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Resilience Training

Resilience Training Course - 1 Day

Resilience is a common characteristic of all successful people, teams and organisations.

Resilience is the ability to bounce-back stronger, following a series of difficulties, setbacks and defeats. Resilience is not a mystical endowment given only to a lucky few; it is a learnable trait available to everyone.

This one-day training teaches individuals and teams the emotional, mental, strategic and physical elements necessary for you to create more resilience and perform better through tough circumstances.

Available as a Live Online Webinar or In - House

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Resilience Training Availability, Pricing and Course Dates

If you have any questions, please phone us (020 3856 3037) or send us a message.

Live Online Virtual Training

£400+VAT per delegate
  • Live Online Resilience Virtual Training delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Easy to join - all you need is a laptop or tablet with a Webcam
  • Learn the same skills as a face-to-face session, but from the comfort of your own home (or office!)

Bespoke Training (In-House or Live Online)

£2,150+VAT per training day
(International Price Varies)

In-House training has been designed to provide a similar experience to our open courses, however we can tailor the content to fit your specific needs.

Plus, hotel accommodation for trainer if needed (Premier Inn type: not the Hilton!)

We are able to train in your timezone.

All our training includes:

  • A full day of quality training, delivered by an experienced trainer
  • Total of 6 CPD training hours (9am - 4.30pm), plus an additional 2-3 via post-course online independent learning.
  • Full digital interactive course notes
  • Training certificate
  • Access to additional free training material after the course via our post-course portal
  • 3 months free telephone coaching: Whilst you are implementing what you have learned, if you need to, you can contact us for support and guidance

What is Resilience Training?

Resilience is the ability to absorb, and then quickly recover from, shocks, defeats, setbacks and difficulties. Resilience is an essential attribute of all winning people, teams and organisations, because it is impossible to win without meeting challenging circumstances along the way.

Most people lack resilience. They overreact to upsets. In the face of adversity, many people collapse emotionally and they give-up too soon. Resilience training would be a great help to them.

This one-day Resilience training comprises the emotional, mental, strategic and physical responses needed to bounce back from difficult situations, whilst maintaining stable mental health.

Resilience training identifies and eliminates maladaptive responses to distressing conditions and replaces them with adaptive and progressive responses.

The result of this resilience training is that every member of the team is more able to withstand the pressures of work-life, by facing up to challenges and continuing to move forward towards the achievement of goals.

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Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Our Resilience Course is rated based on 516 reviews. More Customer Reviews >
Presented online via Teams: Brilliant content, full details of each subject well presented. Wonderful communication. Very well presented, verbally, physically and mentally. Chris (the trainer) was very polite and kind, we had a good laugh and a ... [Read More]
Pleasantly surprised, having been on many courses over the years, there was much new information on this course, which was great. The trainer's presentation was enjoyable and he was knowledgeable.

Resilience Training Course Overview

On this Resilience training one-day course, we examine what is meant by resilience and the major benefits of developing the right amount of resilience. Next, we explore emotions. Emotionally, people react differently to the SAME set of facts. Emotions are the products of beliefs about something. We can change the way we feel and respond to events, by changing what meaning we attribute to facts. The creation of emotional resilience is the first skill we master.

Intellectual response is our next topic. It is important to think a situation through logically (not emotionally), and ensure our response is directed towards a definite purpose and based upon a sensible, logical evaluation of all the available evidence.

We will then discuss the importance of goal setting, clear thinking and accurate communication.

We examine the role of the success cycle and the part that temporary defeats and difficulties play, in the life of all resilient organisations. We explore the culture and philosophy of the resilient organisation and how your team’s motto might be “strength through struggle”.

To be resilient, we need abundant physical, emotional and intellectual energy. The amount of energy we have is dependent on our daily habits. We can improve our resilience by the proper use of nutrition, sleep and exercise. We will develop more energy.

We finish the course with a summary and an action planning session, where you decide how you can best implement this resilience training into your own lifestyle.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop your ability to bounce-back stronger
  • Learn how to control your emotions and change the way you respond
  • Channel your intellectual response and use this to your advantage
  • Produce a logical evaluation of the available evidence
  • Understand the success cycle and the role of temporary setbacks
  • Create more physical, emotional and intellectual energy
  • Help others gain more resilience

Resilience Training Course Details

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