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The course contained lots of interesting topics that were all relevant to my job role. All topics were explained in lots of detail, with great strategies to remember them. The trainer's presentation was great, with use of both personal case studies and from the group, ensured we were all engaged. The training media and training manual, made the two days engaging and interactive.

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What do you believe? Questionnaire

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How do you decide what to believe? Questionnaire

What do you believe?

Take this test and discover how you form your opinions and make your decisions.

How you make up your mind is one of the most important things you need to know about yourself. And up until now, there has never been a way to find out.
So this is a big moment for us.
Let us figure out, how your brain is making sense of the world around you.

Since you act on what you believe to be true, it is important to know, HOW you know that what you THINK is true, actually IS true.

• If you are acting on a false belief you will have problems dealing with the world and the people in it.
• If you are acting with the guidance of true knowledge, then your chances of prosperity, health and happiness go up, markedly!

How can you check that your opinion is true?

There are six basic types of thinking styles. Each style validates knowledge according to a different method. Here are the six thinking styles:

  1. Rational, scientific.
  2. Emotional, gut feelings.
  3. Religious.
  4. Mystic.
  5. Social.
  6. Sceptical.

Answer the following 10 questions, by selecting the answer you most agree with. Then we will send your results to you together with the profile of the 6 thinking styles and how you use each one.

Q1 - What your gut feeling or "instincts" can tell you:-

Whenever there is a clash between what your logical mind tells you, on the one hand, and what your GUT FEELINGS or INSTINCTS tell you on the other hand; Which would win the battle: your logic or your gut feel?

Q2 - Logical reasoning:-

Do you trust the power of the scientific, rational, logical mind of Man, (and Woman) to uncover the truth about the way things really are? Or do you believe that logic is flawed and that logic and science and reason; the experimental method, is incapable of discerning the TRUTH about the way the world really works.

Q3 - What the Majority opinion says is true:-

To what degree are you tending to believe things on the basis that most other people appear to believe it too. If you are in a room of 20 people and 19 say "I think it is best to go left" and you are the only one who thinks, "I think it is best to go right", then would that fact be sufficient, in itself, for you to admit you must be wrong.

Q4 - The Five Physical Senses:-

Do you believe you can trust your own five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell? Meaning you believe that “seeing is believing”. Or are you of the opinion that the senses deceive you and that you cannot trust your own eyes, because things such as optical illusions prove to us that the senses cannot be trusted. “Seeing is NOT necessarily believing”.

Q5 - Revelation from God:-

Whenever there is a big problem, would you consider praying to God for an answer?

Q6 - What faith tells you?:-

Whenever the question of logic vs. faith comes up, which way do you tend to jump? For example: did God make man in 6 days, as it says in the bible? Or did Darwinian evolution based upon millions of years of natural selection make man? Is the idea of God true or not?

Q7 - What the authorities tell you:-

Whenever big issues come up, such as climate change, or the war on terror, or the global economy, do you tend to...

Q8 - What the high status people in your life tell you:-

When making important decisions do you tend to...

Q9 - Mystic insight:-

In relation to mystic methods such as, astrology, or numerology, or tarot cards, or fortune tellers, what is your tendency to believe in this class of knowledge?

Q10 - Wishful thinking:-

On 8 March 2014 The Malaysian government officially declared the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight Mh370, en-route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Mh370 was never found so, if you had relatives on that flight, would you tend to...

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