Prioritise by Importance (Value)

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Decision Making by Prioritisation - Prioritise by Importance (Value)

Prioritisation is the art of putting jobs into the right order.

Now you can use this fantastic prioritisation app to put your tasks into the right order. To get started, enter jobs you need to do in any order.

Enter a job that needs doing : - we suggest you limit the list to about six or seven

Jobs to do:

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When you've added at least 3 jobs (about 6 is recommended), press:

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Now you need to decide your prioritisation by importance, not by preference.
You are not answering the question: 'Which one do I prefer?'.
Instead, answer: 'Which one is the most valuable use of my time?'

Of the two tasks shown below, which is the most important to complete?


Here is your personalised prioritisation list. Take the list and try to stick to it.

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    About this App

    Some people don’t correctly prioritise tasks and as a result, they waste their precious time doing trivial things; and they procrastinate on the more important tasks.
    Consequently, they miss deadlines, or they do a rushed job, and things don’t go well for them.
    Now, you can use our fantastic Job Prioritisation Web-Widget to correctly prioritise your work!