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The course content was very relevant and well structured. Flowed extremely well from one topic to the next so that you were left with a coherent series of techniques to apply in both the workplace and wider life. The trainer's presentation was very engaging, well informed and inspiring. A friendly and approachable presenter, who was positive about areas people wanted to develop and focus on and did not make them feel uncomfortable for admitting these weaknesses.

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Do you have good body language? Questionnaire

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Do you have good body language? Questionnaire

Do you have good body language?

In many situations your body language, is very important to the proper perception of your message.

Your body language is not one thing. Your body language is made up of a number of subsets, each one can be developed as a separate skill. The subsets of body language are:

Posture, Dress code, Touch, Hand and arm gestures, Eye contact, Facial expression, Angle, Proximity, Scent (smell)

If you have great body language, i.e. you have a great visual impact, then that can make your message more powerful and appealing.

If you have shoddy body language, i.e. if you present a horrifying visual image, then the good content of your message could lose its power and its appeal.

Take this simple questionnaire to discover, to what degree you are using your body language to your own best advantage.

Simply answer the questions and we will immediately send you your Body Language Intelligence Test (BLIT score) out of 100, together with an action plan that will give you the steps to take to improve your ability to communicate with your body.

This questionnaire is free, it is informative and fun.

Q1 - Do you tend to sit up straight in your chair or, as the meeting goes on, do you tend to slump further and further into your seat?

Q2 - When you leave the house, do you think about how your dress code will likely impact on the minds of your audience, or are you more likely to think, "They can take me as I am. They should not judge a book by its cover".

Q3 - Are you a Touchy Feely person? Do you like to put your hands on people, slap their backs, and touch their arm, as you talk? Or are you mildly irritated by people who invade your personal space?

Q4 - How would you describe your handshake?

Q5 - Do you ever point your finger or pen at people as you speak to them?

Q6 - Do you tend to look at people in the eye as you speak to them, or do you find looking into people’s eyes a little intrusive or intimidating?

Q7 - How would you describe your default facial expression?

Q8 - Do you ever think about the angle at which you stand or sit, relative to the other person? Or is this something you have never thought about?

Q9 - Other than when you are on public transport, do you ever make the mistake of Invading Personal Space, getting too close to other people, causing them to think you are some kind of weirdo with no sense of decorum?

Q10 - Do you check to see that you have a nice smell? Or at least that you don't emit a bad smell? Errors include "coffee breath", "cigarette breath", and even TOO MUCH perfume.

Q11 - When at work, and in a standing position, do you manage to stand, unaided, without the need to lean, or do you tend to lean against walls, tables, or other people?

Q12 - To what degree would you say you are well groomed? Or do you have previous convictions for looking tacky?

Q13 - Do you smile easily and often, or are you stony faced or, worse; do you look miserable?

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