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Training course content: Good, covers interesting concepts and methods for dealing with conflict. well explained. Trainer's presentation: Excellent; clearly passionate about the subject.

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Memory Training and Creative Problem Solving

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What is Memory Training and Creative Problem Solving?

Due to many requests from previous courses, the Corporate Coach Group is offering you the opportunity to learn the secrets that will help you boost your mind power.

It has well been established that the human brain is capable of prodigious feats of memory, creativity and problem solving. And, in days world many of us need to use that capability to learn new information and be able to recall it! But, most of us have never been shown the technique of exactly how to use our mind to be at it’s most effective.

Course Details

Bespoke In House Training

This course is also available as an in house group training course in the UK and worldwide. We can tailor the content to fit your specific needs.
Group training costs from £1,700 +VAT (plus trainer's B&B) per day for up to 20 delegates

Would you like to contact us?

This course is currently only available as a bespoke in-house training course. Please view our other popular open courses at venues in: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Heathrow, Central London, Bristol, Nottingham and Glasgow, Scotland.

Please note all our training courses include three months additional FREE telephone coaching.

Course Timings: Start 09:00 - Finish 16:30. Lunch at 13:00, Tea Breaks at 11:00 and 15:00, giving you an opportunity to check emails and make calls.

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About the Course

So this memory training, mind mapping and creative problem solving course is designed to help you get the most out of yourself by learning:

  • How your brain is designed
  • How your brain likes to process information
  • How to learn new information and recall it
  • How to remember numbers
  • How to remember faces
  • How to remember speeches or presentations
  • How to take effective notes
  • How to condition your mind to learn effortlessly
  • How to pass exams

The content was very interesting - particularly enjoyed the sections on time management and delegation. The trainer's presentation: Very well presented, clear and easy to understand and follow.

Customer Reviews

Memory Training and Creative Problem Solving Objectives

If you decide to come on this memory training, mind mapping and creative problem-solving course, you will benefit by:

  • Knowing how to learn faster
  • Overcome the fear of having to learn any new information
  • Becoming more effective and efficient
  • Being able to remember important facts and figures
  • Making faster more useful notes at meetings and presentations

Who is the memory training, mind mapping and creative problem-solving course for?

This course is for anyone who suspects that they could use an improved memory or who feels they would like to train their brain to be “sharper” by applying memory training, mind mapping and creative problem-solving technique to learning

Summary and action plan

The Training Method

The training method follows this general pattern - the training is very interactive and interesting:

  1. The trainer gives a clear explanation of the point in question with specific examples.
  2. Then, the delegates practice by doing an exercise with each other.
  3. The delegates practice by doing exercise with the trainer.
  4. All points are supported with full written notes to take away.
  5. Delegates are asked to write down an associated action, for each point made.
  6. (At the end of the day, we have about twenty such actions, from which the delegates choose six which are the most personally meaningful).

Note: we do not believe in placing people in any situation of embarrassment by demanding that they 'perform' in front of the whole group. So you can relax: come on this course and be at ease; ready to learn new skills!

Training course content: The content of the course was informative and gave tools to manage staff and myself. Gave me insight and methodology to manage feedback, plan and delegate. Trainer's presentation: Was varied, memorable and concise.

Customer Reviews

Price for open training course

Contact us for open course training availability. Open Course cost includes:

  • Full days quality training
  • Tea, coffee and cakes
  • Lunch
  • Full colour course notes
  • Written action plan
  • Certificate
  • Access to the Post Course Portal:
    • Audio download of 'The Effective Leader Manager' programme
    • Free eBook 'The Effective Leader Manager'
    • Free training needs analysis, with personalised development action plan based upon results

Plus 3 months free telephone coaching

To answer any on-going questions, you will also receive email and telephone support from your trainer after you have attended the course. Whilst you are implementing what you have learned we will be there to help you if you need us for advice, guidance and coaching.

Price for in house training course

In House Course: from £1,700 +VAT (plus trainer's B&B) per day for up to 20 delegates

Please call us on +44 1452 856091 to discuss your requirements for the in house training course.

If you want to know more about any Management Training Course or their suitability for you or a colleague call us on +44 1452 856091.