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Self-Isolation: your Chance to Improve Yourself

Self-isolation: Your Chance to Improve Yourself

Self-isolation is Your Chance to Improve Yourself

With Our Online Professional Development Training Course

If the restrictions around the COVID-19 outbreak have stopped you from going to work, why not take advantage of improving yourself with our Online Professional Development Training Course.

This course is exactly the same as our popular two-day open course and can be undertaken at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

On this course you will learn exactly how to get the best performance from yourself and others, including:

  • How to set and achieve goals.
  • How to communicate more clearly.
  • How to manage time and prioritise tasks.
  • Learn how to handle distractions and proper delegation.
  • How to manage conflict and disagreements.
  • How to motivate yourself with a positive mental attitude.
  • How to replace Project Fear with Project Confidence

and much more

Self-isolation needn't be boring, benefit from the chance to improve your career prospects for a bargain price of £40 + VAT.

Price includes a PDF copy of our comprehensive training manual to accompany the training, and a digital certificate on completion (on request).

For more information please check out our Online Professional Development Training Course today.

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