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Mind Control - Control your Mind

How to control your mind

May I recommend an author to you?
Go onto the web and find James Allen: and his small book "As a man thinketh".
It is a free e-book because the copywrite has expired.
I have paraphrased some of James Allen's work below.
Your mind is similar to a garden.
You may look after it and use it to produce food, fruit and flowers.
Or you may neglect it.
But if you neglect it, your mind will still produce: it will produce the equivalent of weeds.
Be like a good gardener, who would cultivate his plot, keeping it free from weeds.
In your mind, plant and cultivate the equivalent of good crops, which are good ideas, thoughts of a bright future and your next big achievement.
Keep your mind off wrong, useless and fear producing thoughts.
By pursuing this process, you may discover that you are master gardener of your own mind and therefore, the director of your life.
You might also discover the laws of thought, and understand with ever-increasing accuracy, how your mind elements operate in the creation of shaping of your character, circumstances, and destiny.

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