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What's your self-confidence score?

What's your self-confidence score?

What's your self-confidence score?

Self-confidence is important to everyone because having good levels of confidence will help you to achieve all your goals.

Some people lack self-confidence.
And that lack, holds them back.

Almost everyone would benefit from an improvement in their levels of self-confidence. So, take this quick quiz. It’s a fun way to discover your Self-confidence score.

View this page on your computer to complete the quiz!

Score yourself out of 10 for each of the following questions. With 10 representing excellence and 0 representing terrible.

1. Giving your best performance

When you have to perform in front of other people, to what degree are you distracted from your best performance, by having intrusive thoughts about whether the audience likes you or not?

Score lower if you are distracted by excessive thoughts about other people’s opinion of you, and score higher if you are not distracted from your performance and are able to keep your focus.

2. Your 'inner voice'

Everyone has a little inner voice inside their head, which gives a running commentary on what is going on. Does your Inner voice tend to say encouraging things to you, such as “Given enough time, I Know I can achieve any goal I set my mind on”? Or does your little voice say DIS-couraging things to you such as, 'There is nothing I can do.I'm not good enough'.

Score lower if your inner voice is discouraging and score yourself higher if your inner voice is encouraging.

3. Education vs Intelligence

There is a difference between education and intelligence. Education is how much you know. Intelligence is your raw brain power, irrespective of your education. With that distinction in mind, do you consider yourself to be more intelligent than the average, or less intelligent? (I am not asking about your education; I am asking about your raw brain power.)

Score lower if you think you have a low-volt brain and higher if you think your brain is a high-voltage, powerful device.

4. Social situtations

Confidence in social situations is often an indicator of self-confidence. If a new friend invited you to a party where you did not know anyone else, would you be intimidated by that fact? Would you tend to avoid going to the party because you knew nobody, or would you like to go so you could meet new people?

Score lower if you would be intimidated by the thought of meeting strangers, and score higher if you are attracted by the thought of meeting strangers.

5. External influencers

In a general way, do you expect your situation to steadily improve over time since you know you are going to MAKE it improve over time? Or are you uncertain about how your future will pan-out: It all depends on what the government does next?

Score lower if you think your future is mostly determined by government policies, and score higher if you think your future is mostly determined by your policies.

6. Expressing your opinion

Self-confidence can be thought of as a form of communication. When in company, and when the discussion is on a topic on which you have an informed opinion, are you confident enough to express your opinion and give a clear, logical, and convincing argument to support your view? Or are you more reticent, and do you say to yourself, 'I know what I mean, but I can't explain it.'

Score lower if you are UNABLE to express your opinion in a clear and convincing fashion, and score higher if you can.

7. Self-confidence

Self-confidence is a state of mind. Our level of self-confidence is something that we are all aware of in ourselves. Do you have the correct levels of self-confidence?

Score lower if you think you lack self-confidence. (Or if you think you are sometimes over confident). Score higher if you think you do have the correct level of self-confidence.

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