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Plan Ahead - Prevent Problems Before They Occur

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Posted 31 July 2015 by Chris FarmerChris Farmer

Personal Development Courses

We offer both:
• Bespoke in-house training.
These can be tailored to your specific needs.
• Open training courses at locations near you.
You may find the following will help with the development of your Personal development skills training.

Plan Ahead - Prevent Problems Before They Occur

Question: How much time is wasted trying to correct problems that were caused by avoidable errors?

Answer: Millions of hours every week are devoted to correcting errors that should never have happened.

Question: How can we avoid wasting so much time correcting problems that were caused by avoidable errors?

Answer: We could do our best to predict the future and to take action to solve a predictable problem before it even has a chance to occur.

Question: How can you predict the future and avoid all problems?

Answer: I didn't say, "All problems". I said, predict the predictable problems and act in advance to ensure that such problems do not manifest themselves.

Question: Can you give me an example?

Answer: Yes. When we go on holiday my wife is very good at predicting what things we might need on the journey and packing them in her travel bag, so that the things are easily accessible when and if needed.

She packs asprin. She has all the documents in a plastic folder arranged in the order in which they will be required. She packs small cartons of orange juice. She has wet wipes. She has tissues. She pre-empts situations and packs the things that will be required. She predicts all the things that are likely to be needed.

She is good at that.

It occurred to me that "Projection" is a key skill in time management

Projection is the art of thinking ahead and using your imagination and common sense, to predict all the problematic and probable situations that may occur. Then taking countermeasures to ensure that:

  1. The problem does not occur at all. or
  2. If the problem does occur; that you have all the necessary tools and procedures, ready at hand, to deal with the problem more quickly and more efficiently.

The P list

The P list is our way of making sure that we are at our most productive. The P list is:

  1. Planning ahead.
  2. Preparation, in advance of the event.
  3. Prevention of avoidable errors.
  5. Protocols and procedures to deal with them.
  6. Personal initiative and
  7. Proactive action.

You always have time management options

To be or not to be.

To be prepared. Or not to be prepared.

That is the question.

Your homework

Your homework is; to consciously project your mind into the future; to use your imagination and your common sense to predict and pre-empt the problems that may occur today, and in the next three weeks and to act now, to either:

  • Stop the problem from happening at all, or
  • If the problem does occur; that you have all the necessary tools and procedures, ready at hand, to deal with the problem more quickly and more efficiently.

Then, your life will run smoother and you will achieve your goals sooner.

This is the essence and purpose of time management training.

Time Management Training

Time Management Training

Most people feel they need help with time management. How can you get more done in the same amount of time? How can you stop other people wasting your time? If you want to know how, then click here to find out more about our time management training course.

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Good training is important for your continued professional development. You may find this very popular course will help with the development of your Personal development skills training. Reserve your place today with Corporate Coach, a leading UK training provider.

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