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Effective Leader Manager Training

Effective leader manager training

Effective leader managers share common key skills and abilities
They may need effective management training to help them to develop their "soft skills"

Here are some of the management and leadership skills to develop in them:

(Note: All references the effective leader manager as a "He" denotes also "She")

Professional appearance

A effective leader manager is aware that he is judged partly on appearance

So he looks professional. That does not mean, "flash".

It means well groomed, clean and functional.

Knowledge of products and systems

A leader manager knows his products and systems so he can answer questions with confidence and authority.

If he does not know, he never waffles or guesses, he discovers the truth and comes back with the right answer.

The leader manager also knows his team, and has a clear idea of their nature.

Communication style

A leader manager has a communication style that is flexible enough to be able to talk with all kinds of people in any kind of mood.

However, there are certain constant factors. Here they are:

Accurate: A leader manager is accurate. You know what he is saying can be relied upon to be right

Brief: A leader manager does not waffle.

Curious: The leader manager asks questions to gain information and to search out new opportunities to improve the system

Listener: A leader manager is a great listener. He encourages others to talk. He has developed his soft skills.

Gently cheerful and optimistic: a leader manager always gives you a lift. You feel better for having spoken with him.

Level of enthusiasm (and the reason for it)

A leader manager is enthusiastic. This is not a fake enthusiasm. It is real. It is based upon the firm understanding that the market economy always has a need for good, competent, people. He is enthusiastic because he can see himself moving towards his personal goals by means of honest fair trade and a continuing commitment to improvement.

Attitude towards money and material success

A leader manager is comfortable about wanting to do well financially.

Some of the people he knows have an awkward feeling that there is something sinful or morally wrong about thinking of money as a legitimate target to strive for.

Leader managers have dropped these irrational (and wrong) ideas.

They look for ways to earn more for themselves and their family by offering value to the market.

The Leader Managers attitude towards his competitors

A leader manager does not worry about the competition. He is so focused on doing well; he lets his competition worry about what he is doing.

He is aware of his competition however. He understands the need to stay abreast of what is going on around his. But this is done as a part of his professional approach, not out of worry or fear.

Physical energy and motivation

A leader manager looks after his physical body because he knows that he will need energy and health to accomplish his goals.

He can enjoy himself without "getting wrecked" and adopts the habits that support his mental and physical vibrancy

He knows how to control the intensity, duration and frequency of stresses so as to keep himself stimulated without becoming burned out.

Relationships with his fellow workers

He is supportive and helpful to his colleagues. But fundamentally, his approach others is similar to the approach he has to all his relationships.

A leader manager expects the best from others. Therefore, the leader manager is often seen encouraging other people.

But he knows he cannot sacrifice himself for the good of others. He will not do their work for them. They must make their own decisions.

There are some people who are almost always negative, (the "Neggies") These people want more money, more respect, but want it for free. They do not want to earn it.

A leader manager recognises this approach as a falsehood, so the leader manager will state the truth in the hope he can inspire a change in the "Neggy".

Sometimes it works. Then the leader manager will be enthusiastic in his help.

Attitude towards his employer

It is common to complain, bitch and moan about the business or "the management". But the leader manager recognises that he draws money from the business. If he sees something is wrong, he will tell the appropriate person and may suggest a remedy.

This is done in an attitude of contribution.

He never complains just for the sake of it because it just does not pay him. To do that would dishearten him, the others listening and make the business weaker, not stronger Outside work, the leader manager has only good things to say about the business. He knows that the business has an image and he wants to be part of a winning organisation whose local reputation is high.

You have in your mind the description of a effective leader manager. Strive to become one.

Leadership Training - The Effective Leader Manager

Leadership Training - The Effective Leader Manager

As the team leader or manager, you know that, on the technical level, you are very good. In your role as an effective and inspirational leader-manager, you recognise that there may be some gaps. Now you are searching for a method to help you to improve your skills as a team-leader and manager - click here to find out more!

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