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Why choose Corporate Coach Group for your training?

Why choose Corporate Coach Group for your training?

Distinguishing characteristics of Corporate coach training compared to other training providers.

Other Training Providers Corporate Coach Group

Most training courses use old material, ideas that have been around for years, much of which you will have seen before.

Our material is unique to us. 90% or more of our course material, you will not have seen before.

On many courses, trainers do not train. Instead they pose a problem, and then ask the delegates to split into groups, to return in half an hour with their opinions.

The net result is, your training resolves down to you listening to other delegates, whose understanding of the situation is no better than yours.

On these courses, the trainer simply moderates and chairs a group discussion. No expert knowledge has been introduced. Rather, a series of opinions have been debated and no real training takes place.

On our courses, the trainers actually do train.

Our trainers have expert knowledge and their primary task is not to ask the delegates to train each other, but rather, to present a series of true and correct principles that will help them achieve their goals.

The questions come from the delegates, when they ask for the details on how these principles should be put into practice, in daily life, and how they can stop themselves and others from violating correct principles.

On these courses, real training takes place.

On many courses, there is a lot of training material that is based upon dividing people into various psychological types or styles. Then they try to work out how to manage the various character types, or how to change yourself so that you somehow match their style.

The difficulty with this kind of training is that it divides people into multiple different types, and is therefore divisive, by its very nature.

In contrast, our training looks to find universal principles, that are true about everyone, simply because we are all human beings. We want to find a set of unifying principles. Rather than divide people into types, we seek to find the common frame of reference that we can all agree upon, whatever age, gender, origin, character or position.

This common frame of reference is reason.

Many training courses are unstructured. The content can be likened to the pieces of an unmade jigsaw puzzle. The information is all there, but it is presented in a way that is not easily retained in the memory, and is therefore, promptly forgotten.

Our courses are well structured. We start by setting out general principles; statements which are self-evidently true and upon which we can all agree. Then we break these down and we master their details one at time. We finish by understanding each individual skill, and how each fits into the whole system.

Because the concepts are well ordered, you can grasp and remember them easily, meaning you will be more likely to apply them.

Many courses are boring. There is too much time spent with the trainer reading from PowerPoint presentations, which the delegates could have read for themselves. The result is a dull, boring recitation of bullet points, with the trainer adding a few stories and illustrative examples. But the overall effect is boring.

Our courses are fascinating. The content is inherently interesting, since we are all curious to know how we can get the best performance from ourselves and others. Our training style is highly interactive, engaging, entertaining and sometimes funny. We know that training needs to be both intellectually interesting and emotionally enjoyable. So, we make our training style clear, rational, positive and fun.

Customer Reviews

Here are a selection of reviews for our training courses.

  • Training course content was informative and well structured. Each aspect of the course related to the purpose of the course very well. Good use of quotes and examples from real life situations. Trainer's presentation was clear, concise. Passionate about what he is teaching. Enthusiastic.

  • The course was well structured and it opened my eyes to the potential causes of failure, within both the company projects and my personal projects. It also taught me things that I will definitely apply to make myself and my team way more productive! The Trainer was very personable, and did well keeping the group engaged and the content interesting.

  • The course content was all very relevant and applicable to a new manager such as myself. Answered all questions I had. The trainer's presentation was well presented, verbally, on screen and flip chart; good mix. Lots of personal experience.