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Team Leader and Management Training

Team Leader and Management Training

Team leader and management training

The team leaders are the first level managers in your organisation.

To a certain degree, the future success of your organisation is dependent on the performance of your team leader-managers.
They are the ones at "The Sharp End". They are the ones that oversee and manage the delivery of your product and service.

It matters not how grand is the "big picture vision"; or how audacious is the "five year plan": the actual implementation of that vision and plan is down to the skill of the team leader manager.

  • If the team leader is good, the team works well and the plan is more likely to be successfully carried out.
  • If the team leader is no good, the team does not work well and the plan may well fail.

So it is important to find the right people to fill the team leader role, and it is also important to train them well. They need to have a good skills base which will guide their thinking and inform their actions.

Your team leaders need to be well trained

What kind of training is needed by team leader managers?
Your team leaders need to be trained to be good at all the fundamental skills of first line management.

Here is a list of eight skills needed by every team leader manager.

  1. Self-management.
  2. The ability to inspire others.
  3. The ability to plan ahead.
  4. To prepare in advance.
  5. To prevent avoidable errors.
  6. To practice and perfect technique.
  7. To make excellent decisions
  8. To properly delegate the right task to the right person.

You need your team leaders to know how to do all this, and more.

Let us look a little closer at the first three ....

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1. Emotional management.

Your team leader's managers need to be able to self-motivate, self-inspire, and self-manage. They are the ones who will be required to motivate the team. So the question arises, who motivates the motivator?


The manager must motivate himself, herself.
They need to be able to stay strong, especially during tough times.
They need to be able to stay motivated, in spite of setbacks and difficulties.

2. The ability to inspire confidence and motivation in others.

If the manager understands exactly how to motivate himself, herself, then she can use that knowledge as a key to motivate others.
The leaders need to know how to use their words, in order to dish out self-confidence and motivation to others in the team.
In addition, the leader managers also need to know what not to say.
They need to know how NOT to induce bad feelings; resentment or fear or pessimism in the rest of the team.
Leaders need to be trained on how to use their communication skills to add value to the team.

3. The ability to plan ahead, prioritise and delegate tasks.

The vision and the strategic plan that has been dreamed up by the senior team needs to be translated into practical plans of action, by the team leader.

The team leader must plan ahead. The team leader should immerse himself herself in the P list.
The P list is: Planning. Planning is the skill of figuring out the proper sequence of events and taking the initiative to make them happen. This is being proactive.
Not planning is the mistake of letting events just happen and then trying to respond to events.

This is being reactive.
The P list is: Preparation. Preparation is the art of getting everything in the right place, so you know where everything is. As opposed to trying to find stuff during the heat of battle.

The P list is: Prevention. Prevention is the art of identifying problems and fixing them before they have the chance to occur.
The P list is: Practice. Practice is the discipline of repeating a skill until it is automatic and accurate.
The P list is: Proper decisions. Decision is the skill of choosing the correct option out of many alternatives.
The P list is: Proper Delegation. Proper Delegation is the act of entrusting the right task, to the right person, for the right reasons.

To the degree that the manager plans ahead, prepares the ground, prevents errors, practices techniques, makes good decisions, and delegates the right task to the right person, is the degree to which the manager succeeds.

And to the degree to which he fails to do the above, is the degree to which he fails.


The performance of your team leader managers is crucial to your success.

Your team leader, managers need to be well chosen and well trained.

They need to develop key skills.

If you want to know more about team leader training, please click here to see the 2 day team leader training course.

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