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I found the course very useful. I can see how I can improve my skills as a manager by applying the techniques that I have learnt. Trainer's presentation was very good and consistent. Linked theories to practical situations.

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ILM Recognised Provider

Corporate Coach Group is an ILM Recognised Provider of development training.

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Do you have good leadership skills?

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Do you have good leadership skills?

Leadership Skills of our Leaders

Discover if you have good leadership skills.

Score yourself out of ten for each of these seven leadership qualities.

You would benefit if you had these seven leadership qualities.

1. Goal Focus

Leaders are people with clear goals in mind.

Score yourself out of ten: To what degree are you a goal focused person?

  • Do you set ambitious goals for yourself and others? (Higher score)
  • Or do you tend to just wait and see how things turn out? (Lower score)

2. Brilliant Communicator

Leaders are brilliant communicators. They persuade and convince others their ideas are right.

Out of ten: To what degree are you a brilliant communicator?

  • Are you able to convince others that your goals and plans are right? (Higher score)
  • Or do you often have trouble persuading others of your view? (Lower score)

3. Great Planner

Leaders are great planners. They organise practical plans that actually work to achieve the goals they have set.

Score yourself: To what degree are you a great planner?

  • Do you plan ahead and prepare? (Higher score)
  • Or do you tend to leave everything to the last-minute and then muddle your way through? (Lower score)

4. Handle conflict with colleagues.

Leaders are able to resolve internal divisions and conflicts that sometimes occur.

To what degree are you able to quickly and amicably resolve conflicts between people in the team?

  • Can you nip a problem in the bud, quickly and without too much fuss? (Higher score)
  • Or do conflicts in your team tend to escalate and become more heated the longer they continue? (Lower score)

5. Self-motivation and self-control.

Leaders are very self-motivated people. They can keep themselves going, through good times and bad, for years, without losing their confidence and motivation.

Score yourself: To what degree are you a self-motivated person?

  • Are you able to get yourself psyched up and moving, in the morning? (Higher score)
  • Or do you tend to lack motivation and need other people to keep you psyched up and moving. (Lower score)

6. Inspire other people towards a positive mental attitude.

Leaders have a positive effect on the minds and emotions of others: Leaders inspire. Non-leaders don’t.

Score yourself out of ten: To what degree are you able to inspire positive emotions in the minds of others around you?

  • Do you tend to make people feel stronger and more optimistic about the future? (Higher score)
  • Or is your effect on the minds and emotions of others, not really something you have ever thought much about? (Lower score)

7. Decisiveness

Leaders make decisions.
Leaders make decisions and they have the courage to act on them!
Non-leaders, don’t.

For the last time, score yourself out of 10: To what degree would you call yourself a decisive person?

  • Are you able to make a decision quickly and then act on that decision? (Higher score)
  • Or do you tend to avoid making decisions, swaying endlessly between the various options in a state of painful indecision? (Score lower)

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