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Do you have good leadership skills? Questionnaire

Do you have good leadership skills? Questionnaire

Leadership Skills of our Leaders

Discover if you have good leadership skills.

Score yourself out of ten for each of these seven leadership qualities.

You would benefit if you had these seven leadership qualities.

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Score yourself out of 10 for each of the following questions. With 10 representing excellence and 0 representing terrible.

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  • Guiding Teams Towards SuccessThumbnail

    Guiding Teams Towards Success

    7 May 2024
    Every leader stands to gain from delving into the philosophies that have moulded our comprehension of the world. Aristotle's notions of the four causes, potentiality, and actuality remain pertinent in contemporary times, offering valuable insights.
    Guiding Teams Towards Success All leaders can benefit from understanding the philosophies that have shaped our understanding of the world. One such philosophy is that of Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher who lived over 2,000 years ago. His concepts of the four causes, potentiality and actuality are still relevant today and can help leaders create more effective and supportive environments for their teams. 1. The Material Cause This refers to the subst...
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  • Achieving Goals, Not Just TasksThumbnail

    Achieving Goals, Not Just Tasks

    9 April 2024
    To motivate your team to concentrate on accomplishing goals rather than just completing tasks, incentivise the goals with rewards. This will instil purpose and drive towards achieving significant milestones, contributing to overall team success.
    Achieving Goals, Not Just Tasks Recently, I talked with Alison, a CEO, who mentioned a common issue in her team. She noticed that her employees see their work just as tasks to check off, not important goals to reach. They feel good about finishing tasks, even if they don't really achieve anything important. Alison asked me, "Chris, what can I do about this?" I suggested, to get your team to focus on achieving goa...
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  • How to Handle Unexpected EventsThumbnail

    How to Handle Unexpected Events

    19 March 2024
    Acknowledge that plans may require adjustments due to changing circumstances. However, regardless of these changes, effective time management is essential. The key principle in time management is prioritisation.
    How to Handle Unexpected Events When presenting our 2-day leadership and management training, we start the course by asking delegates, "What are the most pressing leadership and management problems?" Every time, without exception, someone asks, "How can I manage time when my plans are wrecked by unexpected events?" Adaptation to Change Recognise that plans will always have to be modified due to changing circumstances. But...
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