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Do you psych yourself UP? - or OUT? Questionnaire

Do you psych yourself up? - or out? Questionnaire

Are you psyched UP or OUT?

Some people are good at psyching themselves up. So they OOZE confidence.
Other people are good at psyching themselves out. So they LOSE confidence.

Many people tend to lack self-confidence, partly due to their unconscious habit of talking themselves out of things.
Whenever they are faced with a challenge or difficult situation they start talking to themselves about how they won’t be able to do it; how they will probably fail and how other people won’t like them. They say to themselves, “I can’t do this”. As a result of these negative thoughts, their confidence levels go down and their anxiety levels go up. And as a result of these negative emotions, their performance suffers and their chances of success slips away.

On the other hand, some other people tend to build-up their self-confidence. This is partly due to their unconscious habit of talking themselves up. whenever they are faced with a challenge or a difficult situation they start to talk to themselves about how they can solve the problem by analysing its causes, and figuring out what they could do to achieve their goals. They say to themselves, “I can do this”. As a result of these positive thoughts, their confidence tends to build and they feel no anxiety. And as a result of these positive emotions, their performance improves and their chances of success soars.

The big question for us is, which one are you more like? Do you tend to psych yourself up or out?

Take this short test to discover if you tend to maximise, or minimise your chances, by the way you talk to yourself.

Simply answer these short questions and you will reveal what you are doing to yourself with your own self talk. Are you helping yourself to win, or to lose?

Take the test and we will immediately send you the results.

This questionnaire is free, it is informative and fun.

Q1 - When you are planning an important presentation or a speech, do you think more about: What you will say and why you are right to say it, or do you think more about whether or not the audience will like it?

Q2 - When you do NOT know exactly how to do something, do you tend to believe that you will find a way to do it, simply by trying to do it? Or do you tend to think you should not attempt things that you are uncertain about?

Q3 - When you are on a roller coaster ride at a fun fair, does the feeling you get in your body seem to be one of “fear” or “excitement”.

Q4 - When you were a child and you were trying to jump off the top diving-board, for the first time, did you do it quickly? Or did it take ages for you to get yourself to take the plunge?

Q5 - If other people tell you that they think you won’t be able to do something, do you find that motivational, in the sense of it being a challenge? Or do you find other people’s doubts about your chances to be de-motivational, in the sense that you probably should not go for it?

Q6 - Do you use your imagination to think about how great you will feel when you win? Or do you use your imagination to think about what would happen to you if you failed?

Q7 - Do you think that you have more confidence than the average? Or do you think you have less confidence than the average?

Q8 - Which of the following pieces of advice do you tend to agree with most?

Q9 - As the problems get bigger and more numerous, do you feel your sense of resolve becoming firmer, your mind becoming clearer and more focused; and a feeling of steely-self-confidence growing inside you? Or; As the problems get bigger and more numerous; do you feel a sense of growing panic; and your mental screen clouding over; and a growing feeling of dread inside you?

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