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How Positive Are You? Questionnaire

How Positive Are You?

How positive are you?

Would you say you tend towards having a positive mental attitude?
Or are you sometimes a bit too negative for your own good?

Take this simple 10 point test to measure exactly how positive you are.

Simply read the 10 questions and click the answer that you most agree with.

Then submit your response and we will email your results.

Q1 - When you think about the future do you feel confident or anxious?

Q2 - Do you think that it is wise to "Always expect the worst, and then you’ll never be disappointed"?

Q3 - Generally, do you think that your future will be better than your past?

Q4 - If something bad happens to you, do you tend to go over and over the situation, in your mind, for hours, days or even years?

Q5 - Do you tend to think that your life is mostly affected by your own actions: or do you think that your life is governed more by what other people do to you, (or are willing to do for you)?

Q6 - Do you set goals and try to achieve them?

Q7 - Do you feel you need to use alcohol or other drugs in order to feel happy or at least, to handle your stress?

Q8 - Do you think the past was better than today?

Q9 - Do you think that it is a bit too naive and simplistic to have “a positive mental attitude” towards yourself, other people and the future?

Q10 - Do you dislike any person, simply because he or she is a member of a group that is socially or ethnically dissimilar to your own?

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