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Insult or Feedback? Questionnaire

Insult or Feedback? Questionnaire

Insult or feedback? questionnaire

Both feedback and insults are forms of criticism, but in other respects, they are complete opposites.

What is the difference between valid criticism in the form of feedback, and invalid criticism in the form of insult?

Please read the following examples and distinguish insults from feedback:

  • Click “insult” if you think the statement is merely a put down
  • Click “feedback” if you think it is valuable information

Decide which of the following statements are valid feedback statements, or invalid insult statements.

Q1 - You were 20 minutes late

Q2 - You are totally unprofessional

Q3 - You are being very offensive

Q4 - You are pointing your finger at me

Q5 - Your doctor says, "You have put on 2kg, since your last check-up"

Q6 - Hey, you. Go on a diet

Q7 - You have left the cups out. Would you please; wash them up and put them back in the cupboard?

Q8 - You act as if you were brought up in a zoo

Q9 - You are parked in the disabled parking space

Q10 - You are selfish and inconsiderate

Q11 - You are too short to join the Grenadier Guards

Q12 - You are too short

Q13 - You are a trouble maker

Q14 - You have an attitude problem

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