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Inspirational Leadership Skills

Inspirational Leadership Skills

If "Success" is defined as: "The achievement of a goal", then the idea success without a goal is meaningless.

In the 1970's psychologists tried to correlate "success" with various indicators so that they might discover why some people are more successful than others.

They tried to link success with SOCIAL CLASS.............. and failed.
They tried to link success with RACE ............................. and failed.
They tried to link success with GENDER........................ and failed.
They tried to link success with HIGHER EDUCATION... and failed.

The most powerful indicator of success is:

The degree to which the person can create a definite purpose and "goal focus" which will last for months, years or even decades.

Those people who know exactly what it is that they what to achieve, are at a distinct advantage to those who do not know.

Think about the following statement:
To have a document upon which is written clear definitive and worthwhile goal, together with intelligent, detailed plans for its achievement, is the most important possession you can own.

Yet we observe that many people

  • Do not have clear goals
  • Do not have detailed written plans

Important point: You must know what you want.

Martin Luther King said "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!

Develop a clear purpose statement for yourself and your team: Clarity is power

What are the consequences of a lack of clarity? If there is a perceived lack of "goal focus", then what happens to:

The quality of strategic planning?

Answer: it cannot exist. What are you planning for?

The decision-making process?

Answer: it cannot exist. You have nothing to make a decision about?

The level of motivation?

Without a goal, a motive, you would have nothing to be motivated about!

Ask yourself if you want these consequences.

Now, jot down what changes (psychological, emotional, and behavioural) you might observe in any individual that seriously commits, 100%, to the achievement of a worthwhile, valuable goal.

  1. Inspiration
  2. More drive
  3. More urgency
  4. More excitement
  5. A greater level of mental focus

Clarity of purpose is the one quality shared by all great leaders.

Hazy, unclear or divergent goals are the primary causes of failure.

Clarify your purpose in any situation and you will have taken the first and most important step towards greater productivity and future success.

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