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Accelerated Learning Skills Blog

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Chris Farmer's Leadership and Management Training Blog

Chris Farmer

Welcome - the purpose of the blog page is to provide you with a never ending source of valuable, practical and entertaining information designed to help you get the best performance from yourself and others.

In these blogs you will find all the information you need to make faster progress in less time and effort. Here you will find all the information you need to achieve your goals. In addition to helping yourself to achieve your goals, you can use the same information to help others to achieve their goals.

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Accelerated Learning Skills Blogs

  • How to Improve Memory

    22 May 2015

    How to Improve Memory To improve your memory the first thing to do is to accept the idea that memory improvement is possible for everyone; including you. It is possible because your memory is not a fixed attribute, but is rather, an active process. Many people have the mistaken idea that... Continue Reading >

    How to Improve Memory
  • Perfect Practice

    24 April 2015

    "SPOT On" Training Your training and your practice sessions should never degenerate into a meaningless repetition of what you can already do. Instead your training should be better than that. Your training should be SPOT ON training. SPOT ON means: Specified Progressive Ordered Timetabled and On-going Sp... Continue Reading >

    Perfect Practice
  • Learning and Development Training - Learning Organisations

    02 May 2014

    Learning and development training. The Learning organisation Let me ask you a question: Is your organisation a Learning organisation? A learning organisation is one that recognises the need for continuous learning and personal development. This need for continuous learning and development is being driven, primarily, by advances in technology. Technological advance... Continue Reading >

    Learning and Development Training - Learning Organisations
  • Learning and Development Training

    18 February 2013

    Learning and development training Learning and development training is important for your organisation. Why? Because all successful organisations are those that are continually learning knew techniques and developing new products and services. Growing organizations need to be learning organizations. All good organisations need to be continually developing themselves. Question: If an... Continue Reading >

    Learning and Development Training
  • What is Accelerated Learning?

    24 February 2012

    What is accelerated learning? Accelerated learning is a way of presenting information to the mind so that you can more easily and accurately understand, memorise and recall it later. Accelerated learning techniques are useful if you are a student, a teacher, a professional communicator or you simply are interested in improving... Continue Reading >

    What is Accelerated Learning?
  • Accelerated Learning and Teaching Training

    18 July 2011

    Accelerated learning and teaching training How to remember much more of what you hear, read and see Do the following things happen to you? You read a page of a book, then realise that NONE of it stayed in your memory? i.e. You can't remember any of what you just read... Continue Reading >

    Accelerated Learning and Teaching Training
  • Memory Training

    19 May 2011

    Memory training Have you heard it said that we live in "the information age"? In the middle and dark ages, in England, you succeeded in life to the degree to which you were: Connected to the Monarchy. Or to which you could effectively wield a sword In THIS age, the information... Continue Reading >

    Memory Training
  • Accelerated Learning

    11 April 2011

    Accelerated learning - Teachability index There are some people that cannot progress in their work because they refuse to learn. It is not that they cannot learn (they aren't stupid). And it is not that they don't need to learn (they don't know it all). It is rather because, they won... Continue Reading >

    Accelerated Learning
  • Accelerated Learning and Memory Training

    10 January 2011

    Accelerated learning and memory training Improve your mental focus and concentration It is important because there are many people who have poor concentration. They can't keep their mind on the job! How many people do you know suffer from having a butterfly mind? A butterfly mind is one that never settles... Continue Reading >

    Accelerated Learning and Memory Training