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Continuous Improvement Training Course

 - One Day
Learn practical tools that you can use in real-life situations. Continuous Improvement Training
  • Continually improve your team’s ability to get better results
  • Create and sustain a progressive culture
  • Improve your communication; make it more future focused
  • Improve your ability to solve problems before they can occur
  • Banish the “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” mentality
  • Improve your invention, innovation and creativity
  • Harness the power of continuous improvement
Learn in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with people who are facing similar situations as you.

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"Thanks Chris, you changed my life!" Honestly, I thought I knew most of it already, but I've learned a lot more. The trainer's presentation was very good, good communication (physical and verbal) and always looking at everyone which is important!

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MEGA Special Offer - Online Training

COVID-19 means there is no face-to-face Continuous Improvement Training.
The good news is, you don’t have to miss out!

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Continuous Improvement Training

You want your team to apply the philosophy of continuous improvement.
But you recognise that many of them only have a dim understanding of what continuous improvement means and what skills it requires.
How can you best instil the philosophy of continuous improvement and teach your team the skills that will allow them to put it into practice?
Arrange for us to present this one-day continuous improvement training, in house.
Your team will learn everything they need to know to make continuous improvement an integral part of your organisation’s daily activities.
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Available as an In-House Course

Continuous Improvement Training - Course Overview

This is a brief overview of the content covered in the one-day course
For a more in-depth course outline click:

Morning - What is Continuous Improvement?

  • Big improvements by small changes
  • Key Question: "How can we constantly get better?"
  • Continuous improvement is formed of three major parts:

    • The continuous improvement cycle
    • Continuous improvement skills
    • Continuous improvement attitude
  • What is the Continuous improvement cycle?
  • Purpose, Plan, Action, Feedback, Change
  • Clear purpose: What you want
  • Practical planning: How you plan to achieve it
  • Action: Implementation of the plan
  • Feedback: What is going well and what is NOT?
  • Change: Continuously improve based upon the recent feedback
  • How to use negative feedback to drive improvements
  • How to use positive feedback to drive excellence

Afternoon - Improving Communication Skills

  • Specific goals
  • How to use numbers to specify your meaning
  • How to define difficult or abstract ideas
  • How to focus on the CANDO portion of the job
  • How to overcome resistance from within the team
  • Continuous improvement attitudes
  • How a negative attitude can destroy progress
  • How a positive attitude can accelerate progress
  • How to change a negative team culture into something more positive
  • Action Planning
  • How you can put these ideas into practice

A good spread of practical and relevant subjects. Good use of practical application. It was all beneficial. The presentation was very engaging, entertaining and thought provoking. Great use of real wold examples and stories to back up theory. Also willing to coach a little on personal issues relevant to the course.

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In-House Training Course Pricing and Proposal

This course is available from just £1,950 +VAT per day as a bespoke in-house group training course in the UK and worldwide.

It has been designed to provide a similar experience to our open courses, however we can tailor the content to fit your specific needs. In-House Group training costs from just £1,950 +VAT per day (international training price varies). Plus, hotel accommodation for trainer if necessary. (Premier Inn type: not the Hilton!)

This price includes:

  • Quality training delivered by an experienced trainer
  • Full days training
  • Full colour course handbook
  • Preparation work
  • Travel costs and time
  • Written action plan to take away
  • Access to our post course portal
  • Access to our on-line leadership and management decision matrix templates and tools
  • Plus three months FREE telephone coaching to answer any on-going questions

In-House Proposal Document

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The course content was bright, interesting and overall very informative. A lot of creative and clever formulae that I can apply both at work and personal life. Chris has been a great trainer. Very optimistic and enthusiastic about the material which made the course very enjoyable.

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