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The course was well structured and it opened my eyes to the potential causes of failure, within both the company projects and my personal projects. It also taught me things that I will definitely apply to make myself and my team way more productive! The Trainer was very personable, and did well keeping the group engaged and the content interesting.

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Are you fit for business?

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Are you fit for business?

Have you heard the phrase, "The survival of the fittest"?

In nature and in business, only the fittest get to 'live long and prosper'.

So, you might find it interesting to discover just how 'fit for business' you and your colleagues are.

Being Fit for Business means three things:

  1. Physically healthy and fit
  2. Mentally healthy and happy
  3. Organisationally, 'fit for purpose'

Take this fun questionnaire to measure how fit for business you and your friends really are. The results may surprise you!

Score yourself out of 10 for each of the following questions: with 10 representing excellence and 0 representing terrible.

Section One - Physically Fit.

This includes diet, strength, endurance and flexibility.

1. Diet

How would you rate the nutritional quality of your daily diet?
Score higher: if you eat the right amounts of high quality, nutritious foods.
Score lower: if you eat too many bad foods such as cakes, sweets, chococlate and alcohol.

2. Strength

How strong are you relative to other people of your age, height and gender?
Score higher: if you think you are physically strong (relative to other people of similar build to you)
Score lower: if you think you are physically weaker than you should be

3. Endurance

How fit are you in terms of aerobic activity (walking upstairs, jogging, cycling).
Score higher: if you have good endurance and can jog three miles or more with no problem.
Score lower: if you get out of breath easily

4. Flexibility

How flexible are you, in terms of your joint mobility and muscle suppleness.
Score higher: if you are very bendy
Score lower: if you are too stiff

Section Two - Mentally Healthy and Happy

This is all about your mental well-being.

5. Optimism

Happiness is often based upon having an optimistic view of the future. Do you have an optimistic view of the future? Or are you fearful?
Score higher: if you feel optimistic
Score lower: if you are fearful of the future

6. Seeing 'The Good'

Happiness is based on the ability to see the good elements in any situation. To what degree do you tend of the 'The Good' in any situation? Or, does your mind automatically focus on what is wrong or could go wrong?
Score higher: if you tend to notice what is good
Score lower: if you tend of to notice what is wrong

7. Humour

Happiness is often based upon having a good sense of humour and being able to laugh freely.
Score higher: if you have a good sense of humour and are able to laugh freely.
Score lower: if you are a bit of a grump sometimes.

Section Three - Fit for purpose

Organisationally, this means 'up to the task'.

8. Organisation

Organisation is what makes the group 'fit for purpose'. To what degree are you an organised person?
Score higher: if you have everything in its proper place, and have a tidy work station.
Score lower: if you tend to be disorganised, with an untidy work station and disorganised diary.

9. Your Ability

Fit for purpose means having confidence in your ability to do the tasks assigned to you.
Score higher: if you always know what you are doing, and why.
Score lower: if you sometimes feel that you don't know what to do.

10. Proper Resources

Fit for purpose means that you organisation has the proper resources.
Score higher: if you think your organisation is well resourced, and you have all the necessary tools
Score lower: if you feel you are under-resourced.

11. Change

Fit for business means that you are an evolving being, always adapting to the changing demands of a changing environment. To what degree are you able to handle change?
Score higher: if you find change management an exciting part of work life.
Score lower: if you hate change and wish things would settle down and become more static.

Pass this around your office and compare scores!

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