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How Do I Give Constructive Criticism?

How do I give constructive criticism?

Get the timing right

When you are intending to give

  • Corrective feedback or
  • Constructive criticism

It is important to get the timing right.

When giving critical feedback to another, what does "Get the timing right" mean?

It means four things

Do it soon

You need to give people accurate feedback on their performance

The feedback can be positive or negative but it should always be

  1. Accurate
  2. Factual
  3. Specific

Do not leave it too long before you say something.

Do it sooner rather than later
Do it soon unless one or more of the following three conditions apply:

You, yourself are very angry

If you are highly emotional, and angry you may want to delay your message until you have regained self-control.
If you speak when too angry you will almost certainly mess up.
You will say the wrong thing and make a bad situation worse.
Wait until you have calmed down

You are in public

Try to keep criticism private.
Don't try to change people in front of their friends: their ego will prevent them from accepting correction in front of friends and colleagues.
You will stand more chance of success if you wait and catch them on their own.

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Do it in private.

You do not have all the facts
Do not act in the absence of facts.
Do not act on rumour, or guesswork.
Act only when you are sure you have enough facts to warrant the action.

if you criticise peoples performance based on an inaccurate assessment of the situation, your message will be taken badly.
Your message will be taken as an injustice
And there is nothing worse than INJUSTICE.

When giving critical feedback to another: Get the timing right

What does "Get the timing right" mean?

It means four things

  1. Do it soon
  2. Do it only when you are in control of your tongue
  3. Do it in private.
  4. Act only when you are sure you have enough facts to warrant the action.

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