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The Benefits of Following a Good Exercise Programme

The Benefits of Following a Good Exercise Programme

The Benefits of Following a Good Exercise Programme

To achieve your goals and be happy, you need to have enough energy!

You can generate more energy by committing to three things:

  1. Positive mental attitude.
  2. Good nutritional programme.
  3. Good exercise programme

This blog is about having a good exercise programme.

Your body responds well to a good exercise programme.

The meaning of "a good exercise programme" varies depending on your gender, age, occupation, goals and physical condition. If you are a young person who is already physically strong and with ambitions to be the best in the world, then your exercise programme would be radically different to an elderly person, who was recovering from a hip replacement surgery.

We are all different, that is true, but the principle is the same for everyone. The principle is this:

Your body would respond well to a good exercise programme.

Irrespective of who you are - your gender, your age, your goals, or your condition - your situation would be better if you improved your physical health. And your health will be improved by the right exercise programme.

Personal Effectiveness : The Benefits of Following a Good Exercise Programme

All good exercise programmes contain the same three basic elements.

  • Strength.
  • Endurance.
  • Flexibility.

Each of these three elements of physical health can be improved by training.

Strength training.

Strength training means pushing or pulling against a resistance that is heavy enough to induce a response. Your body is an adaptive organism that responds to the demands placed upon it.

Strength training involves you pushing or pulling against a demanding resistance.

The demand that the training places on your existing strength capacity, is such that it triggers your body to respond by developing more strength in preparation for the next training.

This reaction is similar in nature to the suntan reaction you experience by sunbathing. The U.V. sunlight is the stressor. Your body responds to the stressor by laying down a protective barrier in the skin.

Similarly, in strength training, the training is the stressor and your body lays down a protective barrier by building more muscle strength. This type of strength training is intense progressive resistance training. It is short bursts of intense activity which leads to an increase in strength.

This type of training includes, sprinting, hard swimming, lifting weights, chin ups, sit-ups, press ups. Training hard, for a short amount of time. That is strength training.

Opposite to that is endurance training.

Endurance training.

Endurance training is the diametrically opposed kind of training. Endurance training is long duration, but easier training. This is slow running, walking, jogging, slow gardening. It is the type of activity that can be maintained for hours without running out of energy. This is called aerobic activity.

This training is easy, it uses light weights, and is of long duration. It elevates your heart rate to a moderate degree and keeps it elevated for at least 20 minutes. This type of activity is good for the cardiovascular system, and overall fitness.

But it does not build strength, it builds endurance; staying power.

Endurance training is opposite to strength training:

  • Strength training is high intensity, short duration activity.
  • Endurance training is low intensity, long duration activity.

Endurance training and strength training are opposite and complementary training styles.

To round off your training plan you would benefit from some flexibility training.

Flexibility training

Flexibility training is concerned with improving the range of motion of your joints and the flexibility of your muscles, and tendons.

As you train your muscles, and as you get older, they tend to get shorter and less able to stretch. So, as you get older, and as you exercise, you should add some stretching to your programme to improve your ability to use the full range of motion in all your joints.

Examples of good stretching and flexibility training is Yoga and swimming.

And of course, you can just bend down and touch your toes, if you are still able to do that.

Summary advice for a good exercise programme.

  1. If you can, touch your toes. Stretch your hamstrings. Do some yoga.
  2. Then do some press-ups: As many as you can for 2 minutes. Keep a count and over time, try to increase the number you can do in two minutes. Then maybe a few chin-ups or some progressive weight resistance training.
  3. And then go for an easy jog: for 20 minutes. Try to extend the time element. Advance to the point where you can run for 60 minutes, easily.

Do this a twice a week, then you'll have a good exercise progamme.

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