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Do you have good leadership skills? Questionnaire

Do you have good leadership skills? Questionnaire

Leadership Skills of our Leaders

Discover if you have good leadership skills.

Score yourself out of ten for each of these seven leadership qualities.

You would benefit if you had these seven leadership qualities.

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Score yourself out of 10 for each of the following questions. With 10 representing excellence and 0 representing terrible.

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  • What is the Most Important Rule in People Management? Thumbnail

    What is the Most Important Rule In People Management?

    31 January 2020
    There are many rules that managers need to follow in order to manage people effectively. Motivation is one of the most important aspects of managing people and rewarding good behaviour is one of the greatest ways of motivating people.
    What is the Most Important Rule in People Management? The single most important rule of management is this: "Whatever gets rewarded, gets done." That single sentence should act as the guiding light which illuminates your thinking about managing and motivating people. "Whatever gets rewarded, gets done" means, you must become extremely con...
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  • What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management? Thumbnail

    What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management?

    28 January 2020
    Good managers aren't necessarily good leaders. Leaders need to have a clear vision, they need to be able to set the necessary goals to achieve that vision, and to inspire others. Managers must be able to organise their teams to fulfil that vision.
    What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management? Would you agree that it is possible for a person to be a good manager, but lack leadership skills? Probably, yes. So, we can say that leadership and management are similar, but different concepts. Both the leaders and managers need the following six core skills. Clear purpose (goal setting). Clear and persuasive...
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  • Three Advanced Leadership Skills Thumbnail

    Three Advanced Leadership Skills

    10 January 2020
    When your plans are thrown off course, how do you react? Do you complain or take advantage of the change in circumstances? Take your leadership to the next level by mastering the skills of utilisation, adaptability and creativity.
    Three Advanced Leadership Skills If you want to advance your leadership skills to the highest level, then master the skills of: Utilisation: making use of whatever happens. Adaptability: changing yourself to benefit from a change in circumstances. Creativity: inventing new ways. 1. Utilisation: Making use of whatever happens. Your plans are often thrown off-track by circumstances beyond your c...
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