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What is the hidden cost of your meeting?

What is the hidden cost of your meeting?

Use this quick calculator to reveal the hidden cost of your meetings...


What is the duration of the meeting (in hours)?

What is the combined travel time - to and from the meeting (in hours)?


The hidden cost of meetings

How many people are in attendance?

What is the rough average salary (per year) of each delegate at the meeting?

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    Do you Make Any of These Communication Mistakes?

    7 February 2020
    Good communication is important in all aspects of our lives. There are some common mistakes people make when communicating, which can affect how they are perceived. Take a look at these common mistakes and see if you can improve on any of them.
    Do You Make Any of These Communication Mistakes? There are six common mistakes people make in their communication styles. Do you do have any of the following bad habits? Talking too much about yourself. Not trying to understand what the other person really means. Forgetting most of what you hear. Bad language or speech habits. Poor voice tonality. Poor body language. 1. Talking too m...
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    The Most Important Question

    15 November 2019
    Many people speak in vague terms, or they don’t make themselves clear, so don't be afraid to ask them for clarification. It is dangerous to guess their meaning; ask the all important question before jumping to conclusions.
    The Most Important Question There is a question that everyone should be prepared to ask. It is, "When you say that, what do you MEAN, specifically?" If you say, "I believe in a fair wage, for everyone", then the people should reply, "What do you mean by a "fair wage?" If you write, "Sam, when you come to the meeting, please ensure you bring with you all the relevant papers". Then Sam is bound...
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    The Six Barriers of Successful Communication

    5 November 2019
    In order to be successful, we need to be able to communicate well with others. There are many barriers that can cause breakdowns in communication, which you need to be aware of and deal with effectively.
    The Six Barriers of Successful Communication To be happy and successful, we need to be able to work well with others. We must be able to effectively explain our thoughts, feelings, opinions and plans. Equally, we must fully understand how others think and feel. In other words, to be successful, we must communicate well. But communicating well is not easy, because there are many barriers to successful communica...
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  • The course has been a true eye-opener, especially how ones own experiences and actions can influence others within the work place, but also in everyday life experiences. A very well presented and factual presentation. The trainer had great interaction and engagement with the delegates. Excellent. Thank you!

  • I enjoyed this training course a lot. Learnt a lot of new ideas, models, with food for thought. The trainer was a very knowledgeable and energetic person, open to all my questions. He created very productive and enjoyable sessions. I am sorry that the training is already over. Thank you!

  • The course was exceptionally useful, full of information that I just would not have associated with these aspects. Has made me really rethink how I need to improve myself and move myself forward, also a little daunting. Also allowing me to help others is a powerful tool. The trainer was very good, interactive, light and not intense, personable. Came across that he really wanted to help and empower the individual.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially the area of prioritising my work and not letting other people's actions determine how my day goes. Excellent content. The training presentation was very good and the models and diagrams were very helpful in making thingsand ideas easier to understand/grasp.

  • The course content was very useful and practical, as I can apply the skills gained not only at work but outside of the office environment. The trainer's presentation was excellent. Everything was very clear, easy to understand follow. Chris is very knowledgeable and has very good advice.

  • I found the course content very interesting and believe that many of the topics can be integrated into my working day, to enable me to complete more productive and valuable work. The presentation was excellent, informative and easy to understand. The diagrams were especially useful.