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New Year Resolutions

New year is the time for resolution

  1. The adoption of a new good habit.
  2. The elimination of an old bad habit.

If you have been scratching around looking for a resolution to adopt, let me suggest one of each type

  • Something that would be good, to initiate
  • Something that is bad, to eliminate

New habit to initiate

Whenever you say that:

  1. you should,
  2. you could,
  3. you intend to,
  4. or you will do something,

Then, IMMEDIATELY pull out your planner and specify the exact day on which you will do it.

If you do this simple act, you will gain the following advantages.

  1. You will not forget the task.
  2. You will actually do the things you say you will do.
  3. You will impress those who don't follow through.
  4. You will get lots more done.

An old habit to eliminate
You may have a bad habit that is "Leaving a trail".
Many people leave a trail of destruction and mess behind them: so others say things like:
"OH NO! Steve has been here again: look at the mess he has left!"


Eliminate your trail: put things away as you go!

If you do this simple act, then you will gain the following advantages

  1. Order will surround you, not chaos.
  2. People will be happy you came by, not moan that they have been left with mess.
  3. You will know where all your stuff is.

If one of the secretes of an improved life is improved productivity

Then adopting these two habits will help along the way.

  1. Write down the exact day you intend to do the things on your list.
  2. Eliminate your trail.

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