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Team Leader and First Line Manager Skills Blog

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Chris Farmer's Leadership and Management Training Blog

Chris Farmer

Welcome - the purpose of the blog page is to provide you with a never ending source of valuable, practical and entertaining information designed to help you get the best performance from yourself and others.

In these blogs you will find all the information you need to make faster progress in less time and effort. Here you will find all the information you need to achieve your goals. In addition to helping yourself to achieve your goals, you can use the same information to help others to achieve their goals.

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Team Leader and First Line Manager Skills Blogs

  • What Skills and Knowledge are Required by a First Time Manager?

    26 August 2015

    What Skills and Knowledge are Required by a First Time Manager? Are you a first time manager? If you are a first time manager then you were probably made-up to be the new manager because you knew the job, better than anyone else. You knew the job, the customers, the suppliers... Continue Reading >

    What Skills and Knowledge are Required by a First Time Manager?
  • How can I Motivate Staff?

    10 July 2015

    How Can I Motivate Staff? If you were to attend one of our leadership and management training courses, you would see that many people on the course, want to know the answer to the same question: How can I motivate my staff? At the start of the course, when I ask... Continue Reading >

    How can I Motivate Staff?
  • What are the Key Skills and Knowledge for Team Leaders?

    19 May 2015

    Team Leadership Development Are you interested in improving your abilities as a team leader? Or do you want to improve the leadership skills of the team leaders in your organisation? The team leaders have a pivotal role in your organisation, since they are the ones organising the implementation of the plan... Continue Reading >

    What are the Key Skills and Knowledge for Team Leaders?
  • Ten Top Tips on How to be a Better Manager

    24 December 2014

    10 Top Tips on How to be a Better Manager If you are a manager, then you have a job that can, sometimes, be difficult to do. There are many aspects to managing tasks and people. And you might need some help with certain aspects of leadership and management. On our... Continue Reading >

    Ten Top Tips on How to be a Better Manager
  • Good People Skills

    16 December 2014

    Good People Skills One of the most valuable skills you could develop is good people skills. You need good people skills for a very specific reason. If you are to achieve your goals in life, then you'll need to gain other people's cooperation. If you want to do anything really impressive... Continue Reading >

    Good People Skills
  • Management Training: Delegation

    31 October 2014

    Management Training: Delegation Delegation is an important management skill. Delegation is the act of entrusting a task to another person. Many managers need training on how to delegate properly. Why don't many managers delegate properly? Because they don't know HOW to delegate; or because they are AFRAID to delegate; or BOTH... Continue Reading >

    Management Training: Delegation
  • New Skills for New Managers

    14 October 2014

    New Skills for New Managers New managers often need some support to learn new skills. The new skills they need are certain PEOPLE SKILLS relating to managing the performance of people. New managers are often promoted primarily on the strength of their technical ability and knowledge. The new manager is usually... Continue Reading >

    New Skills for New Managers
  • Training New Skills for Team Leaders

    10 October 2014

    Training new skills for team leaders To develop your team leaders, you may need to give them some specialised training designed to give them the practical skills that will allow them to effectively lead the team. In order to successfully lead the team you need to develop and practice six key... Continue Reading >

    Training New Skills for Team Leaders
  • Praise and Appreciation

    29 August 2014

    Praise and appreciation Management skills: motivation: social motivators: Praise and appreciation At work, have you ever heard people say, "The bosses soon tell us when things have gone wrong, but they never appreciate us when things have gone right"? And have you ever heard anyone complain that their family "does not... Continue Reading >

    Praise and Appreciation
  • Managers Need Additional Skills

    18 July 2014

    Skills training for managers Managers need to develop their personal skills beyond their technical knowledge. Managers often are made managers by virtue of their technical knowledge: Managers know the technical details of their products, services and systems. But knowing the technical details of your products, services and systems is not enough... Continue Reading >

    Managers Need Additional Skills
  • 6 Fundamental Management Skills

    23 June 2014

    6 Fundamental management skills There is a set of six fundamental management skills: These are skills that are needed by everyone who wants to succeed in their role as a manager or team leader. Many managers and team leaders evolve into their role over time. For example: Sam joined the organisation... Continue Reading >

    6 Fundamental Management Skills
  • Training for New Managers

    06 June 2014

    Training for new managers Training for new managers is important, because many new managers are promoted into their new role, mostly by virtue of their superior technical knowledge, or by the fact that they have been there, in your organisation, for such a long time. Since they know the systems, they... Continue Reading >

    Training for New Managers
  • Management Skills Training - How to Make a Decision

    04 April 2014

    Management skills - How to make a decision Your life proceeds according to the decisions that you make. If you make good decisions, your life goes well. You make progress. If you make bad decisions, then your life does not go well. You make no progress, or worse, you go backwards... Continue Reading >

    Management Skills Training - How to Make a Decision
  • Seven Skills of Management Training

    18 March 2014

    Seven skills of management training Management training is training that will teach your leader-managers the must-have skills, knowledge, attitudes, and attributes they need to acquire, if they are to get the very best performance from themselves and the rest of the team. Management training is important for your organisation because the... Continue Reading >

    Seven Skills of Management Training
  • Skills Training for Managers

    27 December 2013

    Management skills training For managers, what skills are the most important skills to learn? In order to answer that question, we should first consider the role of the manager. The role of the manager is; "to help the team to achieve its goals in the most efficient manner possible". The manager... Continue Reading >

    Skills Training for Managers
  • Communication Styles for Leaders

    23 December 2013

    Communication styles for leaders There is a strong correlation between leadership and excellent communication skills, meaning; that almost all great leaders are also known for their ability to communicate effectively. Examples of this type are many: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher, and... Continue Reading >

    Communication Styles for Leaders
  • Team Leader Training

    04 December 2013

    Team leader training is important Why? Because your future prosperity depends on the productive capability of teams. Since hardly anyone lives and works alone, and since we live and we work in small teams, then we depend on the productive capacity of teams. Teams need to be organised and managed by... Continue Reading >

    Team Leader Training
  • Fundamental Management Skills

    29 November 2013

    Fundamental management skills There are many management skills; there are hundreds of them. A fact that, to the fledgling manager, can seem a little daunting. But things can be simplified if you realise that not all of them are vital skills. Some are more important, more fundamental than the others. And... Continue Reading >

    Fundamental Management Skills
  • ​A Five Minute Management Skills Lesson

    24 October 2013

    A Five Minute Lesson in Management Skills If you want to be better as a manager then do more of the right things and stop doing so many of the wrong things. What are the right things? The right things that you need to be doing more of are the following... Continue Reading >

    ​A Five Minute Management Skills Lesson
  • ​More Confidence as a Manager

    16 October 2013

    Increase your confidence as a manager Here are a few notes on how to gain confidence. Confidence is important Why? Because confidence allows you to access your abilities. Confidence allows you to access your knowledge. If you lack confidence, if you are feeling nervous or afraid or overwhelmed, then your mind... Continue Reading >

    ​More Confidence as a Manager
  • ​Team Leader Training Courses

    03 September 2013

    Team leader training courses The Team leaders are the key people in your organisation. Why? Because the team leaders are the ones who, ultimately, implement the grand schemes, plans and policies that are set out by the more senior managers, and the owners. The team leaders are the ones on the... Continue Reading >

    ​Team Leader Training Courses
  • ​Training to Improve Management Skills

    29 August 2013

    Training to improve management skills Management skills are important. And, for most people, management skills are not a part of their natural instincts. It is not easy to be a great manager. Management is not a single act. Management is a complex set of actions guided by a complex set of... Continue Reading >

    ​Training to Improve Management Skills
  • How can I Improve My Leadership Skills

    15 August 2013

    How can I improve my leadership skills? Are you looking for ways to improve your leadership skills? The good news is that Leadership skills can be learned, practiced and improved. How can you learn and practice leadership skills? You can start by recognising that leaders MUST be different from non-leaders. There... Continue Reading >

    How can I Improve My Leadership Skills
  • Three Ways to be a Better Manager

    12 August 2013

    Three ways to be a better manager If you are a manager, then your role, at work, is to do and say all the things that will induce the rest of the team to be more productive, more efficient and happier. In fact, that may be your role in life; your... Continue Reading >

    Three Ways to be a Better Manager
  • How can you Learn to Improve your Leadership Skills

    26 June 2013

    How can you learn to improve your leadership skills? Answer: You can improve your leadership skills by: Identifying the distinctive attributes that make leaders different from non-leaders; name the distinctive attributes of leadership; and then strive to practice these attributes until they begin to become part of your daily habit patterns... Continue Reading >

    How can you Learn to Improve your Leadership Skills
  • Effective Time Management Training

    24 June 2013

    Effective time management training Time management is the art of organising yourself so that you are more able to make more progress in less effort and time. In other words, time management is a measure of your efficiency. Time management is important to you because the truth is; you are not... Continue Reading >

    Effective Time Management Training
  • Train to be a Better Manager

    17 June 2013

    How to be a better manager Question: How can I train myself to become a better manager? Answer: You can attend a training course that will teach you the specific skills you need to develop in order to become a better manager. Question: What are the specific skills I need to... Continue Reading >

    Train to be a Better Manager
  • What Makes a Good Team Leader

    12 June 2013

    What makes a good team leader? A team leader may be defined as, "A member of a team or organisation who is primarily responsible for the communication of a clear goal, together with the intelligent organisation of the teams resources that will best achieve the goal in the most efficient manner... Continue Reading >

    What Makes a Good Team Leader
  • How can I Manage My Friend

    04 June 2013

    How can I manage my friend? On a recent training course, in oxford, I was asked the following question, by a delegate called Kim, which I have heard many times before, from previous delegates. "How can I manage poor performance from the people who are, at the same time, my subordinate... Continue Reading >

    How can I Manage My Friend
  • Ten Tips to Manage People

    30 May 2013

    Ten tips to manage people If you are a manager then you will have to manage people. But people are very difficult to manage. If you have little idea about how to do it, then they are even more difficult to manage. So, if you are looking for some good ideas... Continue Reading >

    Ten Tips to Manage People
  • New Manager Training - Where can I Find a Good Manager Training Course?

    17 May 2013

    New manager training: Where can I find a good manager training course? Where can you find good new manager training? Let us assume that you have a manager who is in charge of a team of people. The person has been with your company for a few years and knows the... Continue Reading >

    New Manager Training - Where can I Find a Good Manager Training Course?
  • Good Supervisor Training

    04 February 2013

    Good Supervisor training Are you looking for good supervisor training? If yes, then the good news is, you have arrived at the correct web site. Good supervisor training is important because the supervisor's role is a difficult role to fill. The supervisor at work tends to be under pressure from all... Continue Reading >

    Good Supervisor Training
  • Manager Training

    31 January 2013

    Manager training Manager training is training specifically designed to help you to improve your performance in the role of a manager. Manager training is intended to give you specific instructions that will provide guidance and information that will allow you to do two things: 1. Say and do all the right... Continue Reading >

    Manager Training
  • How to Gain More Confidence as a New Manager

    07 January 2013

    How to gain more confidence as a manager Are you just starting out in the role of leader or manager? If yes, then you would probably agree that it is sometimes difficult to feel as confident as you would like to feel. You may lack confidence because your situation is new... Continue Reading >

    How to Gain More Confidence as a New Manager
  • New Manager - Management Training Courses

    06 December 2012

    New manager - Management training courses Managers have a tough time in life. They tend to get grief from all sides. Managers get grief from more senior managers. Grief from above, They get grief from their more junior staff. Grief from below. Managers get grief from customers. Grief from all sides... Continue Reading >

    New Manager - Management Training Courses
  • First Line Manager Training

    06 July 2012

    First line manager training The first line manager or front line manager has a tough task. Simultaneously, he/she has three roles to fill. Front line managers must: Manage the task Manage the personalities in the team Do the spade work too In addition front line managers must: Manage the customer Manage... Continue Reading >

    First Line Manager Training
  • Soft Skills Training for Team Leaders and Managers

    30 April 2012

    Soft skills training for team leaders and managers Soft skills training is a whole range of specific communication skills one must have if you wish to operate well in an organisation made up of many different personalities. Soft skills' training is contrasted to "hard skills" which are more technical in nature... Continue Reading >

    Soft Skills Training for Team Leaders and Managers
  • Common Characteristics of a Leader

    04 April 2012

    Common characteristics of a leader All leaders have common characteristics that mark them out as leaders. The characteristics are independent of the particular industry or the market sector: the characteristics are those that distinguish the leader from the non-leader. If you want to improve your leadership skills then do the following... Continue Reading >

    Common Characteristics of a Leader
  • How to be a Better Team Leader and Manager

    29 March 2012

    How to be a better team leader and manager Everyone wants to be better. Why? Because, only if YOU are better can you achieve better results for yourself, your customers, your organisation and your family. So how can you improve your performance as a team leader and manager? Here are the... Continue Reading >

    How to be a Better Team Leader and Manager
  • First Time Management Training

    27 March 2012

    First time management training A first time manager training course needs to give to your delegates a set of practical, specific techniques and methods that will enable them to successfully operate in their new role. The first line manager must be given the right skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow... Continue Reading >

    First Time Management Training
  • Front Line Management Training

    23 March 2012

    Front Line Management Training Most managers are not front line managers. That is, most managers need ONLY manage the process: they are not asked to simultaneously: Deal with members of the public Do "the job" itself Manage the all the individuals in the working well as manage the process Other... Continue Reading >

    Front Line Management Training
  • First Time Manager Training

    19 March 2012

    The first time manager has a difficult role to fill The first time managers are often promoted from within the organisation so they must suddenly assume a position of some authority. The others in the team may not take this new situation seriously, so the first time managers may initially struggle... Continue Reading >

    First Time Manager Training
  • How can you Gain Respect as a New Manager Or Team Leader?

    27 February 2012

    Learn how to gain respect as a new manager or team leader? Everyone wants respect. Nobody wants to be disrespected. There are two ways to gain respect: You can try to demand respect from others. You can earn respect from others. Only method 2 will work. You cannot simply demand respect... Continue Reading >

    How can you Gain Respect as a New Manager Or Team Leader?
  • Supervisor Skills Training

    07 September 2011

    Supervisor skills training The supervisor has a difficult role. They are under pressure from all sides: From the more senior managers From the customers From the other team members The supervisor is often promoted internally, from within the organisation, and may even be "managing his mates": which is very difficult. Your... Continue Reading >

    Supervisor Skills Training
  • Management Training: How to Have Better Meetings

    27 July 2011

    How to have better meetings Do you ever attend non-productive meetings? DO you ever sit in meetings and think "This is NOT the best use of my time"? Many people do. Every day, badly run meetings cost organisations dearly, in terms of: Time wasted in poorly run meetings Meetings that overrun... Continue Reading >

    Management Training: How to Have Better Meetings
  • First Line Management Training

    07 April 2011

    Training for First Line Managers The role of the first line manager is a difficult one. The first line managers often have to "do the front line job", as well as "lead the team". They have to deal with problems from all directions: From the middle managers, sending paperwork problems down... Continue Reading >

    First Line Management Training
  • Where Should you Start as a Leader and Manager?

    10 December 2010

    Where should you start as a leader and manager? Everything in the universe has a beginning Your beginning was the fusing of 23 chromosomes from your dad with 23 chromosomes from your mum. And, hey presto you sprang into existence! The Honda Corporation began when Soichiro Honda decided to attach a... Continue Reading >

    Where Should you Start as a Leader and Manager?
  • Development of Good Management Skills

    21 September 2009

    WHY Should I develop my management training skills? Why should you expend effort to develop your management skills? After all, many people do not bother. "WHY?" is an all important question. We have four answers to the why question: 1. If you are in business, you are in the businesses of... Continue Reading >

    Development of Good Management Skills
  • Good Time Management

    21 May 2009

    Good Time management boils down to this: Operate according to your plan! Not to your mood, nor to the moment. Many people do not plan. They are too busy mopping up after the mistakes caused by a previous lack of planning. Leader-managers make a mental shift from the immediate moment into... Continue Reading >

    Good Time Management
  • How Do I Gain Respect as a New Manager

    30 April 2009

    How do I gain respect as a new manager? On courses, I am constantly asked the very similar questions from various people, who work in very different types of business. The product the business supplies have little to do with the daily troubles some people have managing others. The problems/ challenges... Continue Reading >

    How Do I Gain Respect as a New Manager
  • How to be an Effective Leader Manager

    11 November 2008

    How to be an Effective Leader Manager All effective leader-managers share certain characteristics It is these characteristics that allow them to qualify as an effective leader manager. In order to improve your abilities as a better leader and manager, we suggest that you should focus on developing six specific characteristics: 1... Continue Reading >

    How to be an Effective Leader Manager
  • Confident Leaders and Managers

    28 October 2008

    Manage your team through a Positive Mental Attitude I want to show you a powerful eight-point plan for developing a positive mental attitude. If you take these ideas and apply them you will very rapidly achieve excellent results. 1. Set achievable goals and makes written plan for their accomplishment Nothing succeeds... Continue Reading >

    Confident Leaders and Managers