by doing an exercise with the trainer.
  4. All points are supported with full written notes to take away.
  5. Delegates are asked to write down an associated action, for each point made.
    (At the end of the day, we have about twenty such actions, from which the delegates choose six which are the most personally meaningful).

Note: we do not believe in placing people in any situation of embarrassment by demanding that they 'perform' in front of the whole group. So you can relax: come on this course and be at ease; ready to learn new skills!

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It has been designed to provide a similar experience to our open courses, however we can tailor the content to fit your specific needs. In-House Group training costs from just £1,950 +VAT per day for up to 20 delegates (international training price varies). Plus, hotel accommodation for trainer if necessary. (Premier Inn type: not the Hilton!)

This price includes:

  • Quality training delivered by an experienced trainer
  • Full days training
  • Full colour course handbook
  • Preparation work
  • Travel costs and time
  • Written action plan to take away
  • Access to our post course portal
  • Access to our on-line leadership and management decision matrix templates and tools
  • Plus three months FREE telephone coaching to answer any on-going questions

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