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The course was very interesting and useful. First management training I've ever received and feel that there were a number of useful techniques and models I will be able to use. The trainer's presentation was good, clear and concise. The pace was right, never dragged or felt rushed.

Katie Sharp
The Bind Site Group Ltd
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Customer Reviews

A selection of reviews from our many satisfied training clients - 4.9/5, based on 490 reviews.

  • Training course content was rich and complete. Very relevant and useful for my day-to-day leader manager role. Really useful concepts and ideas that helped simplify a large volume of content into easily memorised theories. The trainer's presentation was professional, clear and motivational.

  • I found pretty much all of the content very useful. It made me think about things in a different way. Hopefully will return to this material and use it to keep thinking positively about all the forthcoming challenges. Chris presented very well, both clearly and confidently.

  • I found this course useful in summarising key elements of leadership and management qualities, together with using real life situations to demonstrate how to implement those elements. The structure formulae to set goals, deal with problems, create success were also beneficial. The trainer was clear, friendly, succinct and informative.

  • Training course content was clear, concise and surprisingly unrushed, as two days condensed into one. Useful area on separation of objective and subjective. Also interesting conflict management, wrong box, right box. Good reminder of smart technique. Trainer's presentation kept delegates engaged, off the phone/ laptop, which is rare. Interesting delivery of what could be a heavy area.

  • The course content was interesting and up to date. I have picked up some extremely useful techniques and information. The trainer's presentation was well-paced and easy to understand.

  • Lots of content. Beneficial to end with a punchline and commit to memory by writing it down. Great to have the training work book. Enjoyable training style and format of the presentations. Very well planned and professionally delivered. Motivating and engaging. Suited my learning style. Really enjoyed the course. Thank you

  • The course content was very informative. Lots of good ideas and thought provoking. Has made me think about my own actions and responses. The trainer's presentation was logical and easy to understand and follow. Very enjoyable day. Thank you very much.

  • The course content was excellent; very useful and easily applied to work environment. Highly recommended. Not too 'airy fairy' and very pragmatic. The trainer's presentation was clear, enthusiastic and maintained attention for whole two days. Packed in a lot of information without it feeling like overload! Very, very good presentation style.

  • The course content was broader than I expected, but still focused on a number of areas that were highly valuable to me. The trainer's presentation was a very good mixture of academic material, backed up by good anecdotal evidence. Excellent presentation, well received.

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