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This training has motivated me. Setting focused goals, most beneficial sessions: Wrong box /right box, reframing, Q2, time management / prioritising. Trainer presentation: Chris you are an excellent trainer, you held my attention throughout. I have never been on a course where my concentration hasn’t dipped out. Your explanations were great. Approachable, funny, CLEAR and friendly.

Corrina Gibbons
BCRM - Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine
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Customer Reviews

A selection of reviews from our many satisfied training clients - 4.9/5, based on 491 reviews.

  • I felt a bit ambivalent about attending this course, but found myself enjoying a most varied, interesting, stimulating and rewarding day. Trainers presentation was excellent. He was confident, knowledgeable, competent, well organised, the presentation and book very well sewn together.

  • The course content was structured and logical. I appreciated this approach. Very relevant to me. The trainer's presentation was excellent, confident, flexible and knowledgeable. A very enjoyable style.

  • I found the conflict management tools, wrong box/right box, very helpful. As was delegation and time management. It is helpful to reinforce these things and stops you just acting to type (which sometimes isn't the right course of action). The trainer kept things moving with good momentum, energy and examples. I always find examples helpful and it was good to give delegates time to share their own examples/ideas too.

  • The course was a refreshing take on classic management training, which was engaging and thought-provoking. The trainer's presentation was clear and concise. He used practical examples to explain points, he had a great rapport and easily kept my attention.

  • Everything in the course was hugely beneficial, valuable and essential for a person's ability to improve themself, their mindset and how that can be applied into their life outside of work. I wish this was taught in schools, it's extremely essential and life-changing. Fantastic presentation all round, both visibly, interactively and easy to understand and digest, which makes it easier to practice and implement. I loved that there were multiple ways of remembering important points (diagrams, lists, mind maps, pictures) and using our own body to physically absorb and remember the points that were made. Thank you so much Chris, I know this will literally change my life for the better!

  • I really benefitted from the wrong box/right box technique as I find it difficult to deal with conflict constructively. The Trainer was very clear, concise and his knowledge of subject was inspiring. Was glad it wasn't death by PowerPoint!

  • The training course could not have been better for me! Content was extremely relevant and context was spot on! Diagrams, processes and exercises were clear and accessible and I enjoyed every part. The trainer’s presentation was excellent for my learning style: fast paced, visual and course material were very good. Chris was very professional.

  • I must admit I was somewhat cynical at first "why do I need this, done things like this before." It was soon evident that I was picking up new ideas. Since the course I have been re-reading the notes as I want to retain as much as possible of what I learnt. It is a fact with most courses I never pick up the notes again. But I have every intention of revisiting and embedding the information from this course into my mind. I cannot praise Chris and the course content enough, so many thanks.

  • The course was very educational. Lots of information with clear objectives. I liked the course handbook as I can digest at home. The trainer presented very well, with good humour. Very clear views on positive attitude and time management.

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  • The British Institute of Cleaning Science
  • The Highways Agency
  • The Lake District Calvert Trust
  • The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
  • The White Cross Pub
  • Three Oaks Homes / East Midlands Housing
  • Timothy Taylor & Co Ltd
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  • TR Organisation Ltd
  • Trevor Bamber Celtic Ltd
  • UEL University East London
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