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What is the hidden cost of your meeting?

What is the hidden cost of your meeting?

Use this quick calculator to reveal the hidden cost of your meetings...


What is the duration of the meeting (in hours)?

What is the combined travel time - to and from the meeting (in hours)?


The hidden cost of meetings

How many people are in attendance?

What is the rough average salary (per year) of each delegate at the meeting?

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    The Secrets of Effective Communication

    16 July 2019
    Words have great power. They can conjure up images in the minds of your listener. Think about the language you use in order to avoid any misunderstanding. In business, using the correct words can make or break a sale.
    The Secrets of Effective Communication There are three secrets laws of effective communication. Your words have the power to create images in the mind of your listeners/readers. Therefore, you should use words in a way that the images they create correspond exactly to the images that you intended. Recognise that every image carries with it, a set of emotions. 1. Your words have the power to create images in the mind...
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    Communication Skills: Abc Principle

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    Making sure that people understand your message is important, and there are three ways you can make this happen: By being accurate, being brief and being clear. We call this the ABC principle.
    Communication Skills: ABC Principle Your communication should always be ABC: A = Accurate B = Brief C = Clear A: How to make your communication more Accurate. Accuracy means two things: Accurate in the sense of being factually accurate Accurate in the sense of using accurate grammar Accurate facts: Always check your facts. Check you...
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    Ambiguity in business can be damaging both for your reputation and your finances. To avoid potential confusion when communicating with colleagues and customers, take a look at these five ways where ambiguous language should be avoided.
    How language causes confusion. There are five main ways in which language causes confusion: Whenever a word has multiple possible meanings. Whenever a single object has multiple names. Words that have NO (agreed) definition. Words that denote, not a thing, but rather, the absence of a different thing. Words that denote things that do not exist in reality. 1. Words that have multiple p...
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  • Training course contained a very wide slice of all things which I come across on a day-to-day basis. There is a very good balance between theory and practice. The trainer delivered the course content in a way which was capturing and thought-provoking.

  • I found the course very useful and relevant. Techniques are really interesting, some of which I used but didn't realise. Lots more will be very useful moving forward. Covering lots in the two days. Great that it is useful for both work and home life. Liked the specific examples that we could relate to. The trainer's presentation was very inspirational, enthusiastic, lots of energy, passionate.

  • The course content was spot on. Covered everything I will need to help and support my own time management and those of my team. Trainer's presentation was excellent; Great methodology, ways and tactics to help you remember, so you have a fighting chance of putting most elements into practice back at the office.

  • The course content was great and contextual. Some of it I have covered before, but elements were new, such as the method of conflict resolution was easier to remember. The trainer gave lots of examples and was a good trainer as he kept me engaged.

  • Almost everything was beneficial. I know I will better my performance. Day one was incredibly helpful, the uses of Matrix and real-life examples was extremely valuable and kept my focus. The presentation was outstanding. Completely engaging the whole way through and managed to maintain same level of enthusiasm throughout the two days.

  • The course content was good; interesting, participative and open to discuss personal applications of the topics covered, with good course materials. The trainer was really good, approachable and open to discussion and encouraged participation.