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What is the hidden cost of your meeting?

What is the hidden cost of your meeting?

Use this quick calculator to reveal the hidden cost of your meetings...


What is the duration of the meeting (in hours)?

What is the combined travel time - to and from the meeting (in hours)?


The hidden cost of meetings

How many people are in attendance?

What is the rough average salary (per year) of each delegate at the meeting?

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  • Training course content was excellent, very informative and practical, which can be applied in many different situations. Trainer's presentation was very engaging, amusing but clearly interested in everyone taking away the most they possibly can.

  • The course content was excellent, well thought out and informative. The trainer’s presentation was very good, using both knowledge and experience to put the content of the course across.

  • I found the two-day course really valuable and has helped me to have a clearer focus. The techniques and tips will make a positive difference. In particular the success formula and wrong box/ right box. Chris, the trainer, was outstanding, very engaging, clear, rational and positive.

  • Very informative and constructive, carefully planned out presentations. Well timed breaks and a very clear message and objective for each subject. I especially found the time management and planning very beneficial, as well as the SMART and wrong box/right box techniques. This course has not only benefited me as a manager, but also helped me improve as a person. Alison was a very knowledgeable and informative presenter, clearly understanding each members need to be there. An absolute credit to her profession.

  • The training course content was really comprehensive and wide-ranging. Very practical tips and tools that I will try and bring into my day-to-day life. The trainer was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to be trained by; really helped to bring some key points home and explained everything really well.

  • Training course content was informative and well structured. Each aspect of the course related to the purpose of the course very well. Good use of quotes and examples from real life situations. Trainer's presentation was clear, concise. Passionate about what he is teaching. Enthusiastic.