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Sales Training With Nlp

Sales training with NLP

Sales training with NLP

How sales people mess up too many sales opportunities that they should have won

We have noticed a common error committed by too many sales people, especially those operating in the service sector.

We want to tell you what the sales error is, so that you don't repeat the mistake and lose sales (and money).

The error is this: After a successful first sales interview, the sales person fails to follow up on promises made to the prospect.

As a result of this failure the prospect loses confidence in the sales person and goes elsewhere.

As a specific example of this, let me explain how it happens

Steve, the sales person, spends lots of time interviewing and discovering our needs, building good rapport and telling us exactly how his organisation can help us. We are impressed.

We like everything about him and he sounds good: so we agree, in principle, to go with the Steve's plan of action.

The sales person promises to send us a summary of the agreed plan, as an e mail, and to provide us with the additional information we asked for during the meeting.

We shake hands and say goodbye.

Steve, the salesman thinks he has made a sale!

And so happily moves onto his next prospect.

As the day's pass, we don't receive anything from the Steve.

Not a sausage.

A week later, we send Steve an email saying "Steve, where is that information that you promised?"

And we get no reply

We phone the office and ask to speak to Steve, and we find that he is busy in another sales interview, trying to sell to a "new prospect".

We lose faith in the Steve and we start to look elsewhere.

Two weeks later, Steve the salesman, phones and tries to pick up where he left off.

We say "Sorry Steve, we have gone with your competitor. You never got back to me, nor did you answer my e mails"

Steve the salesman says "Oh sorry, I've been so busy. Why didn't you call me and give me a nudge?

"We did Steve. But you didn't get back to us.

Anyway, Steve, we should not have to project manage your sales process."

At which point Steve gets embarrassed and says "If I can be of any help in the future, please let me know"

"Bye, Steve"

Steve the salesman is so engrossed in initial stages of the sales process, i.e. meeting prospects, that he is too busy to follow up and close the sale with his existing prospects. Over the last ten months, we have seen this same pattern has been repeated numerous times, and we figure that it can't just be happening to us.

Other people must be let down by sales people who don't return calls or follow up the initial contact.

As a result, the sales people are burning prospects.

Why do sales people fail to follow up and close the sale?

Because the process of interviewing new prospects is more enjoyable than the tedious work of following them up.

Meeting new prospects means that you:

  1. Get out of the office
  2. Have coffee and eat biscuits
  3. Exchange business cards
  4. Talk about the weather
  5. Have a nice time

Following up means you have to:

  1. Stay in the office
  2. Source information
  3. Write e mails
  4. Answer the phone
  5. Handle objections

Which is not half so much fun

Plus: Nobody will ever criticise you for meeting new prospects

But what is the point of meeting new prospects, making a good first impression, if you are then going to fall flat of your face, by failing the prospect and losing their confidence?

What is the solution?

The solution is to focus on the "purpose of a salesperson".

What is the purpose of paying a salesperson?

The purpose of a sales person is to MAKE SALES: not engage in sales interviews. Sales interviews are not an end in themselves.

They are a means to an end.

If you could avoid having the interview and just have the customer send you their money without you having to drive out and meet them, them that would be ideal.

Sales interview represents a cost, not a benefit

Remember: Don't make the mistake of confusing the "sales interview" with a "sale"

You must make more sales.

Not have more interviews.

In order to make sales you must follow up your existing prospects, before you go chasing after new ones.

My Granny used to say:

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"

And that is true

For more information about sales training please visit the Corporate Coach Group website

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