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The course content was exceptionally good. Very informative, lots of useful skills: right box, wrong box, success formulae, etc. The trainer's presentation was perfect!

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ILM Recognised Provider

ILM Recognised Provider

Corporate Coach Group is an ILM Recognised Provider of development training.

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Corporate Coach Group has training modules which are CPD Accredited. Learn more here.

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ILM Recognised Provider of Development Training

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ILM Recognised Provider

What does the ILM do?

ILM is "passionate about harnessing the power of leadership to transform people and businesses for the better."

ILM is predominantly a training and accreditation company. They offer a range of qualifications relating to many aspects of leadership and management. They also present specialised programmes and some training in the form of coaching and mentoring.

The qualifications are in the following areas:

  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Business and enterprise
  • Specialist subjects
  • Apprenticeships

Endorsed Corporate Coach Group training programmes

The ILM have checked the content and delivery of a number of our training programmes. They have checked our content and method and they have endorsed the high quality of our courses.

These courses are:

At the end of your Corporate Coach Group training, if you wish, you can receive an ILM certificate of attainment and also benefit from membership of ILM for six months.

What are the ILM charges?


How do you sign up for registration?

You tell us if you wish to have your attendance at the course accredited by the ILM.

If you do want have your attendance at the course accredited by the ILM then, at the time of booking, you would need to make the additional payment of £60. We would add that to your invoice.

If you do not want to have your attendance at the course ILM accredited, then you pay only the standard course charge to Corporate Coach Group. You will still receive a certificate of training from the Corporate Coach Group that will serve as evidence of learning and achievement for your CV and PDP documentation.