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Online Training

Online training

Advances in technology make your life better.

For example
If you assume that the first technological advance was the taming of fire:

Just think how thankful your ancient ancestors were when, in the middle of a freezing winter, one of them found the first box of matches!

That night there was much rejoicing.

Later, the Greek, Archimedes, invented the lever and its sister invention the pulley: now you could lift four times your own weight, which can be useful.

Later, James Watt perfected a steam engine that revolutionised agriculture, manufacturing and shipping. As a result British industry, manufacturing, and the British navy dominated the world!

Michael Faraday invented the electric motor, which made mowing the lawn a lot easier for him.

Then, Karl Benz invented the motor car; which made shopping at Tesco much easier for Mrs Benz

James Babbage invented the computer: which makes doing your sums easier. Can you imagine calculating without a calculator? (I don't know how people managed!!!)

Recently, Tim Berners Lee invented the internet: which has led to a revolution in the lives of everyone.

The internet is changing the way you do business. And will continue to do so.

It is important for you, that you join in the revolution!

For example:
Now, the internet has made it possible for you: to get into individualised learning.
Now, you do not have to travel to night school in order to take a class.
You can have the class come to you, by means of the internet.
More and more, educators have placed their expertise on-line. You can now learn;

  • At a time that suits you
  • At a place that suits you
  • In sessions that last only as long as you want
  • Only in the subjects that interest you

In the past, it is true that most people were put off learning by their experience at formal education in school.

For many people their school days were characterised by:

  • Boring lessons
  • On subjects which are irrelevant to normal life (I was made to learn Latin)
  • Given by inept teachers

As a result of your experience, you may have been glad to finish school.
And "finish school" meant for many: "finish learning".

But now, thanks to the web, and the concept of online training, you can continue to advance, practically forever.

Online training can help you to improve your:

  1. Language skills
  2. Knowledge base
  3. Practical Skills
  4. Personal Confidence

Online training gives you access to the very best teachers, from anywhere in the world.
Online training can revolutionise your life.

I've been studying maths on line by following Professor Richard Delawares YouTube lectures.
I have made more progress with on line learning than I ever did in school, with all its distractions and interruptions.

We have developed our own e learning courses covering the material that we normally do in seminars across the UK. Now, anyone across the world can pick up on the learning we offer.

You too.

Here is a word of warning
Your earning capacity is dependent upon your level of skill, knowledge and intelligence.
If you are not improving your stock of saleable skills, then your value to the market place is going down.
As technology advances, your skills are in danger of becoming obsolete.

If you are adding to your stock of knowledge, by continuous study, then your value in the marketplace continues to climb.

Here is a word of advice
Take advantage of the web and reignite your desire to learn. Access new knowledge. Engage yourself in e learning.
It is important to your future prosperity and security; don't wait!

Decide what it is you would like to learn, today, and then....

Get cracking!

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