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The course content was very interesting, informative and certainly made me question some of my behaviours and actions. It was interactive which ensured my interest was held for the duration. The trainer's presentation was excellent - the perfect balance between theory, group participation and personal insight and experience. Many thanks.

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ILM Recognised Provider

ILM Recognised Provider

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Pay As You Go Personal Telephone Coaching

Pay as you go Telephone Coaching

Personal Telephone Coaching

Would you like the benefits of personal coaching to sort out certain problems that you are facing at work?

Would you like to discuss, in confidence, any problems you are currently experiencing relating either to your own performance, or to the performance of others?

And would it be beneficial if that coaching help was from a person who took an objective perspective and was able to give you guidance that was completely confidential and that was personalised to your own, specific and individual needs?

If yes, then I invite you to take full advantage of our “pay as you go” telephone coaching service.

What is the purpose of our telephone coaching service?

The purpose of our coaching service is to provide you with your own “personal coach” who can help you in three ways: Our coach can help you …….

  1. To organise your thoughts relating to the difficult situation that is currently occupying your mind.
  2. To help you to isolate the facts, apart from your feelings, relating to the troublesome situation and, wherever necessary…
  3. To learn some new techniques, special skills and methods that will give you the additional tools you need to achieve your goals.

We want to help you to achieve your goals.

Our coaching is designed to be practical

Our coaching is not about providing you with a shoulder to cry on, or a sounding board to vent your negative emotions. Instead our coaching is intended to help you to identify exactly what you want to achieve and, if necessary, to help you with the additional skills or knowledge you need to achieve it.

We do not dish out sympathy. We do not dish out judgment.

Our business is to help you achieve your goals by clarifying your mind.

Who is your coach?

Your coach will be Chris Farmer, who is the founder of the Corporate Coach Group and who has been training leaders and managers since 1997. Chris is a terrific coach, he is easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. If anyone can help you, Chris can!

What is the process of your coaching session?

You either call us or you email us, outlining the issue and we agree a date and time for the coaching call.

Format of the session

Chris explains the format as follows:

“First, I will ask you to explain to me what your current situation is. I will listen and take careful written notes. I will ask you a lot questions about your current situation, the past events that led up to it, and about your desired outcomes. I will keep asking you questions until it becomes evident that either……

1 You are making some kind of error, (you are either “doing something wrong”, or you are “failing to do something”). I will make it clear which type of error you are making (either an active or a passive error). Then our session would turn into a “skills training session”, where I work with you on the phone to modify your actions or reactions, or…

2 You are dithering over some issue, you are unsure which way to turn, you are sitting on the fence about some thorny issue, and therefore you need to get off the fence and make a firm decision. In which case, our session turns into a “decision making session”. I will help you to analyse the facts and encourage you to make your decision, or…

3. You are having some kind of emotional meltdown about a situation, and you need to figure out the best way to “get your head around it”. You need find a way to respond more rationally, not emotionally, to the situation. In which case the session turns into a “counselling session”, where I work with you to understand the thought process that is underpinning your negative emotional response. We then work to rationalise the thought process and therefore to normalise your emotional response.

Or it could be that…..

4. You don’t know what your goal is or even what it should be. In which case, the session turns into a “goal-setting workshop”, where I would help you to decide upon a definite goal and then I would help you to formulate a practical plan for its achievement.

No matter what the exact format of your personal session is, at the end of the session, I will ask you to send me an email that summarises what we have covered.

You need to put into writing the essence of all you have learned and the set of actions you are committed to take, as a result of your coaching session.

This written document is one that YOU write to ME. It is designed to embed the coaching session into your memory. It causes you to confirm to yourself that you mean business, that you understand what to do and you know exactly what steps you are going to take.“

How long does the coaching take?

The duration of our sessions is driven by you. Typically, each individual session takes between one and two hours. Our coaching sessions might develop into an on-going relationship, stretching over weeks or months, or it could be a one-stop-shop. It depends entirely upon what you want from this.

When can I start?

We invite you to start immediately. Keep reading to find out the process you need to take.

What are the charges and how are they paid?

We ask you to enter your personal contact details and payment card details before the call starts.

The call is charged at 180 pence per minute (£108 per hour) +VAT

When the coaching call starts, it is charged at that rate of 180 pence per minute +VAT.

After 20 minutes we ask you if you are happy with the way things are going, and if you wish to continue. If you agree to continue the first 20 minutes are charged.

If you think you are not getting what you wanted from the call, then the call is ended after 20 minutes and you are NOT charged anything for the call. If you don’t like the first 20 minutes, then you don’t pay. Only if the call continues will you be charged for the first 20 minutes.

If you feel there is no-one inside your organisation that can help you with advice, then call Chris.