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Licence our unique content: Leadership-management training materials

Almost all training companies use the same training concepts, which have been around for many decades, and desperately need updating, refreshing and improving.

Corporate Coach Group develops unique leadership-management training, which your people will NOT have seen before, because they are NOT derived from the standard list of training concepts, most of which are derived from Psychology.

Instead of psychological models, we draw inspiration from Philosophy.

Our courses are more profound and represent a quantum leap in the quality and relevance of your training programmes.

We help delegates to become more: Clear, Rational and Positive.

CLear Rational Positive

Clear: Clear ideas, clearly expressed and understood.

Rational: Well-reasoned, well structured, decisive, purposeful and logical.

Positive: Optimistic, friendly, cooperative, inspirational and confident.

From these three fundamental concepts, we derive six key leadership and management skills:

  1. Clear purpose: How to set and achieve goals.
  2. Clear communication: How to make messages clearly understood and persuasive.
  3. Rational Planning: How to organise limited resources to achieve goals in the most efficient manner possible.
  4. Rational Conflict: How to resolve conflict by reasoned conversations rather than by negative emotions.
  5. Inspire self: How to generate mental resilience, good health and rational optimism.
  6. Inspire others: How to get the best performance from every member of the team.

We licence unique training programmes in these six areas of leadership and management training.

The training is written and tailored to your specific needs. We support your trainers to teach this material.

If you want new training materials, then please contact us.

Customer Reviews

Here are a selection of reviews for our training courses.

  • This was my first management course. I found the course to contain excellent content and showed me the importance of positive mental thinking and having good planning and communications skills.

  • Excellent course content that will be very useful. Good, practical tools provided, as well as some thought-provoking aspects. Will be beneficial in all areas of life - not just work. The trainer's presentation was clear, targeted, believed his own material, obviously 'lived' what he spoke about. Inspirational to me. Good blend of 'serious' content delivered well.

  • I thought the course content was thought-provoking. A lot of the content seemed obvious and common sense once it was delivered, but I hadn't been doing it or was doing it 'wrong' at work and home. The trainer provided really good simple models that made it easier to remember. He had a really good, enthusiastic and credible style and was easy to listen to.