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Work-Life Balance Questionnaire

Work-Life Balance Questionnaire

Work-Life Questionnaire

Work-life balance is a measure of the degree to which you feel your life is in a state of sustainable equilibrium, in terms of balancing the competing demands on your time.

Your life is composed of subset categories:
Work, Rest, Family, Friends, Health, Further Education

Each is valuable to you, and each takes time. But you can't do them all the same time. So, the question is, how can you balance your competing demands?

You need to figure out your hierarchy of values.

A hierarchy of values indicates, not only what your values ARE, but also their importance relative to each other.
How do you value each set against each other, in order of importance?

For example: Everyone values work, and everyone value their health. But which do you value the most? Work or health? Is it possible that some people sacrifice their health upon the alter of their work? Yes.

Second example: Everyone values their rest time, and most people value further education: But is it possible that some people spend more time watching TV than they do reading maths books? Yes.

The point here is that you don’t have time to do everything on the same day. So, you need to decide how you SHOULD spend your time.
How you spend your time is a reflection of what you think you SHOULD do.

To do that, you need to know how the various categories rank in importance in your mind.

Work-Life Balance

For each pair, ask yourself: "Which of these two are more important to me?"
If you were faced with the choice of acting in one of the following two ways, which one would you pick?


Here is your personalised hierarchy of values

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    Questionnaire Results

    When you have taken the test, ask yourself if you are living your life according to your professed hierarchy of values.

    For example: if your hierarchy of values indicates that you value friends over resting, but you have not seen your friends for months, then something is wrong.

    If you have put your family life as ranking higher than work-life, and yet you are regularly subordinating your family life to your work-life, then you need to be thinking of making some changes.

    If you have put your health as a high value, but you are ignoring your health and spending too much time drinking wine, then you need to change something.

    1. Do the test
    2. Figure out what is your hierarchy of values
    3. Mentally compare your hierarchy of values with the way you are living
    4. Notice any differences between the two
    5. Make the way you live your life reflect your professed hierarchy of values

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