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Do you have good leadership skills? Questionnaire

Do you have good leadership skills? Questionnaire

Leadership Skills of our Leaders

Discover if you have good leadership skills.

Score yourself out of ten for each of these seven leadership qualities.

You would benefit if you had these seven leadership qualities.

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Score yourself out of 10 for each of the following questions. With 10 representing excellence and 0 representing terrible.

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    New Manager Training

    26 November 2019
    People are promoted to the role of manager because of their experience and knowledge of the company. Often though, they do not have the necessary skills to become a successful manager. All new managers must receive training these vital skills.
    New Manager Training New managers require training in the following: Goal setting skills. Communication skills. Planning skills. Performance management skills. Emotional self-reliance. Able to inspire positive emotions in others. New managers are often promoted because of their high degree of technical knowledge and experience. They know their customers; they know...
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    How to Chair a Successful Meeting

    8 November 2019
    Meetings take time and time is money. Therefore make sure your meetings are successful. Learn how to chair successful meetings with these simple steps and your meetings will be purposeful and cost-effective.
    How to Chair a Successful Meeting Many hours are spent in meetings; and since time is money, meetings are an expensive commodity. Unfortunately, some meetings are a waste of time, because they are badly run. How can you make your meetings more productive? Learn how to effectively chair a meeting. We will break this discussion into three parts. Before the meeting During the me...
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    Effective Customer Service - the Fab Four

    18 October 2019
    Good customer service is vital if your organisation is to succeed. A business needs to ensure that staff receive training in the skills which will ensure that customers feel valued. Does your business provide these fab four customer service skills?
    Effective Customer Service - The Fab Four Your organisation must add value to its customers. Why? Because, no customer will pay you for NOT adding value. You have probably experienced organisations that act as if their customers were a nuisance and a cause of irritation to the staff. These organisations are on the road to ruin. On the other hand, you have also experienced th...
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