Free Leadership Training Resources

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Free Leadership Training Resources

Free Training Resources

Welcome to your Free Leadership and Management Training Resources!

  • Development Training Blog
    These blogs are fun, informative and content rich. They will help you to get the best results from yourself and others.
  • Fun Questionnaires
    These questionnaires are a nice way of discovering where your performance is very strong and where you could still improve.
  • Training Needs Analysis
    Training needs analysis is a systematic way of measuring where you need to improve your skills.
  • Decision Making Tools
    Your success depends upon you making the right decisions. To help you make the right decisions we have created these free decision making tools.
  • Prioritisation App
    Prioritisation is the art of putting your tasks into the correct order. This terrific App will help you to prioritise your tasks quickly and easily.
  • Setting SMART Targets
    Success means achieving your goals. You cannot achieve a goal you never set. So setting SMART targets is the first step to your success. Take a look at the Eight Part SMART.
  • Continuous Improvement and Success Formula
    The success formula questions are an excellent way for your and your business to implement continuous improvement and change management.
  • Writing a Good Job Description
    You need a job description in order to select suitable candidates. These questions will help focus your thoughts.
  • How to choose the best candidate? Selection Interview Scoring App
    Here is an effective way to organise your selection interviews. This app will help rank your candidates.
  • Work-Life Balance Questionnaire
    Work-life balance is a measure of the degree to which you feel your life is in a state of sustainable equilibrium, in terms of balancing the competing demands on your time. Take this questionnaire to find out your hierarchy of values.
  • Training Newsletter
    If you want to top-up your knowledge with some new, informative training blogs and fun activities, then sign up to our newsletter which we will send to you, free, about twice per month.
  • Free eBook on Leadership
    Our ebook ‘The Effective Leader Manager’ gives you valuable insights into leadership and handling difficult people, as well as planning and motivation - just sign up for our newsletter.

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