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What is the hidden cost of your meeting?

What is the hidden cost of your meeting?

Use this quick calculator to reveal the hidden cost of your meetings...


What is the duration of the meeting (in hours)?

What is the combined travel time - to and from the meeting (in hours)?


The hidden cost of meetings

How many people are in attendance?

What is the rough average salary (per year) of each delegate at the meeting?

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    Finding a Common Frame of Reference We need to find a "Common Frame of Reference" which unites people. Categorising People We are taught to categorise people into different "types". Then we spend time trying to recognise and deal with each type. But rather than splitting people into different types: Man-woman; Black-white; Young-old; Introvert-extrovert; Visual-auditory-kinaesthetic; bosses-workers; etc.; why not instead focus o...
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Customer Reviews

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  • The course was a great combination of practical tips and also psychology; the reasons why we do the things we do and what affects our decisions. I thought it would be a little boring, but it totally exceeded my expectations. Really interesting and kept my attention throughout. The trainer was awesome! His background gave me confidence that he knew what he was talking about. He was very direct, clear and concise. When people asked questions, he gave clear definitive answers with no room for misinterpretation.

  • The course was really interesting. I came into programme expecting to be bored, but genuinely enjoyed it. Content was helpful, examples and tasks were enjoyable. Feel like I can really use this going forward. The trainer was excellent - very engaging, made it really enjoyable. Nice guy, very down to earth, very knowledgeable.

  • The course content was varied, focused, detailed, inspiring and well delivered. I learned a lot and will ensure that I implement in my working day. The trainer's presentation was excellent, both in delivery and attire.

  • I found this a very well-structured day and enjoyed the difficult topics covered. Making use of examples made the course content active and lively. The trainer's presentation was well prepared, fun and not boring. Conveyed the message across in a good and active manner.

  • I found the course insightful, with detailed actions on how to implement a positive, effective working environment. There was attention to detail and it was fully explained. Enjoyed the engagement between each section. Not once did I question what was the point of me attending, nor was I bored. Really enjoyed and motivated to do better.

  • The content made me really think about all the things I can/do that can positively and negatively affect the business as a whole, but also others I work with. The collaborative style made it not seem laborious and it was great to get feedback from others. The Trainer Chris' energy makes it impossible not to want to participate. He incorporates the group very well and encouraging people to move around is a great idea.