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How can I Fulfil My Potential?

How Can I Fulfil My Potential?

How Can I Fulfil My Potential?

You can fulfil your potential by RAISING your game.

R = Reaffirm every day.

A = Action orientated.

I = Imagine the best possible result.

S = Structure your day.

I = Intelligence - Use your mind to its fullest.

N = Never neglect.

G = Grow better every day.

We are born with a set of infinite potentialities

You have great potential:

  • In your professional life, your earning potential is higher than your current income.
  • In your health; your potential for strength and vibrancy is higher than your current levels.
  • In your happiness, you have the potential to reach ever higher levels of emotional maturity, wisdom, harmony and happiness.

Decide how you can best fulfil your potential

How can you access this potential?

Decide to actualise your potential by RAISING your game by taking these steps:

R = Reaffirm everyday your commitment to becoming the best possible expression of yourself. Hold yourself to the standard of your best self.

A = Action. Take action every day to eliminate your bad habits, and replace them with affirmative action.

I = Imagine the ideal and strive to achieve it.

In reality, perfection does not exist. But in any context, you can imagine what would be the IDEAL, and use this ideal as a guide. Just as ancient mariners used the north star as a reference point by which to steer a path, you too can use an imaginative IDEAL as your fixed point by which to make your way through life. Imagine the IDEAL and strive to replicate it.

S = Structure and organise your efforts. Manage your resources in an intelligent way. Waste nothing. Don't waste your time. Don't waste your energy. Don't waste your effort on things that don't matter, or which are an expression of the negative side of life.

I = Intelligence. Use every cell of intelligence you possess to think your way to the top. The worst mistake you can make is to fail to use your mind. Mindlessness always brings defeat. If you want to realise your potential, you must use your mind to its maximum power.

N = Neglect nothing. Neglect is one of the main reasons people fail. They neglect their work, their health, their relationships. Never neglect your work, never neglect your health, and never neglect the special people in your life.

Do your work with diligence. Help yourself to a healthy lifestyle. And relish your relationships.

G = Grow. Gardens grow a little every day. Children grow bigger every day. Athletes grow stronger and faster. Academics grow smarter. To fulfil your potential, you must commit to growing a little every day. Grow a little stronger, wiser and better every day.


Here is the RAISING your game model again.

R = Reaffirm.

A = Action.

I = Imagine the ideal.

S = Structure your day.

I = Intelligence.

N = Never Neglect.

G = Growth.

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