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Human Resource Management Training Course - Two Day

Learn practical tools that you can use in real-life situations. Human Resource Management Training
  • Develop communication skills for the Human Resources and Personnel role
  • Create a commitment to continuous improvement
  • Teach others a framework for effective staff appraisals
  • Help others set and achieve specific goals
  • Negotiate solutions between conflicting parties
  • Selection interview skills: how to hire the right person
  • Motivate people and inspire a positive work atmosphere
Learn in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with people who are facing similar situations as you.

Excellent course content that will be very useful. Good, practical tools provided, as well as some thought-provoking aspects. Will be beneficial in all areas of life - not just work. The trainer's presentation was clear, targeted, believed his own material, obviously 'lived' what he spoke about. Inspirational to me. Good blend of 'serious' content delivered well.

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Human Resource Management Training - Two Day Course Overview

Day One - Morning

  • The unique challenges of the HR professional
  • Continuous improvement cycles
  • HR template for successful staff appraisal meetings
  • Goal setting interviews
  • Goal setting, 8 Part SMART model

Day One - Afternoon

  • How to manage conflicting parties
  • 5 steps to emotional intelligence
  • Objective and Subjective truth
  • 6 step method to resolve conflicts and disputes
  • Appreciation, praise and positive reinforcement

Day Two - Morning

  • How to identify the attributes of the ideal candidate
  • How to design the interview to be compliant with discrimination laws
  • How to organise the questions so you select the correct candidate
  • Conducting an effective job selection interview
  • Web based selection interview templates
  • Examples and practice

Day Two - Afternoon

  • Constructive v destructive criticism
  • How to gain the willing cooperation of others
  • How to motivate people by appealing to their individual motivational style
  • Managing your own emotions
  • Personal action planning

Human Resource Management Training - Day One - Morning

Introduction to the HR Training Course

The role of Human Resources Management is to provide methods which most effectively manage people, in order to get the best performance from the whole team. This includes the ability to hold effective selection interviews.

The unique challenges of the HR Professional

As an HR professional what are the challenges you face, and therefore what interpersonal skills do you need to develop beyond normal levels?

We will write our learning outcomes for the course.

HR managers apply the principle of continuous improvement

1. Vision Purpose / Goal | 2. Detailed Plan | 3. Organised Action | 4. Feedback Results | 5. Good Results | 6. Not Good Results / Bad Results | 7. Adaptive Changes | 8. Continuous Improvement

All organisations need to be progressive, so they need to continually improve their skills, knowledge, products and systems. The continuous improvement template will provide delegates with the eight foundational skills.

By developing a human resource management strategy for your organisation, you will be able to guide others to:

  1. Set ambitious, but achievable goals
  2. Build practical plans
  3. Take intelligent and consistent action
  4. Gather feedback on the results of recent actions
  5. Provide positive feedback
  6. Provide constructive criticism and resolve poor performance issues
  7. Encourage and facilitate progressive changes
  8. Encourage people to continually improve themselves

HR managers’ template for successful staff appraisal meetings

Our template can be used to guide a systematic approach to productive staff appraisals and in planning company training and development requirements.

We will demonstrate how this is done and give you the formula.

Practical session in using the staff appraisal template.

Goal setting, 8 Part SMART model

Most people think they know SMART targets. However, many don’t know how to use them properly, because in this form, the SMART target model is too abstract to be easily and systematically applied.

We need to expand the five-part SMART model into an 8-Part SMART model, which has the major advantage of becoming infinitely more practical.

We will show you the 8-part SMART model and lead you to our online version that you will later share with your colleagues.

What is your SMART goal?

Human Resource Management Training - Day One - Afternoon

Conflict Management for HR Managers

The continuous improvement cycle contains “negative” elements. HR managers must often handle negative events, such as emotional reactions, negative feelings, negative behaviours and conflict situations.

HR professionals must ensure the negative elements are handled quickly and skilfully.

We will show you how to break down situations into their component parts and deal with issues in an objective, systematic and productive manner.

We will demonstrate how each event or experience is made up of five parts:

personal experience: facts, perception, identification, evaluation, emotional response

  1. The objective facts: What actually happened
  2. Perception: What they think happened
  3. Identification: Their description of what they think happened
  4. Evaluation: Their opinions and judgements, which are based upon what they think happened
  5. Their emotional response, which is based on a mixture of 1, 2, 3 and 4

The task of HR personnel is to uncover and respond to the facts of the case, and not be too distracted by derogatory opinions or negative emotions.

We will show you how this model works in practice and how you can use it to unpick complex situations.

Listen, Reflect, Question, Answer, Confirm, Close

HR personnel know there are always two truths. The objective truth is what actually happened. The subjective truth is a personal opinion and the emotional reaction to what they think happened.

The Human Resources professional needs to be able to separate the subjective opinions from the objective facts.

We will demonstrate exactly how to do this.

HR Professional’s method to resolve disputes

Now we understand the five major parts of any human experience, we can build this wonderful six step method to handle conflict situations.

  1. Listen with empathy
  2. Reflect your understanding
  3. Question carefully to separate the facts, from the feelings
  4. Evaluate the facts and propose a progressive answer (return to 1 or go to 5)
  5. Confirm understanding of the agreement
  6. Record the decision and close or change the subject

Human Resources role in giving positive feedback and positive reinforcement

It is important to remember to give praise appreciation and thanks to all those who deserve it. Failure to give appreciation is sometime the cause of bad feeling.

We will finish the day with the importance of praise appreciation, thanks and encouragement.

The course content was interesting and very broad. We covered a lot of subject matter during the course. The trainer's presentation was excellent, very clear and concise. Interesting and charismatic.

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Human Resource Management Training - Day Two - Morning

Effective selection interviews for HR professionals

One of the most important tasks of Human Resources is to select the best candidate for a specific role. It is important to find the right person. Since there is a major price to pay for putting “a round peg in a square hole”, it is vital that you do not select the WRONG person.

We show you how to prepare effective selection interviews.

How HR managers should “model” the requirements of the “ideal candidate”

In preparation for the selection interviews for a given role, HR must first identify the specific necessary attributes that are associated to that role. Your purpose is to create an image of the “theoretical ideal candidate” against which all the actual candidates will be measured.

How HR managers can design interviews to be compliant with discrimination law.

Interviewers are not allowed to ask anything; they are restricted by law.

We will look at what classes of questions are NOT permitted.

How HR can develop recruitment techniques

HR personnel must design a consistent set of questions so that every interviewee has a similar experience and can give their best performance. You need a design a method which will ensure the final selection is equitable, fair and effective.

We will show you how to use our unique online tools, which are designed to help HR personnel to be effective and organised in their professional role.

Human Resource Management Development Training - Day Two - Afternoon

Handling difficult people, motivation and persuasion

HR managers guide to giving constructive criticism

HR managers must be adept at presenting negative messages in positive ways.

We call this giving “constructive feedback”, or sometimes, giving “constructive criticism”.

We will show how you can word your message so that “negative messages” are less likely to be regarded badly, and instead will be regarded positively.

How HR managers can the gain willing cooperation and commitment

This model is designed to show how different people are motivated by various motives.

For example, some people are motivated by thinking about their own self-interest, and others are motivated by thinking how they can best help others.

By understanding the various motivational styles, you can design your message to mirror the psychology of the other person (or people), you are trying to motivate, in order to get the best response possible.

How HR managers manage their own emotions

Not only must the HR manager manage others, they need also to manage themselves.

We will look at how an HR manager can deal with the unique stresses and strains of the role, so that they can maintain their own positive attitude, especially during tough times.

HR manager training, final summary and action planning.

How will you apply this information?

How will you best share this information?

Came to the course with a huge workload sitting on my desk, but I think I'll be able to tackle this in a better way (and better frame of mind) having done this course. The trainer's presentation was excellent. Good pace, clear presentation and we were involved and engaged throughout. Lots of good stuff presented. Thanks.

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In-House Training Course Pricing and Proposal

This course is available from just £1,950 +VAT per day as a bespoke in-house group training course in the UK and worldwide.

It has been designed to provide a similar experience to our open courses, however we can tailor the content to fit your specific needs. In-House Group training costs from just £1,950 +VAT per day (international training price varies). Plus, hotel accommodation for trainer if necessary. (Premier Inn type: not the Hilton!)

This price includes:

  • Quality training delivered by an experienced trainer
  • Full days training
  • Full colour course handbook
  • Preparation work
  • Travel costs and time
  • Written action plan to take away
  • Access to our post course portal
  • Access to our on-line leadership and management decision matrix templates and tools
  • Plus three months FREE telephone coaching to answer any on-going questions

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The course was very comprehensive. A lot of content covered over two days. Extremely helpful, practical approach that I can relate to my role and put into practice. Proposes things that are achievable day to day. The trainer's presentation was good and at the right pace for the content delivered. Clearly explained. Opportunity for group discussion, happy for questions.

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Human Resource Management Training Course Summary

Human resources personnel need an array of specialised skills to allow them to easily and effectively deal with the unique challenges they face in their HR roles.

HR and personnel managers can sometimes find themselves acting as arbiters between two or more opposing camps, within the organisation.

At other times, HR professionals need to help with poor performance issues, or they must manage conflict situations, that have been previously mis-handled.

HR personnel also must manage situations where there are upsets and negative emotions, which have the potential to harm the organisation’s future.

This two-day training course is designed to equip HR professionals with specialised knowledge and skills, which will help them succeed in their role.

HR delegates will learn a series of proven tools and techniques which will allow them to handle extensive range of HR and personnel issues.

Additionally, your delegates will be able to pass-on the training to other members of the organisation, who did not attend the course, who will then also be able to apply the techniques, giving consistency within the business.

We make this possible by showing your delegates discrete patterns, methodologies and templates, which are backed-up by our online tools, which will be freely available to all your staff after the training course.

This Human Resource Management (HRM) training course will be beneficial for all HR personnel in developing their people management skills. The course provides essential knowledge and skills to further develop HR professionals, with training which counts towards CPD.