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Coaching and Mentoring Training

Coaching and Mentoring Training Course - 1 Day

Everyone benefits from the effects of excellent coaching and mentoring. A good coach and mentor helps people find the right answers sooner, and without them going through the pain of trial and error learning.

This one-day Coaching and Mentoring course will help you develop specific skills, such as suggestive questioning, constructive feedback, confidence building, motivation, communication and reasoning skills. In addition, you will learn to mentor people by being an exemplar of the characteristics you wish to see in others.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to help others reach their full potential.

Available as an In-House Course

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Coaching and Mentoring Training Availability, Pricing and Course Dates

If you have any questions, please phone us (020 3856 3037) or send us a message.

Bespoke Training (In-House or Live Online)

£2,150+VAT per training day
(International Price Varies)

In-House training has been designed to provide a similar experience to our open courses, however we can tailor the content to fit your specific needs.

Plus, travel and hotel accommodation for trainer if needed (Premier Inn type: not the Hilton!)

We are able to train in your timezone.

All our training includes:

  • A full day of quality training, delivered by an experienced trainer
  • Total of 6 CPD training hours (9am - 4.30pm), plus an additional 2-3 via post-course online independent learning.
  • Full digital interactive course notes
  • Training certificate
  • Access to additional free training material after the course via our post-course portal
  • 3 months free telephone coaching: Whilst you are implementing what you have learned, if you need to, you can contact us for support and guidance

What is Coaching and Mentoring Training?

Coaching and mentoring are two distinct forms of teaching:

Coaching is based upon giving personalised instruction that will improve the learner’s skills, knowledge, technique and confidence.

Mentoring is based upon role modelling. Teaching by example; exemplifying the specific attributes the mentor wants to inspire in the learner.

This unique one-day Coaching and Mentoring Training Course is designed to help you, help others.

You will learn specific skills such as clear communication skills, reasoning skills, suggestive questioning, giving constructive feedback, performance management, motivation and confidence-building techniques.

To be a coach and a mentor is a privilege and an honour. It also requires a high degree of skill.

This course is intended to help you, to help others actualise their full potential.

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Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Our Coaching and Mentoring Course is rated based on 546 reviews. More Customer Reviews >
The course content was very useful, well structured and easy to follow the rationale. Will attempt to apply it tomorrow. The trainer's presentation was very good at a nice pace, not boring. Would recommend.
The training course was very useful and packed full of information. The language used was very user-friendly and understandable. The Trainer's presentation was really good, the trainer showed lots of confidence and had great knowledge.

Coaching and Mentoring Training Course Overview

This course is split into four sections:

Definitions of coaching and mentoring.

We begin by defining exact meanings of the terms “coaching” and “mentoring”. What do they have in common? How do they differ? What skills do they require from us? We will give you our definitions, and we will ask you for yours. We will create a template for each skill set, coaching and mentoring. Then we will use the templates to assess your current strengths and weaknesses.

Self-analysis / personal learning outcomes.

We analyse your current strengths and relative weaknesses against the list of coaching and mentoring skills.

The aim is twofold, to play to your strengths and to eliminate weaknesses. Eliminating weaknesses is the most important, because it only takes one obvious error or omission to ruin your performance as coach or mentor.

We will ask you to write down your personal learning outcomes, for the course.

How to develop specific coaching skills.

We explore coaching skills in more detail:

Main topics: Clear communication. Reasoning skills. Emotional intelligence.

Subset skills: Suggestive questioning, constructive feedback, performance management, confidence building.

How to develop mentoring skills.

Now we turn our focus onto the more profound form of teaching, mentoring. You have heard it said, “Actions speak louder than words”. It is true.

If you tell your trainees to do X, but they see you not doing X, then all your earlier training is wasted. It is not enough to talk the talk, we must also walk the walk.

Mentoring and role modelling are more profound because they contain strong moral, ethical and character-based components. We must consistently be what we want to see. We will investigate the moral, ethical and character-based qualities we need to be effective mentors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Become a better coach and mentor and help others to achieve their goals
  • Use questions to guide people; rather than instructions to tell them
  • Help others to set and achieve worthwhile goals
  • Encourage others to build plans that will achieve their goals
  • Develop more confidence in yourself and others
  • Give constructive feedback in a way that inspires positive change
  • Become a role model: Mentors often teach by role modelling

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Coaching and Mentoring Training FAQs

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